Sunday, 17 May 2009

And While We're On the Subject of Martyrs...

In what way is this priest a threat to Obama or Notre Dame?

He poses the same threat that St John the Baptist did to Herod. The same threat Christ did to the religious authorities at His time. The same threat that all the Martyrs posed to those who abused their earthly power and persecute the weakest and most vulnerable in society. The same threat the Early Christians posed in their defense of the Gospel of Christ.

Yes, that is why the priest is being arrested. A frail and physically weakened priest, who has done nothing but sing to the Virgin...Yes, that is more threatening to Obama than any army, and why? Because the Truth, the Catholic Faith, the prayers of a priest, pour scorn on Obama and Notre Dame.

Did he need to be arrested?

What was his crime but of speaking out to defend honourably and with great devotion, the countless unborn whose lives will be extinguished by Obama's murderous administration.

Likewise Dr Alan Keyes was arrested, saying, 'let us trespass, for in trespassing this event, we are fulfilling God's will.'

It is not the protesters, this priest, nor Dr Alan Keyes who are guilty of any crime, but those whose acquiescence and silence is allowing Obama to be honoured at a Catholic institution unchallenged.

There was nothing uncivil in what he was doing...the Emperor is coming to town. The Emperor believes killing babies is a good thing. The voice of this priest crying out to the Blessed Virgin and honouring Mary as the Mother of the unborn, is the voice of sanity, truth and love emerging from the Notre Dame debacle.

In his wake, I am sure, more will follow to bear witness to the Truth. May God bless him and may his witness and the witness of those inspired by him, inspire Americans to join their voices to the protest.

Land of freedom? It never was, it isn't now, and I very much doubt that it ever will be. I pray that a Bishop, dressed in the Sacred Vestments of Holy Mother Church, with a Crook and Mitre, will come forward and show the same faith and love for God that this brave priest has shown. For it should not just be up to an elderly priest, a former Senator and a few laity to protest alone. St John Fisher, pray for him.


Patricius said...

If I saw someone manhandling an old man like that -let alone a priest - I hope I'd have the guts to physically interpose myself between him and the bullies! (Theology of the body!)

The Bones said...

Yes, the bystanders were a bit too 'nice' weren't they? Still, perhaps, the priest would have reacted as Christ and told them, 'whoever lives by the sword...'

Kate said...

Great post (again) Laurence. I too have posted about this shameful event.God have mercy on Notre Dame.

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