Monday, 18 May 2009

NYPD and Fire Crew Take Day Off for Am-Dram Theatre Trip

"Pointless plastic people coming through! Hurry up, this is a not actual, err...emergency!"

Cop: "Would we have to save these babies' lives in a real emergency?"
Fireman: "Nah, I'm not sure the President would have us bother."

Fireman 1: "I hear there's a building on fire in Brooklyn."
Fireman 2: "Ah leave it. This fake terror exercise is more important."

Fake victim 1: "Why are we covered in fake blood again?
Fake victim 2: "To scare people in the local vicinity and beyond of the terror threat."
Fake victim 1: "Oh...Oh yes, of course."

"Oh the power. Oh, yes. Oh, yes. Boy, does this ever feel good!"

"The main thing we're trying to evaluate is the ability of all these agencies to work together," Joseph Bruno, New York City's commissioner of emergency management, said. Poor communication and jurisdictional infighting between the police and fire departments impeded rescue efforts when the twin towers were struck in 2001, and Bruno said he was confident that the departments are better at working together now."

Right...Fair enough I suppose. But what if, during this 'drill,' several houses in New York were on fire and people were in danger being murdered and needed the police? Just a thought. The last picture is a bit intimidating. I'm not sure that a load of police armed to the teeth with guns are that useful if a bomb goes off on the subway...Am I being too cynical? I'll bet a lot of New Yorkers saw these scenes and absolutely crapped themselves.

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Elizabeth said...

NAH, that's no biggie...
Now, Airforce one flying low over Manhattan...that led to mass evacuations of office buildings!

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