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Not One of Ours...

The Press Association are reporting that this man (pictured left) was a pro-lifer who paraded his chest, emblazoned with a Cross, in an antagonistic gesture towards 'pro-choicers'.

Read Dr Joseph's Shaw account here in which he confirms that this man was most definitely not one of ours though, frankly, I think the image itself tells you that quite plainly.

The Press Association didn't manage to publish this image with their 'story'. Oh well, I guess journalists just make these mistakes sometimes...

Well done to Dylan for picking up on the fiction in the first place.

Woman's Hour

Instead of going into yet more detail about yesterday's events at Bedford Square, I'll point you in the direction of some good reports on the evening vigil...

A Reluctant Sinner has some interesting thoughts on the evening and has done a report on some pretty (really rather) inaccurate reporting by the Press Association.

Dr Joseph Shawof the LMS has some great photos which put paid to the predictable untruth that there were 'at least double' the amount of 'pro-choicers' as there were 'pro-lifers'. It looked even St Stephens to me.

There are more fine reports as well, just look down my sidebar to read them. Moving on slightly though, Woman's Hour this week covered the 40 Days for Life vigils and the 'new era' of pro-life activism in the United Kingdom. I haven't listened to it yet, as I am still waiting for 'Man's Hour' to be introduced by the BBC. It should be, in the name of Equality, if nothing else.

Woman's Hour, this we…

40 Days for Life with Bishop Alan Hopes: Summary

I've just got back from Bedford Square and here follows a brief report. I'll go into more detail tomorrow.

I think the numbers game - and let's face it, this was never about numbers, nor was it a game - has been misreported already.

40 Days for Life vigil attendees were by no means 'vastly outnumbered'. We were huddled in a large circle, whereas protesters were behind a fence and the lines were not, from what I could see, particularly deep.

I couldn't actually hear very well what Bishop Alan Hopes was saying through a megaphone because the wailing, shouting, jeering, drumming and screaming coming from the pro-abortion protesters was so excruciatingly loud. We just got on with praying the Stations of the Cross and saying prayers for the unborn and all at risk of abortion and all affected by it.

You'll be not too surprised to hear that the chants and slogans of today's abortion rights people are not much different to the previous generation's. The on…

Tip-Toeing Around Abortion

I found this advert for a job as a Gynaecological Surgeon at Marie Stopes International in a British Medical Journal magazine. I know that 'employment speak' can be a little 'professional' and often rather ridiculous, but I was interested in how Marie Stopes International can go through an entire advert seeking to recuit abortionists and only mention the word 'abortion' once right at the end. Quite a feat of achievement that. If 'abortion rights' are so intrinsic to human society and so accepted, then why all the pussyfooting around the subject. The language is so vague.

'Our busy centres offer termination of pregnancy, sexual health services and vasectomy and sterilisation in a highly professional environment'.
It all sounds so benign, doesn't it? Marie Stopes are 'dedicated to improving the sexual and reproductive health of clients around the world'. Okay, interesting way of putting it, but how, precisely does an abortion improve s…

BPAS: Charity or Industry?

A truly excellent analysis today by Caroline Farrow on Clare Murphy, Director of Press and Publicity at BPAS.

Clare Murphy has written an article in today’s Independent claiming that those who are using the language of business and commerce for abortion clinics are insulting women who choose to have an abortion.

For tax reasons BPAS is a charity.  We know what they do for unborn babies. Whether BPAS 'help' women is objectively much contested. Not that it would justify it, but I wonder just how many letters the BPAS receive from women saying, "Thanks so much for helping me. When I needed a shoulder you were there."

Talking of which, I popped up just now to see 40 Days for Life in Brighton. I was told by one of the volunteers there that despite what The Argus may have reported, 40 Days for Life are helping one woman who broke down in tears when she arrived at the abortion clinic. She is homeless and is now going through detox in the hope of having her baby. She is now…

Help Support 40 Days for Life on Friday

'Quae est ista quae progreditur quasi aurora consurgens, pulchra ut luna, electa ut sol, terribilis ut castrorum acies ordinata?'

'Who is she that cometh forth as the morning rising, fair as the moon, bright as the sun, terrible as an army set in array?'

Tomorrow, on Friday 30th March, the 38th day of the pro-life vigil outside BPAS in Bedford Square, London will take place.  Bishop Alan Hopes will be there in the evening from 7 - 8.30pm.

The 'Battle of Bedford Square' will be a spiritual battle and 40 Days for Life need our prayers. It is promised by such groups as Abortion Rights that an opposing demonstration supporting abortion will be taking place on the same day, in the same place, in response, presumably, to the success of the 40 Days for Life campaign.

If you can, go. If you cannot go, then dedicate some time to praying that pro-lifers will be protected from what we can expect to be some aggressive and rather indelicate tactics used by the supporters of…

Charismatic Reconciliation Service

I was really quite taken aback by James Preece's recent blogpost on the Flame Congress event, a Catholic youth rally at Wembley Arena. The YouTube video of the charismatic performers is a real sight and a real sound to behold. From what circle of Hell does this cacophany come?!

From the Flame Congress, well attended though it was, you would get the impression that the charismatic-pentecostal direction of parts of the Catholic Church is really very popular indeed with the young. Perhaps it is with some, because it 'empowers' and gives people the opportunity to be part of a 'youth ministry'. I don't doubt for a second, however, that the charismatic movement in the Church is a little dangerous and perhaps flammable.

For a start, apart from Eucharistic Adoration, what does the Flame Congress really teach young people about the Faith. As James says, real Catholic teaching seemed not to be on the 'set list' and he claims that some of the worst things he has h…

Voris Time: Latin Anyone?

I haven't been watching Michael Voris for a while, but his latest video is a classic. Paul Smeaton gets a mention! Well done, Paul!

Elena Curti on the Soho Masses: Export it to Bristol, Manchester, Edinburgh

Elena Curti believes the Soho Masses are so great at communicating the Catholic Faith to men and women with same-sex attraction that they should be exported to Bristol, Manchester, Edinburgh and, well, seemingly everywhere where there might be 'a gay' and 'a Church'. Wherever there is a gay, there should be a gay Mass. So now we know why St Pio of Pietrelcina once threw a communist out of his confessional box by force, simply for being a communist...

Elena pines for the day when every Church will have its own Gay Mass for the gay contingent. What could possibly go wrong? And how's this for a cracking start to a blogpost:

'Gay Catholics are called to life-long friendship, the Archbishop of Westminster told BBC2's Newsnight programme last week. It was as far as Archbishop Vincent Nichols was prepared to go in articulating the Church's pastoral concern for its gay members. But he could have referred to the bi-monthly Soho Masses for gay Catholics and their …

Help Me to Meet the Prime Minister

Well, in light of recent news, I'm starting a new fundraising campaign. I'm trying to raise enough money to gain access to David Cameron. The hope is that if I raise enough money, I'll be able to donate to the Conservative Party and get to eat dinner with the Prime Minister. Over dinner, we can talk frankly about 'gay marriage'.

All I need is £250,000, though I'll need a little more to cover my train fare up to London. So far I have raised enough to take Mr Cameron out for lunch at a pub for burger and chips. I know this will work. Help me to influence Government policy by helping me to raise £250,000 to have dinner with the PM. There is an outside chance that Stonewall paid more, so we should aim for £500,000.

The Back-Street Abortionists

The Back-Street Abortionists
There was a time you could go and see a back-street abortionist A time you could go and see a back-street abortionist Have your unborn baby killed by a back-street abortionist But we left those 'dark days' behind!
There was a time you’d be imprisoned as a back-street abortionist A time you’d be imprisoned as a back-street abortionist Killin' babies was illegal while there were some who supported it But we left those 'dark days' behind!
Lord Steele had an idea he said, “Let’s move the abortionists!” Said: “Here’s an idea! Let’s move the abortionists!” So we moved the abortionists and for over 40 years Let them kill babies noon, sunset, sunrise
Oh, whatever happened to those back-street abortionists? Whatever happened to those back-street abortionists? Maybe they just became the front-street abortionists As they were told that they had ‘served their time’
Now you can go and see your front-street abortionist You can go and see your front-street abortionist …

Public Money and Catholicism

Two days in a row now I have heard Terry Sanderson of the National Secular Society discuss public money and what should and should not be done with it.

Whenever something happens in this country to do with Christianity or the Catholic Church we get Mr Sanderson telling the news how outrageous it is that public money is being used to support some aspect of Christianity.

The idea of World Youth Day coming to London has Sanderson is hysterics decrying the idea of public money being used to bring young people from all over Europe to London to listen to the Holy Father at World Youth Day. The idea of public money being used to maintain Britain's Cathedrals has him spitting feathers. When Churches claim religious education is being undermined because the Government don't think its as important as learning facts and figures, Sanderson bleats about public money being used for religious education.

At what point does it become acceptable to say public money can be used for anything but…

An Open Letter to The Argus

I'll be surprised if The Argus publish this letter:
'While I personally do not consider the graphic imagery of abortion to be a sensible approach to protesting against abortion, it is also true that Abort 67 have changed a number of people’s opinions about abortion because they have shown people the truth about what abortion really is. Perhaps that is why the BPAS clinic is so very concerned.

I have seen the vigil outside Wiston Clinic and saw no evidence of any ‘intimidation’ or aggressive tactics being employed by those taking part. All that 40 Days for Life and Abort 67 campaigners do is hand out information about abortion. If the information is refused, then that response is immediately accepted by the campaigners. It isn’t immoral or illegal to give out information. What kind of objectiveinformation do BPAS provide?

The only filming I have seen was when police have shown up and a camera has been used as part of any legal defence which may follow should they be arrested. …

Brighton and Hove City Council and Mears Group: The Perfect Partnership

From The Eye of a Needle

This is the handiwork and Council house maintenance work of Mears. I took these photos recently.

Let me know what you think of their work.

A woman I know was recently moved here by the Council...

Nice touch! Welcome to your new home, with kind regards from Mears Group!

Sorry the place is a dive, because, frankly we couldn't be arsed with it but enjoy a cup of tea in one of our mugs!

Also, here's a brown paper bag in case you vomit once you realise how much money we're making out of this business! Crap decorating, great mugs! Or are the real mugs the poor people who have to live in accommodation maintained by Mears and the people of Brighton and Hove whose Council tax money is going to these cowboys?

Damp extraction?  What, even the weekend before she moves in? Yes! See, at Mears, they really care for their clients! Even though the company grosses huge profits annually, you get a good return because they are prepared to even extract damp out of wal…

'Women's Rights': For Some, But Not For Others...

I talked with a woman who attends the Soup Run last night. Somehow we came to discuss social services, abortion and pregnancy.

She related to me that recently she had thought that she was pregnant. She lives in one of the many homeless hostels in Brighton.

Before taking a pregnancy test at the doctor's surgery, a test which came back negative, her GP laid out her 'options'. Abortion was suggested to her, not something she enquired about, were the test to be positive.

Having replied to the doctor that if the test were positive that she would want to keep the baby, the doctor warned her that, because she is 'drink dependent', that social services would soon step in to remove the new baby and take him or her into care. This is all before the test result was even in. So, before she has even been informed whether she is pregnant or not, her GP was basically encouraging her to abort the child, on the grounds that the child will be 'drink dependent' from birth, bu…

The Argus Runs 'Special Investigation' Concerning Wiston Clinic

Well, I have a short while to blog, so I'll cut to the chase.  I had a spare hour the other day, so thought I'd drop by on the 40 Days for Life vigil taking place outside Wiston Clinic, Brighton's abortion house. I had time to pray to the Blessed Mother of God for all inside and outside the abortion clinic and chat a while to the two or three souls who kept vigil.

The first thing I'll say is that the vigil is very low-key. It really is two or three people with some magazines, leaflets and some courage asking if they can give passers by, any passers by, some information about abortion.  Because it was 40 Days for Life, rather than Abort 67, there were no graphic images of dead unborn children on display. In the hour that I was there, women, alone or in a couple, came and walked in and out of the clinic.

I saw my role there as someone who prays, maintains a blog and who wanted to write a blogpost on 40 Days for Life's activity in Brighton. Of course, I don't come…

However You Look at the Kaleidoscope, the View is Treason

In other words:

"Thank you for coming to give an address to Parliament, your Royal Highness. As you know, Parliament is going to redefine marriage no matter what you may think of it because we've got the power, not you. You are a Christian Queen, but this is no longer a Christian country. We've moved on, so up yours, Ma'am."
Fr Tim Finigan reports on the 'sublime to the ridiculous' nature of John Bercow's astonishing speech to the Queen. I post it here, just in case you missed it. Quite bizarre. If only newspapers reported stuff like this...

'John Bercow is the Honorary President of the Kaleidoscope Trust “Working globally to promote a sentiment for diversity equal rights for all.” He launched the Trust on 13 September last year at a Reception at the House of Commons. Kaleidoscope has been selected as the Official Charity Partner of World Pride 2012. In his endorsement of the Trust, David Cameron referred to its principal focus:
Our country has mad…

God, Prayer and Football

Well, the United Kingdom might be the World's newest atheist State according to some, but that is news to others.

Recent days have seen tabloid newspapers with words like 'God is in Control' and 'Pray for Muamba' emblazoned across the front page.

British people and the World has responded with prayer for the young footballer who apparently basically died on the football pitch, only to be brought back to life an hour later and find himself in hospital, though reports are now emerging that the player is 'fine'.

The Telegraph is reporting his recovery as 'miraculous' since these are the words used by his doctor...

Dr Andrew Deaner described Muamba's recovery as "miraculous" after he was effectively brought back from the dead after the player's heart had stopped for over an hour.
"If you're going to use the term miraculous, I guess it could be used here," said Dr Deaner.
Muamba, 23, remains in intensive care at …

Peter Tatchell to Talk About 'Gay Marriage' at All Saints, Hove

He gets around, doesn't he?

I've a mind to go and give him a piece of my mind.

We have the Government reassuring us that this proposal has nothing to do with Churches because Churches won't be required to do same-sex marriages.

Meanwhile, Peter Tatchell is out spreading the Gospel according to Stonewall in Anglican churches...

Maybe I could do some busking outside All Saints. One Man, One Woman and this one, a newie called All of Nature

All of nature withdraws her holy song
Because you've been holding your nature in so long
All of nature takes fright, 
All of nature tells me St Paul was right
All of nature recoils

Can you tell what its about yet? I expect the last thing Mr Tatchell wants is chaps who've got the t-shirt telling the truth about homosexuality.

Muslims and Sikhs Defend Natural Marriage

The Catholic Herald reports...

'The leader of the Muslim Council for Britain has said that he agrees with the Catholic Church’s response to the introduction of same-sex marriage.

Farooq Murad, Secretary General of the MCB, said: “Whilst we remain opposed to all forms of discrimination, including homophobia, redefining the meaning of marriage is in our opinion unnecessary and unhelpful.

“With the advent of civil partnerships, both homosexual and heterosexual couples now have equal rights in the eyes of the law.

Therefore, in our view the case to change the definition of marriage, as accepted throughout time and across cultures, is strikingly weak. In common with other Abrahamic faiths, marriage in Islam is defined as “a union between a man and a woman”, he said. “So while the state has accommodated for gay couples, such unions will not be blessed as marriage by the Islamic institutions.”

Murad’s comments follow criticism of the Government’s proposals from Cardinal Keith O’Brien and…

Bye, Bye Miss American Pie...and Free Speech

H/TCatholic Fire

The rule of thumb for autocratic, tyrannical regimes is marginalise and sanction, or silence the Church. Attack its liberty. Then its open season on other freedoms too, like freedom of speech, for instance. Obama has excelled himself in taking aim at both freedoms within a matter of months. Round of applause for Mr Obama. That'll be a five-hour round of applause if communist dictators with a bizarre cult of personality are anything to go by.  Of course, over here in the UK, we're not gloating. We know we're both on the same road...

Another Catholic Priest Speaks Out Over 'Gay Marriage'...

Unfortunately, the diseased organ in which he has spoken out over 'gay marriage' is The Tablet.

'Dissenter's Weekly' is really bending over backwards to be as 'inclusive' as inclusive can be in this intense and 'heated' debate. Why's it so 'heated' I hear you cry? Because the fires of Hell are lapping up against the walls of Holy Mother Church and The Tablet and its supportive clergy are pouring petrol on the flames.

If you thought Fr Timothy Radcliffe's piece on same-sex marriages was ambiguous in its treatment of the issue of homosexual unions, then wait until you get a load of Fr Ceirion Gilbert. When we have liberal clergy speaking out in contradiction to the Bishops of England and Wales, then we can tell Houston we have a problem. My thoughts, bold, gold.

'"Marriage" is a word, and yet its content is heavily determined by factors of culture and belonging, faith and history. The Catholic hierarchy believe [rightly] t…

Macabre Experiments Using Fetal Brain Tissue from Abortion Clinics

This is going on in our country as well. Its a stomach churner. How this doesn't make it into mainstream news is a great mystery. I guess this is what you could call human recycling.

Courtesy of Life Site News

'The Food and Drug Administration has approved experiments using brain tissue from aborted unborn babies to treat macular degeneration. StemCells Inc. will inject fetal brain stem cells into the eyes of up to 16 patients to study the cells’ effect on vision.

In its press release announcing the clinical trial, StemCells Inc. was careful to refer to the fetal brain material as “purified human neural stem cell product” or HuCNS-SC cells, rather than “fresh human fetal brain tissue,” a description which can be found elsewhere on its website.

“StemCells Inc. is not using embryonic stem cells. A five-day-old human being at the embryonic stage does not have a brain, but a fetus at 10 or 20 weeks of development with visible fingers, toes and ears has a functioning brain,” sa…


I'm busking even though its Lent. That's bad, but its not as bad as the rainbow on the horizon - 'gay marriage'. I'd like to dedicate this song to all those who find themselves a bafflement to the dictats of the modern World.

That situation used to describe the position of homosexuals in society. Now that position is ours. It is especially the position of those who reject the gay culture as empty and vacuous as the 'straight scene' can be and who, having discovered gay relationships to be unsatisfactory because of the similarity of their 'partner', discover the beauty of difference, complementarity and 'different sex attraction'. Who knows? Maybe people with 'different sex attraction' will one day have their rights to marriage enshrined in law and protected.

Of course, they'll say we're mad for standing against 'gay marriage'...anyway, whatever our condition in life. If you like it, feel free to show your appreciat…