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Exclusive: Bishops Conference Memo on Battles Church Can Win

I have been passed a private and confidential memorandum passed between the Bishops of England and Wales on those battles that the Church can win.

Catholics have been assured that there are some battles that are not worth getting upset or worried about because we can't win them.

So, here they are, as we enter a new phase of the battle to keep faith in the public sphere, the battle to defend the sanctity of human life and to preserve those vital humanity-continuing institutions, such as marriage, from destruction and redefinition by the are the battles we canwin.

The following are the battlefronts that Catholics can expect the Bishops of England and Wales to be fighting. These are exciting times to be Catholic and a dreadful time to be an enemy of the Church. Hear our Shepherds roar! Begone, vile enemies of Christ the Lord, for on these grounds, we shall defeat you!

Tiddlywinks. No game of tiddlywinks is easy. We all know how heated and tense this battle can be. Howeve…

G4S..and this is the Tip of the Iceberg

Revisiting an old bugbear of mine. Crikey, they're like mice aren't they?

Essential Viewing For Those Who Cherish Freedom

Anyone concerned by the trends towards a totalitarian State in Britain, as evidenced, most recently by the Government drive to implant 14 year olds with contraceptive implants, should watch this video by a political group exposing the role of Common Purpose in Government and society.

You can visit their website, Common Purpose Exposed here.

Most interesting to me was this speakers ability to join the dots in the personnel involved in the removal of democracy and freedom in the UK and his proof that major banks, including Rothschild Bank, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs are funding the entire operation.

We desperately need a new political party in the United Kingdom because as far as I can see, all the mainstream political parties are up to their necks in this subversion of democracy.

Compare and Contrast

I've seen two A-Board headlines from The Argus in one week that were attention grabbers.

The first was The Argus's report, which on first sight I imagined concerned 'gay marriage'. It was entitled, 'Is it The End for Mr and Mrs?'.

If you read it, you'll see this news report in fact concerns a Councillor who would like to see all council forms and paperwork to be 'gender neutral' for the public. What a quirky idea!

Talking of how cumbersome gender is in the modern world, the Council's Deputy Leader, a Green chap, I believe, says:

“Trans people aren’t necessarily male or female and sometimes they don’t want to be defined by their gender. Putting Mr and Mrs on a form is completely useless. This is an issue that concerns most institutions from banks to mobile phone companies. Why is Mr on my debit card, for instance? I don’t understand why it’s there. We should at least examine the issue and we will have the recommendations early next month.”

Soldiers for Christ...

...only fight battles they can win?

If what the Bishop of Arundel and Brighton says is true, it explains quite a lot about the Bishops' Conference's lack of willingness to boldly fight and proclaim the truth on a range of issues including...

Human Embryology Research...
Civil Partnerships...
Mental Capacity Act...
Equalities Act...

...which battle did we win?...which battle did we try to win? All is pretty mild on the SSM front too.

Thank God we didn't think like this at Lepanto...

China by the Back Door

These are confusing times.

A Conservative minister is planning to use the power of the State to encourage a sector of the population to stop breeding. The name of that minister is Iain Duncan Smith and that minister is a Catholic.

It just goes to show that you can use the welfare state to economically manipulate people into a two-child policy.

The reaction of 'the right' in the UK is to say that these people can get jobs. Of course they can get jobs, but how do a man and a woman with little education and a CV that says they've had little work experience earn enough to have more than one or two children, pay for Council Tax, heating and water bills, food and electricity?

How does IDS, a Catholic, suggest these 'problem families' limit their breeding? With artificial contraception and abortion, perhaps? So, we see now, that abortion and artificial contraception, that procedure and those products advertised as a woman's 'choice', could well become an econ…

The Pink Economy

They say that 'gay marriage' won't affect natural marriage if it is passed, yet it is clear that already marriage as traditionally understood is no longer promoted.

Gay marriage, on the other hand, is. Already there is an imbalance in the promotion of marriage and the legislation isn't even here yet.

Marriage is not promoted in schools, but we're assured that 'same-sex marriage' will be. So, quite how marriage as an institution will be treated after 'SSM' comes in is hardly an unknown. It is a fate already known.

Clearly, what Government wants is a 'pink' workforce, not because of the sexual liberation of its workers, but so that its citizens will not concentrate on building a family, but on economic slavery. In fact, a new book, written by a feminist, called The End of Men is a boast by the authoress that the outcomes of feminism has led to successful women and a depressed sector of the population - men - who find their experience after th…

Tagging with G4S

Reading the Metro the other day, a newspaper so bad they give it away at the station, I came across an article concerning the 'tagging' of offenders.

Whatever you think about the effectiveness of current 'law and order' policy in the UK, it is hard not to be a little bit concerned by the obvious human rights issues associated with 'tagging'.

As with the various ASBOs on offer to the courts with which to limit the freedom of people who commit 'anti-social behaviour' like begging and street drinking (how would mendicant friars cope in modern day UK?) 'tagging' offers the authorities a half-way house procedure between locking someone up and depriving them of their liberty in penalty for a crime and leaving the offender to walk around in freedom having committed those offenses which contravene British law.

With prisons full to overflowing, one can certainly see the appeal of this half-way house for the authorities, but I personally do not like the …

Lord Christopher Monckton on the Rio 2012 Environmental Conference


What Will You Do in Reparation for Tina Beattie?

Tina Beattie is going out of her way to make average Catholics into Saints by making horrendous and sacrilegious statements in her books concerning the Mass.

In what must only be a cry for help, her latest musings liken the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass to hot man-on-man action.

Will you rise to the Tina Beattie challenge?

What will you do in reparation for her latest blasphemies?

Just hours after the news of Beattie's remarks on the Mass, one Polish Catholic has already exiled himself to Siberia. A woman in Hythe has committed to stepping out of her morning cold shower before work to be greeted by a bathmat of venomous snakes and drawing pins. In Scotland, a man has decided to make a pilgrimage to Walsingham on his knees, a fact made more extraordinary only by the fact he has only one leg. Another man is off to Iran with an A-board which reads, 'I'm a homosexual, want to make something of it?' In Roehampton, where Dr Beattie works as a lecturer on Catholic Studies, Cath…

Boy Banned from US School Because of Genetic Make Up

Courtesy of Daily Mail

'A California schoolboy has been forced to stay at home after his school banned him from attending classes because he carries the gene for cystic fibrosis. Colman Chadam, 11, carries the genetic mutation for cystic fibrosis but doesn't actually have the disease and shows no outward symptoms. The disease is incurable and life threatening and causes the body to create a thick mucous that clogs the lungs and can cause deadly infections.
But although it's not contagious, people with the disease or the gene can pose a risk to each other through bacterial cross-contamination if they are in close contact. The disease effects about 30,000 Americans but more than 10 million Americans carry the defective cystic fibrosis gene without knowing it. Colman's parents say their son poses no risk to other pupils and are fighting the decision, made by Jordan Middle School, in Palo Alto.
Teachers said Colman must be removed as an undisclosed number of other stude…

Same-Sex Marriage and the Two Mothers

Well, it was, in diplomatic language, a 'constructive meeting' with Caroline Lucas MP in what was a 'mutually respectful dialogue'.

The Green MP for Brighton Pavillion seemed very happy to have before her five Catholics explaining to her their concerns over the proposals for same-sex marriage.

We were, for reasons which will become obvious, I think, able to convey that we do not come at this subject from a position of bigotry, but of genuine concern for people, relationships, families, employees, homosexual persons and frankly, anyone living and working in the United Kingdom as well as for the institution of marriage.

The Big Issue

Anyone who reads this blog or who is familiar with the Catholic response to the issue of 'same-sex marriage' will understand the many points on which Catholics object to the redefinition of marriage. First and foremost, our understanding of marriage is that it is a natural institution which precedes the State and the Church which fin…


Marriage is an institution that belongs to men and women, not men or women.

Down and Out in Parris and London

Well, tomorrow I meet Caroline Lucas MP to discuss for 20 minutes the issue of 'same-sex marriage'. Pray for me and the small contingent who I am hoping to meet outside The Media Centre, Brighton at 4pm to present the case against to someone most definitely pro.

If you can, come. If you can't, pray for us and pray for the lady herself. That reminds me, I really should ask her a question about that Green Councillor who was shown the door for not signing up to the marriage that is not.

Word on the street, or rather, in The Argus, is that Caroline Lucas could see her electoral situation change dramatically with the redrawing of constituency boundaries. Will this make any difference to Caroline's voting decision when it comes to it? Likely not. But as sure as we're living in a quasi-democracy, I'll be making my views along with others to Caroline on this political potato - a potato that's so hot, it might just as well have come from the lowest pits of Hell.


Ann Widdecombe on Defending Marriage

I've just got around to watching Ann Widdecombe's speech at the Campaign for Marriage meeting at the Conservative Party Conference.

If you missed this, do watch it.

Looking on the Positive Side

We must never lose sight of what a wonderful and inspiring role model Barack Obama would be, if he were not such an unpleasant abortion advocate with an anti-human, anti-life and anti-Christian agenda.

Imagine the potential.

CDF to Move on Soho Masses

Do read Protect the Pope on those Soho Masses...

Media Blackouts

Why is everyone in the media claiming that the Jimmy Savile scandal is a total Esther Rantzen - that's slang for 'astonishing shock'?

I don't understand how this can be when one columnist and broadcaster, Milo Yiannopolous, who, incidentally, contributes to The Catholic Herald wrote this on his blog in October 2011...

'National treasure Jimmy Savile is dead. Without meaning to puncture the respectful atmosphere, given all the eulogising going on it is perhaps worth remembering that there was a dark side to this family entertainer too. Savile, star of children’s television favourite Jim’ll Fix It, sued the Sun in 2008 over a series of articles linking him to Haut de la Garenne, the Jersey children’s home where human remains were found and children were allegedly tortured and sexually abused.   He initially denied ever visiting the home, despite photographic evidence to the contrary. In fact, Savile had close links to managers at the home. A journalist who reporte…


When I was at university, I can tell you that Hobsbawm was a key reference for history students. I know because I lived with one. I myself bought a copy of Hobsbawm's 'Age of Extremes' and loved it.

He certainly was a good writer and his breadth of knowledge of the history of the twentieth century was scintillating.

None of us, as politics or history students, ever knew that Hobsbawm's views were as extreme as the century of which he wrote.

Nobody told me that Hobsbawm defended the murderous ideology of communism to the point to which he believed that millions of deaths would be 'worth it' if the new age of utopian brotherhood and sisterhood of communism would have succeeded.

There really does seem to be a moral blindspot for those on the left of the political spectrum to see the terrible errors of those who have placed their Marxist cities on a hill for the World to see.

Just about the best analysis of Hobsbawm I have seen thus far has come from a Telegraph w…

New Video Defends Life and Women in Ireland


Rosary Crusade Rainbow 2012

I'm working on the video footage I took of the Rosary Crusade. Here's a treat from the journey back.

With the sun setting in the West, the train heading South and the darkness descending upon the East, suddenly, from the East, came this resplendent rainbow.

What a stunner! Even better on full view...

 “The rainbow is a symbol of the peace and reconciliation which the blessed Virgin, our Mediatrix, effected between God and man.” ~ St Anthony of Padua

Jason and I managed to catch the 12:19 to London Victoria and as soon as we got on the train a parishioner of St Mary Magdalen named Ann stopped us and asked us to sit with her. At times Jason and I slipped into the next carriage where things were a bit quieter and Jason spent about half an hour entertaining a small baby in a pram with a fluffy bunny toy. The little baby was very giggly while Jason entertained her. Jason spent time explaining to the mother and friend that he had the night before won second prize in a singing comp…

Behold! The Rainbow!

To some people, the rainbow is an optical and meteorological phenomenon that is caused by reflection of light in water droplets in the Earth's atmosphere, resulting in a spectrum of light appearing in the sky. It takes the form of a multicoloured arc. Thanks, Wikipedia!
To some, the rainbow is a singular sign of God's grace, peace and mercy to men as well as a vision of hope. The first group understand what a rainbow is and why it is there in a restrictive sense. Light travels through water droplets making a colourful arc, etc. etc...yawn... The second group understand what a rainbow is and why it is there. While appreciating the scientific knowledge of rainbow formation, these believe that God made the rainbow to look beautiful. It is. It glorifies Him and causes men to praise the Creator. The first group think the second group is nuts. The second group think the first are sad. But both groups say, 'Oh look, what a beautiful rainbow!' Both groups acknowledge the rain…