Thursday, 14 May 2009

Adoption and Homosexuality: What Kind of 'Equality' is this?

The mother (far left) of children who are being adopted by a gay couple, seen here pictured with her parents, who were told they would never see their grandchildren again...

The Daily Mail today has a piece on the enforced consensus that placing children for adoption and fostering with gay couples is just fine and dandy. I was talking with a Priest yesterday who expressed concerns that a local child of a primary school is to be placed with a gay couple. This is against the wish of his parent who is unable to cope, against the religion of the child and against the ethnicity of his origin. Even Catholic adoption agencies are now powerless to stop this and 'rights' now belong only to gay men who wish to adopt. The rights of the child, the parents, extended family are no longer deemed worthy of recognition. The 'Equality Act' ensures equality for some, but not for others. It is an affront to human dignity, freedom and even common sense.

Courtesy of Daily Mail

People who have concerns about the adoption of children by gay couples are ‘retarded homophobes’, the state-funded national adoption agency said yesterday. Those who protest over controversial gay adoption laws are merely ‘whinging’, according to the British Association for Adoption and Fostering.

Its insulting description angered senior MPs and former Cabinet Ministers, Roman Catholic and Church of England leaders. It also offended disability campaigners, who have been trying to discourage the use of the word ‘retarded’ for years. Whitehall has banned the word for civil servants.

Many of those who are worried about gay adoption say that approving same-sex relationships goes against their Christian faith. Mike Judge, of the Christian Institute thinktank, said last night: "Christians are tired of being marginalised. ‘We don’t expect everyone to agree with us but organisations such as the BAAF should try to avoid this kind of language."

Tory MP Julian Brazier, co-chairman of the all-party Commons group on adoption and fostering, said: "I work with BAAF all the time and I know how much they bring to adoption. Disappointed: Tory MP Julian Brazier is ‘very sad’ the BAAF used language such as ‘retarded homophobes. I must say I am very sad that they should use this language about people who have an honest disagreement with them."

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Adulio said...

Can you imagine the BAAF saying "retarded Islamists" if Muslims kicked up a fuss about this? (the last time I checked, Muslims do not support gay adoption or marriage by any stretch of the imagination).

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