Catechism of the Catholic Church (675)

'Before Christ’s second coming the Church must pass through a final trial that will shake the faith of many believers. The persecution that accompanies her pilgrimage on earth will unveil the “mystery of iniquity” in the form of a religious deception offering men an apparent solution to their problems at the price of apostasy from the truth. The supreme religious deception is that of the Antichrist, a pseudo-messianism by which man glorifies himself in place of God and of his Messiah come in the flesh.' ~ Catechism of the Catholic Church (675)

Wednesday, 8 June 2016


As something of a top up on Fr Hunwicke's highly amusing post on the bizarre use of inverted commas in "Amoris" Laetitia, please find some more amusing signs that people - presumably for whom the English language is not their Mother tongue - have produced, and, we must assume, with a far lower degree of mischief intended...

More of these hilarious signs can be found here. I do assume that while the Holy Father thinks it is okay to place the irregularity of people's relationships in inverted commas, so as to mitigate any sense of "guilt" people in "irregular" situations or relationships may find, or rather, have placed themselves, he would rather priests do not address parties who have contracted second unions without an annulment in such manner as,

'And I see you have brought your "husband" (or) "wife" along to Mass as well!'

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