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Facebook Releases New Range of Pope Francis Emoticons

Finally, we get a 'dislike' button.

The Mission That Could Be, But Isn't...

A well known story concerning St Francis of Assisi recounts the time the poverello went to meet the Sultan to convert him (through forthright "dialogue") to the Holy Faith of Christ. It became the stuff of legend, the greatest miracle being that St Francis, having survived the challenge of fire he presented to the Sultan, escaped with his life.

By all accounts, St Francis and the companions who he took with him were ready, eager even, to die a martyrs death for Jesus Christ, their love for Him knowing no human limitations. They had already embraced humiliation and poverty, scorn and contempt of the world for the love of Christ crucified and were ready to hand over their lives knowing they would exchange mortal flesh for incorruptibility and glory. To be certain, among Christians, Francis and his companions were then as rare as Saints always are rare, yes even within the Church. But to the Muslims of his time, St Francis had something to say. And they were very impressed bec…

The New Pentecost

I think we can all agree this is what it was like.
Though I suppose nobody had a tape recorder at the time.
But let's not let that get in the way of the charismatic renewal embraced by various dioceses.

Pope Francis: The H Question

Fr John Hunwicke has at his blog 'Liturgical Notes' been running a series (here, here and here), yet unfinished, on the important matter of whether the Pope known as Francis is a heretic. Already he has come to the conclusion that it cannot be the case. As always, Fr John takes a reasonable, razor-sharp, logical and exquisitely light-hearted approach to a serious question and leaves his readers considering some serious implications to mull over.

Without wishing to put words in the mouth of Fr Hunwicke or misinterpret them, I would like to add some questions and thoughts of my own. The Church can only judge as heretics those who are her own. If a Catholic, even a Catholic who had risen to the Office of the Papacy literally believes in nothing then can that person be judged a heretic? Am I being harsh?

Recalling Rorate Caeli's prophetic post on the election of Pope Francis, one phrase stands out:

'Famous for his inconsistency (at times, for the unintelligibility of his ad…

Fatima Has Something to Say About Climate Change


Pray for Priests, Pray for Holy Priests

Some prominent dissident (that's what we used to call them before we became 'dissidents') Catholic priests and speakers should probably be simply ignored than given extra publicity but that is harder to do when they've just been promoted to the Vatican communications team in an age of instant communication.

Up to the period of the Church we can term 'March 2013 to the present day' a figure such as Fr James Martin S.J would be considered an annoyance or more likely an embarrassment for the Vatican. Now, he's been given a prestigious role in communicating the Gospel (according to Fr James Martin S.J) at, yes indeed, the Vatican.

As a chap with some same-sex experience under my belt, at the memory of which I blush, rather than boast, I find Fr James Martin S.J scandalous not because he is 'reaching out' to the 'LGBT community' or 'building bridges' with 'the LGBT community' (whatever that is) but rather because 'the bridge&…

New Release


Catholic Parishes Now Embracing Protestant Catechesis

I walked away from a local Catholic parish rather disgruntled that the parish priest has decided to run the Alpha Course and I am quite sure that this stridently Protestant catechetical programme is being wheeled out in many Catholic parishes in the English speaking world.

I wonder how it is that the Catholic Church could have dumbed down so much as to accept this course as material suitable for a Catholic or potentially Catholic audience. Why did the Fathers of the Church bother? Why was the Reformation resisted? Why do the Dominicans bother? To me it suggests that the 'great miracle' envisaged by Pope Francis of a no-questions answered, grand unification of various denominations with the Catholic Church, or a lady of ill-repute masquerading as the Catholic Church, is not terribly far off.

The Catholic Church, having shed centuries of 'liturgical baggage' is probably just about ready to unload its 'doctrinal baggage' under Francis and do whatever is necessary…