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Franciscan Eye Candy

A photo of the original tunic wore by St Francis from the excellent 'Portiuncula - The Little Portion' website dedicated to the life and writings of St Francis of Assisi.
'But when on a certain day the Gospel was read in the church, how the Lord sent his disciples out to preach, the holy man of God...immediately put off his shoes from his feet, put aside the staff from his hands, was content with one tunic, and exchanged his leather girdle for a small cord. He designed for himself a tunic that bore a likeness to the cross...'Saint Francis of Assisi
Celano, First Life

"I don't know, it's all me, me me..."

"Everybody, look at me! This art is so me. It is all about me."

"But hang on!" I hear you say, "Suffering is redemptive! Out of emotional and spiritual pain and suffering can come art of a spectacular nature and from torture and pain emerge Truth, Love, Beauty, O Redemption!"

Well, it used to. Not with this lady it doesn't. In the good old days people believed that art was Art, and that God was using the artist...the artist was merely a channel, the mortal hand in the Hand of the Almighty God...

Art like Emin's speaks only of the spiritual sickness and malaise of the modern World, the World which has lost a sense of the Divine. This is modernity, people! Haven't we progressed!? Still, notice that Christ still gets a look in and is mentioned in her piece.

However, it is still bollocks. For real art, see the post below!

Catholicism Dull? Not a Bit. Not At All. Not then. Not now.

Incredible painting! Really captures the moment, don't you think. The Blessed Virgin towers, central, a giant in the painting, standing majestically amidst the descent of the Holy Spirit, totally open, embracing God, while the Apostles, once again, half-cack themselves in trepidation.

As Paramedicgirl of Salve Regina fame says...
'Notice how the Blessed Virgin appears to be the first to receive the fire of the Holy Ghost, how her hands are clutched across her Immaculate Heart, and her eyes are directed to heaven. She appears to be the only one who is not afraid, and this I find striking, knowing how humble Mary is. This pose appears to anticipate the wait that Mary was subjected to; she literally looks to be in love with God.

This painting, titled "Pentecost" is oil on canvas, and was painted in 1732 by Jean ll Restout, a French neoclassical painter. It rests in the Musée du Louvre in Paris. Most of this artists works were altar pieces and tapestries.'Well said!

I Haven't Got Talent...But Britain Has!

Still, I hear she was robbed by some bunch of amateur dancers tonight. Again, like the Catholic Church always proclaims, of whom she is a member, Truth and Justice are often met by strong opposition! Those dancers...amateurs! Robbed she was! Robbed! I demand a recount!

Update: Say a prayer for Susan, our sister in the Faith, who is in the Priory recovering having been 'taken in' under the Mental Health Act.

Christ Crowned with Thorns on the West Pier

Clever graffiti from presumably a local graffiti artist or Miraculous sign of God's favour on the crumbling Pier?

Happy St Joan of Arc Day!

'And now I know how Joan of Arc felt!
Now I know how Joan of Arc felt!
As the flames rose,
To her Roman nose
And her hearing aid started to melt!'

Glorious martyr, St Joan of Arc, Ora Pro Nobis!

Horticultural Post

I was stunned to see so many butterflies at my parents garden the other day. I know this is a Catho-blog, but I thought peeps would like to know how to get these beautiful butterflies into their garden. While the Gospel should be preached in season and out of season - remember - this is the growing season! I mean, if Damian Thompson can keep harping on about Haydn, I see no reason why I can't introduce some wildlife into my blog.

People say that Buddleja is the best plant for getting wildlife and butterflies into your garden. I recently took a trip over to my parents house and they showed me the Everlasting Wallflower, latin name, Vanessa cardui.

Tens of painted lady butterflies are now swarming into my parents garden, because they absolutely adore this plant. If you like butterflies in your garden, get it! You won't regret it!

CAFOD: Campaigning for a World that is 'Destined to Die'

Mercy, Mercy Me by Marvin Gaye

According to CAFOD 'Our climate is in our hands'...

I understand that the effects of 'climate change' have a more prolific and devastating outcome upon developing nations than our own. Yet, at the same time, CAFOD is a Catholic charity, present in disaster zones at times of desperation and need. Much like Amnesty International, however, CAFOD appears to be losing its Catholic roots, severing itself from the Vine that has fed it and given it so much moral and financial support for such a long time.

The Catholicity of the secular branches of the Church seems to be waning and handing themselves over to the World. Amnesty International now seem to view gay marriage and abortion as 'rights' in the same way that the secular world view them as rights, neglecting the rights of the unborn and the sanctity of Marriage. CAFOD repel the teaching of the Church with regard to contraception, pay their boss over £70,000 a year and keep banging on ab…

The Irish Catholic Abuse Scandal

Damian Thompson has written a good piece on the Irish-Catholic abuse scandal. I have thrown my two pennies worth in. He has concentrated on the question of whether it was Irish or Catholic abuse, almost as if cruelty and sexual immorality was hereditary within the Irish genetic make-up. I am being a bit spurious. I don't think that was what he was really saying. It is true that Ireland had experienced poverty and political strife and warfare that had a dehumanising effect but it is difficult to put it all down to that. Why Ireland? It is difficult to say.

Fr Ray Blake, at St Mary Magdalen's, posted a good piece on Irish Catholicism, also, which may give a hint of as to why. He also argued that in a sense the deep turmoil, civil, political and social of Ireland had almost desensitized men and women to human suffering and the abuse of the individual. Yet he went deeper. I remember reading Angela's Ashes and being struck by the very vivid and honest account of the writer'…

From Out of the Mouths of Babes...

I say this as a total aside. However, a thought just popped into my head. Why is it that the website of, say, the Bishops of England and Wales, which has a veritable army of employees and surely more than a few in a media team, does not look anything like Catholic Online, which is a very well orchestrated website speaking out unequivocably on matters of Faith, Life and Catholic Doctrine? It has daily readings, a Saints Calendar, reflects totally the Magisterium and really is a good source of all things Catholic. I don't's bemusing.
'Lia, the twelve-year-old girl who made headlines for presenting a pro-life speech in a school speech competition against tremendous opposition from her teachers earlier this year, gave her exceptional oration to the 12,000 strong crowd at the National March For Life in Ottawa, Canada last week.

Lia, who is from Ontario, adapted her speech for the March for Life slightly, adding, “Every day, 115,000 are being put to death through aborti…

UN: Not Killing Your Child Feels Like This...

And there I was thinking the UN was a largely useless organisation which pulls out of war-torn African nations and leaves people to die out of cowardice...No, they're more than just that. Apparently, they now equate not having the 'right' to abortion to 'torture'!

Another article from the highly informative Friday Fax from C-Fam.

The United Nations (UN) committee charged with monitoring compliance with the Convention Against Torture has declared that Nicaragua’s full protection of fetal life violates the country's obligations under the Convention. This is the first time this committee has reviewed Nicaragua since that government outlawed abortion for any reason three years ago.

The torture committee is the fourth UN committee to pressure Nicaragua with respect to its laws protecting unborn life, joining the committees charged with monitoring the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women, the International Covenant on Economic, S…


Veni Creator Spiritus

The Choir at St Mary Magdalen's are learning this Gregorian Chant for Pentecost. Nice, eh?! It's more morish than midget gems!

Veni Sancti Spiritus

Was Morrissey Schooled by the Christian Brothers?

Billionaires Meet in New York to Plot 'Population Strategy'

George Soros, one of a group who want more 'population control'

Courtesy of C-FAM, the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute

A cabal of the world’s richest men and women just met in New York City. The meeting included multi-billionaires David Rockefeller, Bill Gates, Ted Turner, George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, and Warren Buffet. The purpose of the meeting was to coordinate their charitable giving. That sounds wonderful doesn’t it? Until you hear what they agreed on. They agreed that the world’s number one problem is that there are too many poor people. That’s nice, too. There are too many poor people. And what is their solution? Get rid of the poor people.

These fabulously wealthy people with their grand houses, private jets, yachts and lavish lifestyles decided to pool their massive resources and declare war on the world’s poor by spending billions of dollars on population control! This group met a few days ago in New York and call themselves, get this, 'The Good Club…

Another Great Idea from Tony Blair

In Brighton we have a great many Police Community Support Officers. I have blogged about them before, suffice to say that are universally hated by the poor and serve only to act as a local band of state Stasi. The strange thing about them is that they are neither 'police', nor do they 'support' the 'community'. All they are is a group of officers.

Tony Blair, presumably, decided they were a good thing, because he wanted to crack down hard on 'crime' and the 'causes of crime', which seemingly, in the eyes of the PSCOs, is a few people milling around on a lawn having a beer. Now, I'm not as naive as I was. I know that the people on the lawns of London Road can get lairy. However, the PCSO's are employed to pour people's beer down the drain and take their names and details and ask them to move on. So they do, they move on, and get another beer. I don't know, maybe Blair just wanted to crack down hard on the poor, who can't afford…

The Unborn Under Attack: UN Population Fund

Powerful abortion lobbyists use the UN as their power centre

I get emails from Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute. In the West, we take it for granted that legalised abortion is universal and that the rights of the unborn are not really defended anywhere. Not so. The Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute is doing a good job of highlighting the pressure building on countries which have not bought into the abortion agenda. Much of the pressure on these countries is coming from the United Nations, from powerful secular pressure groups and lobbyists, concerned with the rights of everyone but the unborn.

Dominican Republic
The Dominican Republic has come under fire from some of the world’s most powerful abortion advocates, aiming to block a proposed constitutional amendment that would enshrine legal protection of the country’s unborn.

The International Women’s Health Coalition (IWHC), backed by European nations, major foundations and the UN Population Fund, has launched an aggr…

Symbolism Associated with Obama

The image of the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ, IHS. Obama and his gangsters had covered at Georgetown at a Catholic University.

The sign of 'progress'. Remember, Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Castro and every other horrendous ideologue has had a vision of 'progress'. Usually it involved killing hundreds of thousands in order to achieve it.

This is how Hitler explained his plans to his nation, with the use of signs and symbols.

Crikey! The triangle is an occultist symbol. Hence the pyramid and 'all-seeing eye' which adorns the dollar and so much masonic symbolism.

His supporters are cottoning on. Freaky and bizarre. Have they lost their minds?

Lucifer is described as the 'bright and morning star'. This symbol is straight out of an occult textbook. It has been borrowed from one Lucis Trust, formerly known as Lucifer Trust, set up by occult practitioner, Alice Bailey. They seem to be particularly influential in the UN, which is developing some pretty horrendous ab…

Christ is Like The Butterfly

At the pub yesterday after Mass, we talked about caterpillars and butterflies a little. I used to breed them when I was a child, before I became an adult and became prone to spending an entire Sunday in the pub, falling asleep while talking to other parishioners, waking up face down on the table and feeling embarrassed and alone. Fr Ray told us to party yesterday for Ascension. I think I may have taken his words too much to heart.

It struck me in a small moment that Christ is like the Butterfly. For as Man He becomes incarnate in the Virgin's womb, becoming, like the caterpillar egg, God the Son made Man in the Virgin's womb. There He is nourished by the Virgin's Motherly love and care.

He emerges from the Virgin's womb and like the caterpillar, small and defenseless, appears as a normal baby, yet He is God made flesh. As a Child and as a Man he remains totally vulnerable. As a Man, in His Ministry He is meek and unprotected, open and vulnerable to the insults and injuri…

Soz Moz I Do Give a Toz, but I Can't Afford Your Gigz

"So who is rich and who is poor, I cannot say...but you've got everything now."

A friend of mine just emailed me to ask if I wanted to go see Morrissey on Friday. Tickets were £40 he said. Shame, I can't go. I don't have £40. Nor the extra £20 it would cost to get up to London. That's £60 plus another £10 for food and fags. Plus another £10-20 for a few beers or a round for my friends. That's about £70-80 to go see Morrissey. Morrissey is rich. It's a shame that he has priced so many of his fans out of the market. I expect some will steal hubcaps in order to make it to see him. I'll go to the Latin Mass instead and hope I see him live one day in Heaven. I can't afford to see him on Earth. Frankly, it was the poor in Manchester who got him where he is now, who went to his first gigs. It's a disgrace the poor can't see him live now, but hey, that's what fame does to people I guess. It has removed him from his roots. Perhaps that was w…

Giant Figures of the Church in the Run Up to Pentecost!

Here are some dates for your diary. I noticed on my calendar we have some fantastic Saints and a Venerable approaching.

Today, 25th May: The Venerable Bede, Doctor of the Church. Holy historian of the English Church.

26th May: St Philip Neri. Wonderworker of Oratorian fame.

27th May: St Augustine of Canterbury. Bringer of the Gospel to the Brits!

30th May: St Joan of Arc. French martyr of renowned holiness.

Archbishop of Westminster Inteviewed by The Times

The Times Interviews the new Archbishop of Westminster, Vincent Nichols.

Click here to read.

CAFOD V ATD Fourth World

Fr Joseph Wresinski, Priest and founder of ATD Fourth World

Fr Ray and other bloggers have a piece up about the enormous salary of the Chief Executive of CAFOD. Other posters and commentators are talking of stopping their funding to an organisation which claims to help poverty, yet gives such vast sums to its workers.

I used to work for an organisation called ATD Fourth World in London. It was ATD Fourth World that opened my eyes to the suffering of the poor in the UK. Prior to my experience of a couple of years within the organisation I knew nothing or little of the poverty that condemens hundreds of thousands within our own country to suffering and exclusion.

It was started by a French priest called Fr Joseph Wresinski. He was born into poverty and began serving at Mass from an early age. His desire for the priesthood grew, but he grew up in deep poverty. After he left the seminary, he was sent to Noisy-le-Grand, near Paris, where his mission was to evangelise the poor in the slums who…

Occultist Benjamin Creme on the Antichrist's Appearance

And here...the method by which the Son of Perdition will deceive the nations. Let's see how long this post stays up. Incredible syncronicity between Creme's 'day of declaration' speech and the investigatory work of the 'man-who-knew-too-much', international free press agency reporter, Serge Monast, who died in mysterious circumstances.

But Benjamin Creme is a crackpot ignored by the World isn't he? Isn't he? Well, his diabolical organisation, 'Share International' somehow managed to air this commercial on Fox, MSNBC and the History Channel. Where does an ignored occultist fruitcake like him get that kind of money?

Interestingly, Obama and this new 'world teacher' have something in common. They both apparently put in an appearance in Kenya in 1988. Conspiracy theories abound! The question people are asking is this...Are Obama and the Antichrist brothers, cousins, good friends strangers or...wait for it. The same person? Or is Obama a Trojan…

The Obama Deception

Good documentary on the great deception taking place today in the Obama regime. If you think Notre Dame was a breathtaking piece of obamaspin. Watch this! Last Obama post today. And yes, I am obsessed about it.

Obamawatch: Behold! The Incredible Gift for Doublespeak!

Obama condemns undemocratic excesses of the Bush regime in one breath and then calls for executive powers for 'indefinite, prolongued detention' without trial or even, a crime having been yet committed! You have to hand it to the guy - his gift for deception is utterly confounding! If Bush had said this there'd have been uproar. Obama said it and people are like, "Fair enough."

Obama was chosen as THE man to sell something to Americans that Americans would never have hitherto accepted - namely - the suspension of democracy and the rule of law. Incredible!

If you know your history...

...then this is the most disturbing video you will see all year. Brothers and sisters, behold Obama's 'Red Jackets'.

Was Pope Benedict XVI in Hitler Youth? Yes. Every youth had to be in Hitler Youth.

Will young Americans join Obama Youth? Yes. Every youth will have to be in Obama Youth.

Check it out! His supporters even have their own 'sign of progress'!

Apparently it symbolises 'One World'. Cute. Give it time and it will be the 'O' for saluting Obama himself.

No alarm bells ringing yet?

None? Ah well...Don't say I didn't warn you.

It looks very much like history is about to repeat itself. Germany must have been so full of youthful optimism when Hitler came to power. Just like then, this new 'civic pride' crap will end up in tears and a fictional future American Pope saying, "Yes, it's true. I was a 'Red Jacket'. I soon became disillusioned with the Obama regime..."

The 'peaceful' President is, undoubtedly semi-…

Campaign to Legislate for a Quota of Catholics in Public Life

There is no reason why this video is up on this post, aside from the fact that it's a great Bowie song.

H/T to My Heart Was Restless for this:

British churches will be forced to accept practicing homosexuals or "transsexuals" in positions as youth workers and similar roles, under upcoming equality legislation, the government has said. The Labour government's Equality Bill will prohibit churches from refusing to hire active homosexuals even if their religion holds such behavior to be sinful, said deputy equalities minister Maria Eagle.

The legislation is due to come into force next year, and churches fear that it will force them to act against their religious convictions in a broad range of areas. Eagle indicated at a conference called "Faith, Homophobia, Transphobia, & Human Rights" in London, that the legislation "will cover almost all church employees."For full story see Life Site News.

There are, as is usual with Government 'equality' l…

Exclusive Interview with New Archbishop!

Exclusive that The Guardian. They can have their scoop. Sure. One day though, obviously, the Archbishop will prefer to be interviewed by the Catholic web-magazine of Thrilling Bones...
It takes a lot of nerve to pass judgment on somebody else's moral crisis when you know you are about to face one of your own, but Vincent Nichols is that kind of man. The new spiritual leader of Roman Catholics in England and Wales has a reputation for speaking his mind, and as we sit in the vast, strangely soulless study where he will work from now on, behind Westminster Cathedral, he shows why. "MPs have revealed themselves to be fallible and flawed," he says of his new neighbours, their palace only a short walk away. They are guilty of "fiddling their system" and giving in to the "easy temptation of greed".He says this with an air of sadness, sitting straight-backed in a high armchair with his hands clasped together on his lap. Archbishop Nichols is not monkis…

Barry Running Scared from the Holy Father

Come to Papa! Do not be afraid!Unless you're a well-dodgy world leader...

Courtesy of Zenit

A press statement from the White House this week gives details about U.S. President Barack Obama's upcoming trip to Italy, but makes no mention of a stop at the Vatican. [What a wuss!]

The president will be in Italy to attend the Group of Eight meeting from July 8 to 10, during part of an international tour that also includes Russia and Ghana. According to the National Catholic Register, the White House explained that the notable absence is because details of the president's tour are still pending: "We won’t go into the details of who he’s meeting and the places he'll be visiting until nearer the time," a spokesman said.

The Register also reported that the Vatican is hoping for a presidential visit ["Please, come...We've got some important things to talk over!"]. Father Ciro Benedettini, deputy director of the Vatican Press Office, said the Holy See is "…

Does God Still Love the UK?

Yes, look! Here's the proof!

Courtesy of The Telegraph

Gardens that Rock!

I was up bright and early today having contracted food poisoning from out of date sausages yesterday. I felt so awful that I didn't know whether to drive to the hospital or to Fr Ray for the Anointing of the Sick. It was 12am, so I'll bet he's glad I chose the hospital. I approached the reception grabbing my throbbing head (oo-er, missus) and told her insistently that I was a Catholic and that if I died please would they call my priest. I then told them it would be better if they called the priest before I died. As it was, I recovered in the time it took for me to wait to be seen. I still feel the worse for wear but think I am on the mend.

Anyway, so having got up so early I took a walk down to the beautiful Japanese rock garden on Preston Park. It was incredible. London Road is so depressing, grey, urban, deprived and full of pubs that I have inhabited so diligently for the past few years. It is only recently that I have been going for walks to Preston Park after I went wi…

Dr Alan Keyes on His Arrest and the Notre Dame Scandal

The excellent Alan Keyes.

Archbishop Vincent Nichols of Westminster

(Leon Neal/AFP/Getty Images)

May God grant his Grace widsom, piety, zeal for Christ and His Church and make the message of Salvation known to the whole land. Click here for the installation on BBC in I-player which is available soon. I watched the 'second half' live, with obligatory commentators.

The Mass was very beautiful and full of tender moments, such as the handover from Cardinal Cormac Murphy O'Connor. The Papal Nuncio, Archbishop Faustino Sainz Munoz, gave the Apostolic Blessing of Pope Benedict XVI in a fine speech. Cardinal Cormac gave a speech wishing his successor all the best in a somewhat more informal and jovial manner.

The music was excellent and the Te Deum Laudamus at the end was sublime. Packed Cathedral. Great BBC coverage, when all is said and done. Beautiful camera-angles which really brought home the majesty of Westminster Cathedral. It was a nice touch that he prayed at the Tomb of Cardinal Hume. As well as that, I'd have liked to have seen him pra…

Ascension of the Lord

'He said to them: "It is not for you to know the times or dates the Father has set by his own authority. But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth."

After he said this, he was taken up before their very eyes, and a cloud hid him from their sight.

They were looking intently up into the sky as he was going, when suddenly two men dressed in white stood beside them. "Men of Galilee," they said, "Why do you stand here looking into the sky? This same Jesus, who has been taken from you into heaven, will come back in the same way you have seen him go into heaven."

This is one of my favourite pieces of scripture. Take note, Fr Alexander Lucie-Smith and everyone who was at the exegesis of the Gospel of St Mark on Tuesday...It's those men in white again!

Today is the Ascension of Our Lord. Click here to ask the new Archbishop to restore the C…

Making More Scandal Out of the Abuse Scandal

According to The Guardian, the Church can do nothing right. Even when Her members humbly accept the reality of the abuse scandal of the Irish Church, denounce it publicly and insist that the perpetrators of the crimes face civil justice, the newspaper manages to create another scandal by reading in-between the lines, the words of the new Archbishop. This is the great difference between the World and the Church, you see. When the World sins, the Church calls for mercy, not revenge. When members of the Church sin, the World wants their heads on spikes. It is understandable.
People expect the Bride of Christ to be spotless and pure. People should expect that, perhaps. Yet, the reality of fallen human nature is not lost on priests and religious either. The damage done by those who abused their authority to the lives of those who now suffer as a result is devastating. To the Church, the wound is an open sore. To the World it is a scandal and rightly so. See below, however, at how the Archbi…