In Agreement with His Holiness

"You cannot provoke, you cannot insult other people's faith, you cannot mock it," said Pope Francis today.

I agree with His Holiness entirely. When I get a bit of time I'd like to do something more in-depth on the Charlie Hebdo fallout, but, for now, enough of this Hebdo-hysteria.

His Holiness is right in my opinion and you can read his Encyclopedia of Insults here. After all, its so easy in this debate about free speech to become a real downer, or a moralistic quibbler, or worse, a weathervane!


Joe Potillor said…
If only HH took his own advice.
Pelerin said…
Have just been reading Piers Morgan on the Daily Mail website. As a Catholic he is somewhat shocked as it looks as if Pope Francis is endorsing violence. 'Turning the other cheek' seems to have been changed to 'punch him on the nose.' I don't know what to make of it.

As usual the comments have not been monitored meaning that there will be a plethora of comments criticising the Pope, the Church and religion in general. Isn't it strange that if this had been about someone of a certain different faith then the comments would be monitored?
Jacobi said…
Of course you must not provoke or mock or insult, but you can and must be free to make objective, considered, soundly based, observations and judgements about a faith, whether it be Catholic or Lutheran or Bhudist or Islam.

Satire is an essentiaal part of or society. Charlie Hebdo went too far. Satire slipped into insult with the cartoon on the Tri-Une God.

But there are laws already in all Western Societies to deal with that. You do not murder. To do so is to impose with violence and murder your particular religion on other people, which is what the Paris murderers (and now we hear the Belgian would-be murderers, were trying to do.
Unknown said…
Je ne suis pas Charlie mais I don't endorse murder.

Time to punch some Muslim noses.

Seattle Kim
Unknown said…
Yeay popey is losing points with the MSM!

Seattle kim
Martha said…
I don't think Pope Francis meant a vicious punch, more of a cuff, a gesture in defence of his mother, but of course his words provide an excuse for those looking to criticise him.

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