Demographic Winter

Well worth watching, but more than a little depressing. Gay marriage, of course, will not help this, the issue that the Governments in the West refuse to address, but, instead, compound. The only population-related explosion we have to worry about is the explosion of hysterical overpopulation propaganda still emanating from the mainstream media.

UPDATE: I've put the full-length movie on, following a request from a commenter. The video above is therefore about 20 minutes more depressing than the last one...


Seaneinn said…
This is really interesting and something that has been sort of talked about for a while now. Do you have the original source for the programme as the one linked seems to cut out on me around the 39 minute mark thanks sean
Seaneinn said…
Hey there great programme but cuts out around the 39 minute mark on me. Do you have the link to the original source