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Filial Petition to Pope Francis

A caring soul has decided to draw up a petition to our spiritual daddy by asking him not to split up God's family.

I shall refrain from saying, "Good luck with that one", and sign. I encourage you to do the same.

Sign the petition to Pope Francis here.

SPUC Youth Conference and a Petition

Something here to promote the SPUC Youth Conference...
The annual SPUC Youth Conference has been very successful in recent years in educating and motivating the youth of today to engage in peaceful and effective pro-life work all over the UK. The youth conference is also open to attendees from other countries. Young people from Spain and Malta have been welcomed in recent years.

This year's conference will run from Friday 6 March (late afternoon) until Sunday 8 March 2015 (after lunch), at the Ramada Plaza Hotel in Southport (near Liverpool).

The price is £100, including all meals and accommodation. The conference is open to those from the age of 16 to 35.

Our speakers will include His Eminence Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke, who has been very outspoken in defence of human life and the family; and Obianuju (Uju) Ekeocha, founder of Culture of Life Africa. Uju travels all over the world promoting the defence of human life in Africa, which is under huge pressure to cede to the Western p…

Balloons Replace Doves at the Vatican

I suppose it would have been to "tempt God" to try releasing doves again after last year's vicious ornithological blood-fest involving a raven and a seagull. It was the stuff of horror films. Clearly shaken by the incident, the Vatican decided to release balloons instead this year.
Unfortunately, as your host William Tapley, otherwise known as the Third Eagle of the Apocalypse and Co-Prophet of These End Times will soon inform you, the balloons in the image above clearly spell out, in Hebrew no less, "The Vatican is to host the Gay Pride parade this year. Yippee!!!"

No, things are not quite that far gone...yet. You've got to feel sorry for the Vatican. In these days they simply can't win. The BBC report of the balloon release is mildly amusing.

The report simply says...

Pope Francis has released colourful balloons at a ceremony in St Peter's Square to symbolise peace. Traditionally white doves are used, but last year they were attacked by other birds…

Sinister Jewish Plot Uncovered

Someone needs to report St Matthew to the Anti-Defamation League.
He's clearly a rabid, anti-semitic, hate-preaching conspiracy theorist.

Benedict XVI could have done with an Anti-Defamation League while The New York Times were putting his public reputation into the shredder, but sadly nobody was interested in the truth.

Ho-hum...Our Lord promised such would be so.

But hey-ho! All is not lost. Now that Pope Francis is here the Catholic Church is kosher and even those friendly Freemasons are welcoming the Pope...

Things are looking up!

Sinister Conspiracy Theories

Do take some time to read Damian Thompson's piece for the Catholic Herald on conspiracy theories.

Go get 'em Damian. People who challenge the establishment's version of events need telling!

Personally, as readers will know, I don't check under my bed every night for Jews, Crypto-Jews, Freemasons, Communists and Jesuits.

But when I do, I check very thoroughly indeed.

Does anyone actually know anybody who thinks the Jesuits started World War One?

Everybody, All Together Now...

"Bri-iiight eyes!"
If you are unfamiliar with this classic film and book, do watch the trailer.

Eerie...Note the abusive, insulting seagull. Watership Down is a children's film. It's also one of the most brutal, savage and violent depictions of rabbit life in film history.

My name's Laurence England, otherwise known as the Fourth Rabbit of the Apocalypse
and co-prophet to the co-prophets of These End Times...

Sceptic Questions Papal Mass Numbers


Controversial Pope Francis Promotional Poster Includes No Occult Symbols Says Vatican

The Vatican has issued an official statement on a controversial poster for Pope Francis's visit to the Philippines denying that the poster includes any occult symbolism.

In a short statement, the Vatican confirms...

'Recent articles and images on the internet have surfaced with regard to some promotional material and hand-signals given by Pope Francis and other Cardinals present at His Holiness's visit to the Philippines. While these continuing conspiracy theories may provide curiosity and excitement for Christ's Faithful and others, they are damaging to the reputation of the Pope and therefore must be condemned as preposterous. The poster [pictured above] promoting Pope Francis's visit to the Philippines contains no occult symbolism whatsoever and we would like to stress that anybody seeing occult imagery in this poster is reading too much into simple logos and symbols that are perfectly innocent and Christian in origin.'
The statement, however, has not impres…

The Theory of Everything

Inspired by the epic bio-pic of Professor Stephen Hawking, a University of Cambridge based ecclesiastical physicist has come up with a potentially "mind-blowing" equation answering what he has described 'theorem omnia' in the Catholic Church, the much sought after ecclesiastical 'theory of everything', which continues to be the great obsession of the Catholic academic world.

At a ground-breaking lecture in Rome, attended by no less than forty eager scientific disciples, the young Cambridge doctor of ecclesiastical physics, Dr Rabbitz Inyaparish expounded his idea, which he says came to him, "like dew from Heaven". Before receiving a standing ovation and rapturous applause, Dr Rabbitz announced his theory to a stunned audience of priests, religious and laity.

"Where PF is Pope Francis is divided by TB where TB is Team Bergoglio to the power of 5, but is subtracted by Pope Benedict (Emeritus) XVI and you add an airplane plus journalists to the po…

Optimum Population Pope: The Return of the Apostolic Micromanager?

“I believe that three children per family, from what the experts say, is the key number for sustaining the population. The key word here is responsible parenthood and each person works out how to exercise this with the help of their pastor…"

Clericalism? Move along now folks, nothing to see here...

Why not just hand it over to the UN, Your Holiness and they can set the number of children born to each family in line with the five-year global population model for sustainable development?

Vatican La Stampa


Damian Thompson reports on the latest Franciscan plane episode. Seems to me it was all going so well...

'Francis said Pope Paul VI, whose 1968 encyclical Humanae Vitae outlined the contraceptive ban, was warning against a "Neo-Malthusianism," a reference to a theories that suggested in the 1960s and ’70s that exponential global population growth would lead to an irreversible world food crisis.

Citing the low rates of birth specifically in Italy and Spain, Francis said such Neo-Malthusianism "seeks to control humanity."

At the same time, however, Francis made a statement that seems without precedent for a pope, suggesting that parents may have a responsibility to limit the number of their children, saying: "This does not signify that the Christian must make children in series."

Telling the story of a woman he met in a parish in Rome several months ago who had given birth to seven children via Cesarean section and was pregnant with an eighth, Francis as…

Pope Francis in Another Mid-Air Multiple Pile Up

I have just read (some more) of the latest interview at 35,000 feet. It is amazing how divisive a Pope can be when he stops talking about God.

 "Thank you, Fr Lombardi. Right, we've got some time together now and you've chosen to get onto an airplane with the Pope so I'm going to teach you how to pray the Rosary. Let's pray for peace, for a safe journey, that those without faith may seek the Face of God, that the violent will put away their swords, for our families..."

I'm certain that's the way ahead.
That's got to be the way ahead for all of us.


Everyday would be 'punch a blasphemer day'.

Charlie Hebdo, Blasphemy and Prudence

I have respect for Muslims in as much as they are created in God's image and likeness and thereby deserve my respect as persons.

I really don't believe the Koran is an authentic expression of God's Word. I really don't even think that the Prophet Muhammed is a religious figure to be much admired.

Yet with that said neither I, nor anybody else I know, goes around depicting a religious figure held dear to Muslims in a derogatory way. There are basic 'fundamentals' in life like 'treat others the way you would like to be treated' that, for instance, stop me from saying to an Israeli, "Oh, you're from Israel! That rogue state that murders women and children! You can grab all the land you like mate, but its sad for you guys that you missed the boat salvation-wise! You should get yourself baptised mate and at least give yourself a fighting chance of Heaven. After all, the Son of God did say not to leave Earth without it."

Equally, on encounterin…

In Agreement with His Holiness

"You cannot provoke, you cannot insult other people's faith, you cannot mock it," said Pope Francis today.
I agree with His Holiness entirely. When I get a bit of time I'd like to do something more in-depth on the Charlie Hebdo fallout, but, for now, enough of this Hebdo-hysteria.

His Holiness is right in my opinion and you can read his Encyclopedia of Insults here. After all, its so easy in this debate about free speech to become a real downer, or a moralistic quibbler, or worse, a weathervane!

Police Commissioner Investigating Charlie Hebdo Shootings "Commits Suicide"

The Daily Mirror today reports that the French police commissioner investigating the Paris shootings has "committed suicide". According to the Daily Mirror...

A senior French police officer investigating the Charlie Hebdo magazine massacre killed himself just hours after the horrific terror attack. Commissioner Helric Fredou, 45, shot himself in his police office in Limoges last Wednesday night, France 3 reported. His body was found by a colleague at 1am on Thursday, hours after the terror attack at the satirical magazine's office which left 12 people dead. It has been reported that shortly before committing suicide Commissioner Fredou had met with the family of one of the victims of the Charlie Hebdo attack massacre.Speaking to Mirror Online, the Union of Commissioners of the National Police confirmed Mr Fredou had committed suicide. In a statement released after his death, a spokesman for the union said: "It is with great sadness that we were informed this morning…

Christmas is Over in Rome: Papal Insults Resume

“You can follow thousands of catechism courses, thousands of spirituality courses, thousands of yoga or zen courses and all these things. But none of this will be able to give you the freedom as a child (of God). Only the Holy Spirit can prompt your heart to say ‘Father.’ - Pope Francis, 9 January 2015
As we move closer to the Schimod on the Family 2015, I expect more homilies like this. Before the vine is planted the ground needs to be prepared. Papal homilies seem to be the rotavator. The placement of the Catechism of the Catholic Church - that which the Pope is well-placed and well-advised to teach - alongside yoga and zen courses is a little unfortunate, isn't it?

So here we go again and I cannot believe I am saying it. Yes, we can all know the truths of the Holy Faith and be horrible people (sorry Savaronola! Mea culpa!) - who do not love God and our neighbour. Still, knowing the truths of the Holy Faith is not the cause of people being horrible to other people and not lovin…


I'm not convinced that Charlie Hebdo magazine meets the criteria of what satire is by definition. Religious belief is not stupidity - though there are some very stupid religious beliefs out there - nor is religious belief of itself a vice or an evil. Neither am I convinced there was any genuine humour, or irony, or even exaggeration in Charlie Hebdo's cartoons. It seems there was plenty of malice employed in Charlie Hebdo's work, a desire to cause great offence and shock for the sake of it, a desire to be provocative and hurt the sensibilities of the religious.

I think people are getting confused between satire - which by its use of humour and irony exposes stupidity - and blasphemy, which simply mocks God and religion. Satire is entertaining and enlightening because it can also be edifying. Satire, when done correctly, doesn't simply run people - or people's beliefs - down for the sake of it, in order to be gratuitously offensive, but instead uses humour to tell …

For the Record

A while ago in 2014, I think I may have posted on a strange new website that describes itself as the official website of the Illuminati, the subject of years, decades or conspiracy theory. You can check out their 'official' website here.

Since then, the official Illuminati website has proven of great interest and bemusement though still remains peripheral. I assumed that the website was a prank, a joke, and so did most people I would imagine. After all, this shadowy sect are not meant to exist. Other onlookers regard it as a scam to get people to buy Illuminati stuff. The organisation is meant to be the creation of conspiracy theorists and tin foil hat wearers.

Illuminati emerging out of the shadows?
The website spawned a YouTube account, a Facebook account which started on 22nd August 2014 and a Twitter account which now has as many as 31,900 followers. Alas, that is about 30 times the readership of this Catholic blog, but then I'm not offering worldly prosperity and abun…

2015: The Forecast is for Stormy Weather

Well, His Holiness Pope Francis has not yet issued his encyclical on the environment, but already it is attracting a great deal of attention. Fr Alexander Lucie-Smith makes a good case in his article suggesting that such an encyclical is perhaps not such a great idea. I'm with him on that, but of course there are various interests and various groups for whom such an encyclical will most likely be a 'godsend'.

During this post, I am going to be as balanced and level-headed as a conspiracy theorist fruit-cake can be, but I am confident that within the next year, readers of this blog may be joining me in my unshakable feeling that there is something going on in Rome today that only makes sense in accepting the possibility that there is a 'hidden hand' at work.

Why Pope Francis has got non-Catholic conspiracy theorists thinking
I suggested to a member of the Catholic clergy recently that Pope Francis's encyclical on the environment would give conspiracy theorists a…