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Spot the Difference

Starting from 2hrs 35 mins, we have Pope Francis's incensation of the Blessed Sacrament, our Eucharistic Lord.

Starting from 8 mins 41 seconds, we have Pope Benedict XVI's incensation of the Blessed Sacrament, our Eucharistic Lord.

Kneeling before our Eucharistic Lord has always been important to Popes, as you can see.

Kneeling Catholic will be none too pleased for reasons which will be obvious. Our beloved Holy Father says so many good and wise things but one wonders if there were some behind His Holiness who were wondering when Pope Francis would use the prie-dieu set before him.

Pray that the Holy Father sets a good example to the rest of us, especially at this time when faith in the Real Presence is so weak and so fragile, to kneel before our God, as did his predecessor and, presumably, all of His Holiness's predecessors.

St. Francis of Assisi, in his "Letter to All Superiors of the Friars Minor" said:

'When the priest is offering sacrifice at the altar o…

Thoughts on 'Same-Sex Marriage' (Continued...)

A same-sex union can never achieve conception as a rule - ever - in every case this cannot be achieved.

The reproductive system of male and female can effect the relationship of a marriage in terms of fertility. Fertility can cause joy and pain, for example, joy with the birth or conception of a child and pain if a couple or one of the couple are found to be infertile.

Fertility is a non-issue for same-sex couples. Therefore is it 'equal marriage' if a couple of different genders can achieve something that same-sex couples cannot - reproduction? Surely it is not and therefore cannot be called marriage because we are dealing with a different category of human relationship. Indeed, the Catholic Church would say that we are dealing here with a disordered sexual relationship, but, for same-sex couples, the opposite situation arises. The reproductive system of the couple - be they male and male or female and female - are never involved in the sexual union.

So we see that 1 man + 1…

Same-Sex Marriages with St Thomas Aquinas

I answer that, It was necessary for woman to be made, as the Scripture says, as a "helper" to man; not, indeed, as a helpmate in other works, as some say, since man can be more efficiently helped by another man in other works; but as a helper in the work of generation. This can be made clear if we observe the mode of generation carried out in various living things. Some living things do not possess in themselves the power of generation, but are generated by some other specific agent, such as some plants and animals by the influence of the heavenly bodies, from some fitting matter and not from seed: others possess the active and passive generative power together; as we see in plants which are generated from seed; for the noblest vital function in plants is generation. Wherefore we observe that in these the active power of generation invariably accompanies the passive power. Among perfect animals the active power of generation belongs to the male sex, and the passive power to …

Crackdown on Freemason Priest 'at Rome's Request'

Courtesy of BBC

'A Roman Catholic parish priest at an elite French ski resort has been stripped of his Church functions for refusing to renounce Freemasonry.

Father Pascal Vesin was ordered by his bishop to cease his work in the Alpine resort of Megeve, the parish said. Bishop Yves Boivineau had warned Fr Vesin about his "active membership" of the Grand Orient de France lodge. Freemasonry has been condemned as anti-Christian and anti-clerical by various popes through history.

Bishop Boivineau ordered the priest to cease his functions "at Rome's request", the parish said. In March, the Vatican's Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith - effectively the Church's watchdog - asked for the priest's departure.

Three members of the diocese of Annecy then met him but Fr Vesin said he would not leave the lodge. A statement from the diocese quoted by Le Figaro newspaper stressed that the penalty imposed on the Freemason priest was not final and co…

Pope Francis on Atheism

We adore You, O Christ, and we bless You, for by Your Holy Cross, You have redeemed the world.

Eveny Lent, during Stations of the Cross, we are reminded that the Lord Jesus redeemed the whole world. All of Creation has been redeemed and He is the Redeemer.

This does not mean that all of humanity will be saved, as if God takes us to Heaven against our own will. The Lord said clearly in the Holy Gospel that the road to eternal life is narrow and 'few be there that find it'.

If a person does good (objective good, rather than paying for an abortion), following conscience consistently, as others have said, he or she will find the One True Catholic Faith, in which the fullness of truth and goodness is communicated to us.

I do not believe the Holy Father has said something that is out of line with the Catholic tradition, but I would understand people saying it is open to a good interpretation or a bad one.

It sounds like the Holy Father is trying to open up a dialogue with atheists …

According to the Logic of Our Foreign Policy, We Should Have Armed Woolwich Killers with Guns

Courtesy of Prison Planet

'Given his government’s policy in arming jihadist extremists in Libya and Syria, British Prime Minister David Cameron and his Foreign Secretary William Hague should immediately order the transfer of heavy weaponry and aid to the two terrorists who beheaded a soldier in Woolwich yesterday.

Cameron yesterday condemned the slaughter of the soldier by two jihadists, remarking, “We have had these sorts of attacks before in our country, and we never buckle in the face of them,” and yet his government is desperately trying to aid insurgents in Syria who carry out similar atrocities on a regular basis in pursuit of the exact same extremist ideology.

Syrian rebels have been responsible for innumerable beheadings over the course of the conflict, chanting “Allahu Akbar” as they decapitate their victims just as the two terrorists in Woolwich did during their attack yesterday.

This hasn’t stopped Cameron and Hague aggressively pushing for deadly weaponry to be sent …


David Cameron: "Go about your life, live your life and show that terrorists can never win."

British electorate: "Great. Can we have some of your bodyguards?"

Boris Johnson: ‘One obvious point, it is completely wrong to blame this killing on Islam but also wrong to draw a link between this murder and British foreign policy.’

Killer: 'We swear by Almighty Allah we will never stop fighting you. The only reasons we have done this is because Muslims are dying every day...He is a British soldier, he killed people, he killed Muslim people, in Muslim countries.'

David Cameron: ‘People across Britain, people in every community, I believe, will utterly condemn this attack. We have had these sorts of attacks before in our country and we never buckle in the face of them. ‘The terrorists never win because they cannot defeat the values we hold dear. We have always beaten them back. We have done that through a combination of vigilance, of security, of security information, go…

Policy Meeting

Peter: "So, to conclude then. Massive immigration, especially from Islamic countries. We really want to rub the Tories nose in diversity. Got that Gordon?"

Gordon: "Check. You okay with that Tony?"

Tony: "Got it."

Peter: "Then open up wars against Muslim nations involving countless deaths of Muslim people to be followed by more wars later. Everyone cool with that?"

Tony: "Got it."

Gordon: "Check. Still with loads of immigration from Islamic countries, right?"

Peter: "Yes. Are you keeping records of this Alistair?"

Alistair: "No."

Peter: "Good."

Margaret: "If I may I can see there may be some future prob-"

Tony: "Oh my, is that the time? Thanks Margaret for that contribution but we're going to have to wrap it up there. Cracking. Well, see you same time next week then. Well done, Peter. Gordon, Alistair, Margaret, Peter. Good day to you."

Sanctus, Sanctus, Sanctus

I don't know about you, but I've found it hard to keep my head up just recently. It is hard not to be depressed about the evil that is assaulting human life and the Church, especially here in the United Kingdom - the 'epicentre of the culture of death'.

We know that it is not yet all over with the 'same-sex marriage' legislation. There is still the House of Lords who will hopefully give it the pounding it deserves, but only one Lord can save us now. The assaults on the unborn continue, the undermining of the family continues, Lord Falconer is still trying to get his wicked way with 'assisted suicide' and the culture of death continues apace. The dignity of human life is under attack from all quarters in the public sphere. Depressing? Yes. It is enough to make you weep.

There is general dis-ease with the 'same-sex marriage' legislation, because it seems wholly unnecessary. Yet, there is also, surely, a growing dis-ease with the direction in whic…

Uproar Over Ginger School Invite

The National Association of Safeguarding for Ginger Haired Pupils (NASGH) have been invited by a Catholic school in the Archdiocese of Southwalk to teach pupils about the evils of bullying others on their ginger identity and the colour of their hair.

The move has sent shockwaves through the education world, with many wondering why the issue of bullying should be reduced to one single issue such as bullying related to ginger hair.

The charitable arm of Domino's Pizza, the National Association for the Cessation of Name-calling of 'Pizzaface' in Schools (NACNPS) has issued a statement suggesting that there are many other forms of bullying other than that directed at pupils by other pupils over the colour of their hair.

"For years,' said the Head of NACNPS, Mr Jack Pepperoni, "school-pupils, especially in early teenage years have been subjected to the bullying directed at their acne, and it is not right that one single issue which is the commonplace object of bu…

Lord Falconer's Personal Diary Found on the Train?

The personal diary said to be that belonging Lord Charles Falconer has been discovered by a member of the public on a train to Huntingdon. It makes for controversial reading, as the personal thoughts and reflections of the Labour peer, now tabling an 'assisted suicide' bill to Parliament. Lord Falconer denied any knowledge of the diary but took the opportunity to once again recommend 'assisted suicide' to the people of Great Britain, saying, 'This diary has nothing to do with me, but in these times of austerity, I can see how the NHS could finally come into its own.'

In a Sane World...

Well done to The Guardian for finally putting Kermit Gosnell where he belongs: as front page news.
If only...Whatever happened to the Manchester Guardian? Any thoughts, Polly Toynbee? Still, The Guardian are true to form and have done a hit-job on the Gosnell case, suggesting that Mr Gosnell is evidence that the murder case proves 'why safe abortions are needed'. It's very clever what The Guardian have done here, you see, because in a case about the killing of lots of children, they've turned it all around to make the Gosnell case about why we need abortionists and spent, oh, about a sentence or two recalling the deaths of the actual victims and their mothers.

Apparently, Gosnell was getting away with murder and he was able to do so because (you're going to love this...)

'Gosnell, taking full advantage of the free market, was able to make money in part because Planned Parenthood does not receive enough funding.'
Remember readers, that Gosnell is a wicke…

The Best Vocation Video for the Dominicans Yet

Wow! This video is the 1964 Vocation video of the Dominican Order of Preachers of the Province of St Joseph, New York, USA.

My...this is a much better video than the other two I put up. You'll see why. If you have some time, why not also watch this excellent educational video on the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

Sublime. Yes, even in black and white.

Pope Francis Calls for the Defence of the Unborn

'I greet all the participants on “The March for Life” which took place this morning in Rome and invite everyone to maintain keen attention on this theme of such importance with respect to human life from the moment of conception. With regard to this, I would mention also the gathering of signatures that today took place in many Italian parishes with the aim of sustaining the European initiative “Uno di noi” (One of Us) to guarantee juridical protection of the embryo, safeguarding every human being from the first instant of existence.' ~ Pope Francis
H/T Rorate Caeli

Thank you to a reader for sending me The Tablet image. How did he get a copy of the front cover of next week's edition before it was already published, eh? As it turns out, the Holy Father feels so strongly about the pro-life cause that His Holiness surprised everyone, including the Tablet editorial team, by joining in the Marcia per la Vita (March for Life) Internazionale in Rome this morning.

May God bless …

The Survival of the Fittest


Papal Digest: Maid in Heaven


Two Interesting Videos on the Dominicans

I found it interesting comparing these two vocations videos, comparing and contrasting the content and message of the Order of Friars Preachers in the US and in the UK. One thing that struck me was the age of those attracted to the Dominicans in the US.

The Dominican Order is interesting to me. It seems to be one Order that is still attracting new recruits despite the secular age and the problems encountered by the Catholic Church in the 21st century. The New York Times noted in this piece that even in Ireland, which is undergoing what we are led to believe is a collapse in the Faith, the Dominicans are growing. According to the article, the Friars in Ireland:

'...deliberately went on wearing the robes and promoting the spiritual benefits of shared prayer and a communal lifestyle — with a little help, too, from a chatty blog.

“We made a conscious decision a few years ago to wear the habit because we had no vocations and we were in a bad way,” said Father Dunne, 46, who estimate…

LMS Family Retreat

At this time when the family is under great attack, the LMS have produced this video of their St Catherine's Trust Family Retreat.

Abortion: Don't Follow Britain's Failures


Special Investigation Report: How the Bishops Moved the Feast of the Ascension

While controversy over the 'moveable feasts' continues, a special investigation into the moves by the Bishops of England and Wales has revealed some details about just how these feasts were moved.

Bishop's Moves, the removal firm used by the Bishops Conference, were employed to move the Feast of the Ascension, once again, from the Thursday - the day as traditionally understood as being 40 days after Easter Sunday - parking it on Sunday instead.

It can also be exclusively revealed that the Bishop's Moves company were employed in the 1970s in the vast programme of creating 'moveable Altars', including the taking away of traditional signs, motifs and symbols of parish Churches, such as statues of Saints, in the urgent drive of reformers to introduce modern Altars and other Church features essential to the 'renovation' of the liturgy.

With 'moveable Altars' and 'moveable Feasts' already being part of the lucrative deal between Bishop's …

Happy Ascension Day!

Inspired by Eccles and Bosco.

The Truth is Out: The Fathers of British Socialism Were Eugenicists

“Under Socialism, you would not be allowed to be poor. You would be forcibly fed, clothed, lodged, taught, and employed whether you liked it or not. If it were discovered that you had not character and industry enough to be worth all this trouble, you might possibly be executed in a kindly manner; but whilst you were permitted to live, you would have to live well.”

“The moment we face it frankly we are driven to the conclusion that the community has a right to put a price on the right to live in it … If people are fit to live, let them live under decent human conditions. If they are not fit to live, kill them in a decent human way. Is it any wonder that some of us are driven to prescribe the lethal chamber as the solution for the hard cases which are at present made the excuse for dragging all the other cases down to their level, and the only solution that will create a sense of full social responsibility in modern populations?”
~ George Bernard Shaw
Last year, Johnathan Freedland of Th…

Note to The Tablet: For the Disobedient, It Remains Winter

The excellent Protect the Pope blog today has two stories that are eye-catching. We have The Tablet suggesting that the pontificates of Blessed Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI constituted a deep winter in the life of the Catholic Church. Springtime, happily, has arrived for the Church now that the new nice Pope Francis has assumed the Throne of St Peter.

Except...except...for the disobedient, it still appears to be winter. Today, Pope Francis has publicly made it clear that the religious, like the LCWR, who think and behave outside of the Church - that is - who do not think 'with the Church' are not behaving or thinking as religious ought.

This just in from Fr Z:

'Finally, the ecclesial aspect (ecclesialità) as one of the constitutive dimensions of the consecrated life, a dimension which must be constantly recovered and deepened in life. Your vocation is a fundamental charism through the journey of the Church, and it is not possible that a consecrated woman or man…

The Man In Prison for Walking on the 'Wrong Road'

A friend of mine is back in the slammer. His crime? Well, he was discovered walking on a street from which he is banned. This is one of the 47 streets in Brighton and Hove from which he is banned. He got six months for walking on the wrong road, but he will be let out after three months if he is good in prison.

I saw him today, he seems well but obviously is depressed and while he looks forward to his release, he knows that, as usual, upon his release he will be given £47 and a ticket back to Brighton where he will once again be homeless. A pound for every street he cannot walk on.

Whenever he is released from prison there is no 'plan' in place for him to be housed. It is bizarre - surreal even - going to visit someone imprisoned for walking on the wrong street in Brighton. I mean that with the best will in the world, with abortion 'doctors' walking free and easy, even financially rewarded, that someone who will be forever tagged as a 'social menace' can be ba…

Tricky Quiz

Tough isn't it?

The answers then.

Incredibly, some bright spark at a Jesuit University has decided to give a Catholic politician in Ireland who has moved beyond Jesus only to find himself signing papers for the execution of babies an honorary degree. It is beyond parody. You literally couldn't make this up and unfortunately nobody has. It's 100% true, as true as abortion is the deliberate killing of the unborn child - a killing routinely ordered in the United Kingdom for reasons of sheer expediency.

David Cameron has moved beyond the electorate and into a nearby pub to order a pint. Unfortunately, David doesn't look happy because he has just realised that not only is his beer flat, but those who could be bothered to turn out to vote in the local elections turned out only for one reason and one reason only - to make plain their great dislike of him. If you think that beer tastes bad, console yourself, Mr Cameron, that it is not half as bitter or disappointing as your s…

The Enda the Road for Ireland?

Pray for Ireland. Pray for the Unborn.

Good Counsel’s Annual Wandsworth to Wapping Sponsored Walk

The Good Counsel Network are in urgent need of raising funds. Yet again this year they have broken all previous records for the number of pregnant women, planning to have an abortion, that they have counselled. This number has been rapidly increasing every year for a few years now.

This means that they have been graced with the opportunity to counsel more Mothers than ever before and with the help of God save a greatly increased number of innocent unborn lives. This is very happy news, but means that their finances are stretched further than ever before.

When the Good Counsel Networkare counselling women in order to help them to choose life for their child they offer them all the emotional, practical and moral support which is necessary for them to have the confidence to continue with their pregnancy. The emotional and moral support can take up hours of their time but in general does not cost very much. The practical support is much harder, and can include accommodation/help with rent…

Good Porn, Bad Porn

"Hello, Mrs Jones, I'm new to the area. I've just knocked on your door to ask whether I can borrow your child for the day. Oh don't worry, its okay, I've got an enhanced CRB check.Yes, I'm just in the area and wonder whether you'd mind me showing your child some pornography. No, no, don't worry, its nothing 'dodgy'. I just think it would be good to be able to show your child some pornography so that your child is able to distinguish between good porn and bad porn - you know - good porn between loving people of either the same or the opposite sex - and bad porn - which involves more people and an element of violence. Mrs Jones, I can see you are feeling quite negative about this idea. You are looking quite inflamed all of a sudden. I'll come back again another day. But here, take my card and take some time to think about it because a group of experts agree with me that this is a really good idea. It's all in your child's best intere…

'Is the Pope Still Catholic?' Weekly Digest

Again, today, it appears we have a resounding 'Yes!'
Sorry to disappoint, yet again, Tablet readers...
Interesting that the Holy Father is today talking about good motherhood and good discipleship, by talking about Mary and the life of the Christian.
Mind you, I have to say that what the Holy Father says is equally true about the world of internet, Twitter and blogdom: how many of us find ourselves swept along by our passions as we follow, without discernment the 'trends' of the moment?