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Prayer for England

O Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God and our most gentle Queen and Mother, look down in mercy upon England, Thy Dowry, and upon all of us who greatly hope and trust in Thee. By Thee it was that Jesus, our Saviour and our hope was given unto the world; and He has given Thee to us that we might hope still more. Plead for us Thy children whom Thou did receive and accept at the foot of the Cross O sorrowful Mother. Intercede for our separated brethren that in the one true fold we may all be united under the chief shepherd of Christ's flock, and that by faith and fruitful in good works we may all deserve to see and praise God together with Thee in our heavenly home. Amen.
Pray for our country, for the new prospective Government, for healing and unity in our land, for the Queen and for the conversion of our land to the Holy Catholic Faith. The brave decision of the country in the EU Referendum will undoubtedly have serious consequences for the people of the United Kingdom and for Europ…

Soros: Don't Make Us Hurt You!

The UK newspapers are at their best when they parade their left-wing 'anti-capitalist' credentials by giving away their front page to the opinions of one of the most ruthless and opportunistic market speculators in living memory.

Brexit voters should be aware that there will most likely be some financial backdraft from exiting the EU. It will make a lot of people, very, very angry.

You have to remember that big business, big banks and big financial investors have poured millions, or billions, into the EU project and the UK's incorporation into it.

They don't want too see all that money they spent, all that time they spent, all that energy, all those meetings, all those dinners, all those hours and hours of work going into their empire building dream, to have been a waste of time. Think of all those politicians whose original protestations to the EU were either bought off or dined off, or promoted off.

You have to hand it toThe Guardian, though. When they have failed t…

British Values

As part of a government program to curb extremism and radicalisation, entitled PREVENT, these two YouTube videos have been produced by St Annes Primary School in Royton.
These are promoted, interestingly as 'British Values'.
Children are being taught 'British Values' in an effort to stop radicalisation in every school in the United Kingdom.
Whatever you think about that - how effective it will be - or indeed whether you think it the right approach, the British Government must know they are educating children in 'British Values'.

Not 'Christian' values.
Not 'Islamic' values.
Not 'secular' values.
Not 'religious' values.
Not 'Western' values.
Not 'Enlightenment' values.
Not 'European' values.

Whatever one believes of the Government approach to a shared set of common values, looking back, it seems rather jingoistic and even racist and xenophobic to tie the shared values of those who reside in this country to the co…

6/6/16: Evil is Visited upon the United Kingdom

Today, a Labour MP has been slaughtered, in broad daylight, by a knife and gun wielding maniac. Pray for the repose of her soul.

The media are making much of Jo Cox's 'Remain' campaigning. It is true that the Labour MP campaigned for the Government's objective of remaining in the EU.

The media are ignoring Jo Cox's human rights campaigning, in particular against the Israeli 'occupation' of 'the Palestinian territories'.

I believe that the British Press have barely let this passionate politician's body go cold before aligning her senseless murder, in cold blood, with the extreme right wing in Britain and, quite cynically by extension, the Leave campaign.

Regardless of the motivations for this outrageous crime, which has led to the death of a committed and passionate parliamentarian the mainstream media are already dancing over the political implications of what is being framed as a political assassination.

Note to the media: Not all Muslims are t…

For the Record: Omar Mateen, G4S Armed Security Guard

It is unlikely that either President Obama or the influential Bilderberg Group, who have been meeting this weekend in Dresden, would find this information of great interest, since it is clear from his statement that the terrible shooting in Orlando, Florida will be exploited by Obama, among others, to further a particular agenda for the US in regard to gun laws.

US readers will understand that I personally have an antipathy towards gun ownership as a subject, as it is something that we here in the UK do not have to debate. That decision, for better or worse, was made for us a long time ago and gun culture is alien to most of us English. Despite this, facts must be made known and made widely available when an event such as that which has taken place in Orlando occurs because of the issues it raises with regard to the second amendment in the US.

It is important for the American people that the following information is made widespread. Several news sources are now covering the vital inf…

A New Novel by Marie Ann Dean

Paperback, Ebook The Jeweler's Polish by Marie Ann DeanPaperback Edition $24.99 USDPDF Ebook Edition $14.99 USD For libraries, academic institutions and volume orders, please contact us directly.

The Jeweler's Polish is a Catholic historical fiction novel set primarily in the small Mediterranean island of Malta at the time of the Knights Hospitaller of Saint John. Containing a near-gothic narrative that includes knightly orders, Masons, Illuminati, conspiracies, curses, mysterious jewels, apparitions of spirits, poisoners, gender dysphoria, the evil eye, and incest, The Jeweler’s Polish presents to readers the 21st century young Englishwoman, Emerald Rohan Grady, and her ancestral namesake, the Lady Emerald Esther Maria de Rohan, niece of the kindly but corrupt Grandmaster Emmanuel de Rohan-Polduc. But who, in reality, was Lady Emerald? Who was Lucas de Pinto? What made Captain Azzopardi meet his men in secret, at nighttime, in the hist…

Did the Pope Just Call Cardinal Robert Sarah a Heretic?

18 May 2016

Cardinal Sarah:"In the end, it is God or nothing."

10 June 2016

Pope Francis:"It is not Catholic (to say) ‘or this or nothing:’ This is not Catholic, this is heretical."

In this time of grave crisis within the papacy and the Church, this is going to sound inappropriate but it looks rather like things are about to get interesting.

The gloves are coming off and for Francis, so too is the mask.

It suffices to say that yesterday Pope Francis contrived to present his hearers with a very novel depiction of Our Blessed Lord, Who simply asks from His followers that which they are 'capable' and nothing more. Said His Holiness...

Jesus always knows how to accompany us, he gives us the ideal, he accompanies us towards the ideal, He frees us from the chains of the laws' rigidity and tells us: ‘But do that up to the point that you are capable.’ And he understands us very well. He is our Lord and this is what he teaches us.”
This is not what He teaches us. …

Inspirational Messages

In response to a reader, please find the context for this inspirational message here, the context being the inspirational message of Vatican communications expert, Fr Thomas Rosica.
I actually think the longer papal insults - and let's face it, there are so many - might look quite nice against a pretty scenic background, you know like they do with that 'footprints in the sand' inspirational message.

The "Meeting" is the Message

Towards the end of May, the month of Our Lady, Pope Francis met with, in the description of Catholic News Service, the 'grand imam of one of the most important Sunni Muslim universities in the world.'

In the wake of the "meeting" (sorry, I can't resist), media agencies around the world carried the story, zoning in on Pope Francis's passing comment to the imam that:

'The meeting is the message'.
Has there been as papacy as preposterously self-regarding as this one? When will sanity be restored? I am happy to concede that every institution the world over, including our own Royal Family, has a public relations team working to ensure that those institutions or persons are seen in a favourable light, even, the best possible light. And I'll also concede that it is impossible for some meetings to be devoid of a message that will go out to those who hear of it. When the Pope meets with a prince or minister from Luxembourg, or somewhere, we take little awa…


As something of a top up on Fr Hunwicke's highly amusing post on the bizarre use of inverted commas in "Amoris" Laetitia, please find some more amusing signs that people - presumably for whom the English language is not their Mother tongue - have produced, and, we must assume, with a far lower degree of mischief intended...

More of these hilarious signs can be found here. I do assume that while the Holy Father thinks it is okay to place the irregularity of people's relationships in inverted commas, so as to mitigate any sense of "guilt" people in "irregular" situations or relationships may find, or rather, have placed themselves, he would rather priests do not address parties who have contracted second unions without an annulment in such manner as,

'And I see you have brought your "husband" (or) "wife" along to Mass as well!'

Alarm Bells

We must be thankful to God for Cardinal Robert Sarah, among other leading prelates who care for the Church in this time of great crisis and upheaval. His Eminence's timely call to priests to re-order Catholic worship towards the Tabernacle, to the East, from whence Christ shall come again in glory, has given many a bewildered clergy fresh heart.

Those parishes - a small minority - in which the Sacred Liturgy is celebrated ad orientem have received from the Congregation of Divine Worship more public support for their endeavour to restore the sacred to Catholic liturgy and it is to be hoped that those priests who do not yet offer the Most Holy Sacrifice 'towards the Lord' will consider doing so.

National Catholic Register has a comprehensive article on the call from the good Cardinal which resurrects the clear liturgical direction pointed out by Pope Francis's predecessor (in his 'active' munus), Pope Benedict XVI, who elucidated most convincingly his views on th…