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How to Run an Allotment

Now that's what I call a greenhouse.

There are some lovely images of the Transalpine Redemptorists growing fruit and vegetables in the Orkney Islands.

Today I obtained a shed as I had a day off work and will be putting it up in the next week. Next, the greenhouse...well, that might have to wait a while and finally the statue of Our Lady, the arch and the roses, then a blessing of the allotment by a local priest and some serious mulching and seeding.

That should keep the Council off my back.

Black is Black

'We should always be disposed to believe that that which appears white is really black, if the hierarchy of the Church so decides.' 
~ St Ignatius of Loyola
Rorate reports that during the astonishing - extraordinary - meeting between the Holy Father and the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate, that His Holiness is said to have quoted St Ignatius of Loyola with the above statement and attributed it to the current occupant of the Chair of Peter. Now is, then, a good time to remind ourselves that there are very particular circumstances in which a Pope's statement is infallible and that no guarantee of infallibility was given to the founder of the Jesuits. We are perfectly entitled to believe that black is indeed black and that white is indeed white and that anyone who says any differently is deceiving you, since he can see and knows that black is black and that white is, indeed, white. So if a Pope tells you that the Resurrection of Christ was a physical, historical reality wh…

Allotment Progress

In response to a reader's comment asking for an allotment update, I am working this week all week, including Saturday. With regard to quite how I am going to make adequate improvements on my allotment I can see only a desert land, with no water and no way. Shall I quit my job or just give the keys to Jason and hope for the best? He'll want paying, mind.

There is no way the Lord is giving messages to Maria Divine Mercy...

I mean the Man who gave us the Beatitudes would never talk like this! There is no way that the Man who said 'judge not lest ye be judged' and 'condemn not lest ye be condemned' would tell His followers to abide by holy charity and to refrain from venting our spleen at others. No way, that just would not make sense. 

I have never posted anything in terms of actual text from the ecclesiastically condemed Maria Divine Mercy site claiming to prepare the Church and World for the Second Coming of Our Lord, on my blog, but you know what, this time I might just go with it...

Lord, spare your servant.

My dearly beloved daughter, to those amongst you who do not desire that I communicate with you, then know this. Your free will means that you are free to choose whether or not you accept what I say and what I desire. Whether to believe or not believe – that is your choice and, whatever you decide, I will never Judge you because of this.But you must never judge others in My Name. …

The Twofold Message of Benedict XVI

Readers may have gleaned today that I am somewhat concerned about the state of Catholic blogging and in particular how we interact with each other online in a 'virtual world' in which it is so easy to forget that a person's presence on the internet does not render them in some way less than human.

I am open to the idea that I am completely and utterly wrong about this and there is 'no problem' here, but it seems to me that there is a genuine disconnect between how we relate to other Catholics - and 'the other' online and how we would behave if we were in the same room as them. There is then, of course, the scandal that with some Catholics, we would not wish to be seen dead in the same room as them. The ease with which the internet allows words to be so easily used or thrown about, without face-to-face contact, gives us plenty more temptations than normal custom would permit to indulge our anger, frustration and even our hatred of an opponent. There are thi…

Loving Our Enemies

To my horror this morning, I have discovered that what was an internal discussion within The Guild of Blessed Titus Brandsma has quickly become an open wound with Richard Collins of Linen on the Hedgerow parting ways with the Guild after I encouraged members of this coalition of bloggers towards a more charitable exchange of ideas with each other on the internet - especially on social media.

To trace the history of how we got to this point would take an age and the intricacies of the Guild's issues should remain between the members. I would like, however, to challenge Richard Collin's view of Christian charity which I find as simplistic and black and white as he may perhaps consider mine.

In his stunning post, 'Let me get this straight', Richard highlights infamous murderous dictators from the 20th century and asks whether he is called to love these people or whether he is allowed to loathe them. The first question that arises for me to ask Richard Collins is, 'Ca…

Archbishop of Canterbury on the Mutual Blessings

...and then after the mutual blessings, His Holiness tuned to me and said, "Completely null and utterly void".

I said, "Oh, Your Holiness! Don't be so hard on yourself! Your people need you! Don't go all sede-vacantist on them now!"

Pope Francis Opts Out of Corpus Christi Procession

Rome Reports reports that His Holiness skipped the Procession for Corpus Christi in order to save energy for an upcoming apostolic trip to Calabria. Last year, His Holiness broke with his predecessors tradition of kneeling on route in the vehicle carrying the Eucharistic Lord and walked in the Procession instead.

This year, in order to preserve energy, His Holiness omitted the Procession altogether. It would have been nice to have seen His Holiness in prayer before the Blessed Sacrament on Our Lord's route through the streets in the vehicle. Like last year, His Holiness refused the kneeler prepared by his Master of Ceremonies for adoration and incensation of the Blessed Sacrament. There are, it appears, times when liturgy calls for kneeling and times when it does not. So, for instance, it is fitting to kneel at a Charismatic Prayer Conference while being 'prayed over', but not in front of our Eucharistic Lord.

Damian Thompson Leaves The Telegraph

Damian Thompson has let it be known that he has left The Telegraph on entirely amicable terms.

In a bizarre twist, on the day on which this news breaks, I have discovered that I have been blocked from commenting on Telegraph Blogs.

Was it something I said? It is sad that if the Antichrist stepped onto the World stage tomorrow, I wouldn't be able to give him a piece of my mind on Telegraph Blogs. I smell a conspiracy. Does it involve freemasons and/or lizards? Readers, I cannot rule it out. Damian says to 'watch this space' for his next move. The question on all our lips is: Is Damian planning to join The Guild of Blessed Titus Brandsma? Whatever The Spectator are offering you Damian, I will match it*, but I urge you to consider well the Rule of the Guild.

*When funding is available.

I Can't Reconcile the Message with the Reality

Pope Francis's homily today is rather thought-provoking. Certainly, it pricked my own conscience with regard to my treatment or rather lack of love for the poor and the elderly. I just cannot reconcile the message with the reality. There is a complete disconnect between the message of Pope Francis today and the treatment of the Franciscans of the Immaculate. 'Martyrs of...ecclesiastical corruption'....for Heaven's sake...that's a perfect description of the plight of the Immaculate sons and daughters! How eerie that His Holiness should mention St Stephen. The founder of the FFI, who lives apparently now more or less in seclusion under very strict rules imposed from above is called Fr Stefano Manelli. From time to time, we suffer our own glaring moral blindspots, but we are not all preaching in the emphatic manner of Pope Francis on brotherhood, charity, mercy, fraternity. The themes that His Holiness has chosen that mark his pontificate are laudable, but there is a …

FFI News: Prayer and Demonstration in Rome

The image to the left is one of a few which have emerged today of prayer and demonstration taking place in Rome (note, big Basilica in background).
Check out the story at Pray 4 the Friars and follow that blog for news of the treatment, that certainly appears to be heavy-handed, of the Franciscans of the Immaculate. 
The same link has the text of an official appeal from the Immaculate's Committee to His Holiness Pope Francis.
Thankfully, no teargas or rubber bullets have been used on this crowd standing up in defence of the FFI...yet!

Allotment: The Race Against Time

Well, with a warning letter from the Council having been received through the post and the heat well and truly on to 'cultivate' my allotment, today, on Trinity Sunday, I started digging.

I know that Sunday is traditionally a day of rest, but I don't have much time due to work, so I went up to my plot and hit the ground running. Some friends very kindly came and assisted me and it now looks a lot less like a jungle than it did.

At Wyevale Garden Centre, I bought some leeks to plant. I also bought some aubergines. I'd love to buy seeds, since they are cheaper, but I guess that Brighton and Hove City Council want genuine 'evidence' of cultivation, being empiricists, so I thought I had better buy actual plants. All in all, having an allotment is getting quite expensive and I have not even yet purchased a statue of Our Lady that I saw at the garden centre. If only I was retired, having an allotment would be so much easier to maintain.

So heartening to see, among t…

With Pope Francis the Enemy is Always Outside of Ourselves

Greetings, readers. I'm gradually getting to grips with the harsh realities of the Francis pontificate.

One trend that I have noticed with Pope Francis is the desire to look outside of the human condition, marred as it is by Original Sin for the problems facing the world.

It is only my opinion, but I do detect within Francis's anthropocentrism an emerging view of the world that forgets, or even denies, Original Sin. For instance, his latest interview decries the world economic system that pushes countries, especially world powers, to war. There may be quite some truth to this, but His Holiness neglects to mention that wars and conquest have been a feature of every civilisation since the dawn of time. As long as human beings have been around, there have been wars. Who can be to blame for this? Benedict XVI, I am certain, would look to our human condition, wounded by sin, and point to the seeds of mutually assured destruction which are already in man. This wound can be healed b…

Don't use insults

His Holiness today has warned against the use of insults.

Pope Francis Little Book of Insults is an ongoing project.

Nick Clegg

Today, a Telegraph columnist is asking the question Eccles has been asking for quite some time.

British Values: Lesson One

In the wake of 'hardcore Islamist takeover of British schools', Michael Gove has insisted that from now on 'British values' will be taught to all children. There we were wondering whether we had any left, but I have thought of a few simple values that remain quintessentially British, for those who simply don't do things the British way.

If you are in any way 'foreign' to the British values system, don't worry, these will be easy to learn and to remember...

British Value 1: A nice cup of tea 

Violence and extremism are not welcome here in Britain. We find that most arguments can be settled over a nice cup of tea - including heated debate - not of course that we welcome religious debates. In fact, if truth be told, we don't talk about politics and religion unless we are absolutely certain that we are in company of persons that welcome our private view. So you might consider talking about such things as politics at the Conservative or Labour club, or r…

Meanwhile, back in the real world...

"The path of education, the path of sports, and the path of employment, in other words, that there be jobs available at an early age. If we have these three paths, I assure you there will not be any addictions, no drugs, no alcohol. Why? Because school carries you forward, sport carries you forward, and work carries you forward.”
~ Pope Francis
Two words, Your Holiness. Diego. Maradona. The Fall affects all of us. You can have the most fulfilling career in the world and still fall into vice. I don't mention Diego to offend Argentinians, but to illustrate that Original Sin does not observe fixed rules concerning status, or profession. One would have thought someone who has heard lots of Confessions would have realised that at some point.

Pentecost Sunday: Welcoming the Spirit of Truth

Among quite a few things that I confessed to a Priest yesterday - I certainly had a few things to confess - I confessed to some seriously uncharitable thoughts about the Pope. I also confessed to some seriously uncharitable thoughts about Jews and Muslims. So don't worry, I don't discriminate!

As Christians we have to walk a way that upholds and proclaims truth but that is rooted in charity.

Anger and resentment really are not about charity, but walking away from charity. That is not to say our anger cannot be righteous, but that we can easily fall into a trap of thinking our anger is righteous, when it is just plain human anger, bitterness and resentment.

The Spirit of Francis Versus the Spirit of Truth?

But I say the truth to you, it is profitable for you that I go away; for if I do not go away, the Comforter will not come to you; but if I go I will send him to you. And having come, he will bring demonstration to the world, of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment: …

Lesson in Mercy with Dr Evil

There is a good article on the position of the Church in a 'post-Francis' climate at Rorate Caeli.

Well worth a read.

Keep the Franciscans of the Immaculate in your prayers.

I hope and pray His Holiness will come to their aid and that of the Sisters of the Immaculate 'soon', as he said, rather than leaving them to be the portion of foxes.

Islamic Prayers in the Vatican on Pentecost Sunday

The prayers, I believe, will take place in Vatican gardens, but I think we can all agree that we've certainly come a long way since Regensburg...

Catholic Herald Must Read


There is a Way...

I'm working on a cunning plan to save my allotment from the hounds at Brighton and Hove City Council. I've been given anything between 30 days and eight weeks to turn my allotment around.

All I have to do is convince homeless people and even non-homeless people in Brighton to become my slaves.

I can't give them accommodation or money, but I can give them garlic and spring onions. More than their hearts could possibly desire! In fairness the homeless people I know already have accommodation. Does that fit with Catholic social teaching? I guess its only slavery if I'm making money out of it, right?

"Okay, who here wants their misfortune and misery to be exploited?"

Rules, rules, rules.

Doesn't Pope Francis say things about people caught up in rules?

Volunteer Opportunity

Readers may or may not have noticed that my blogging output has decreased recently. This is because I have been working longer hours at a local cafe and I am exhausted. Indeed, these bones have been crushed! I've got today off and my legs are killing me. All this work business - I'm sure I wasn't made for it. All of a sudden, monastic life looks very appealing!

I look forward greatly to the time when the capitalist system is 'reformed' since both Prince Charles and Cardinal Maradiaga desire the same thing on this matter - one in order to save the planet - and the other in order to save the poor (and the planet). According to the Cardinal, the poor cannot wait. In a way, he is right. Won't the Second Coming be wonderful for the poor who lived for Jesus and who trusted in His mercy and grace? No more toil, no more oppression, no more hunger and pain and every tear wiped from every eye that hoped in the Lord. All that will be will be the enjoyment and praise of G…

Don't Worry...

It's a charismatic prayer group 'raising of hands'.
Not a Nazi salute.
Bizarre. What must Blessed John Henry Newman make of it all?

Still...always good to see the Pope kneeling which is the model of prayer for us all.

Just for a moment there, His Holiness looked a little pious.I say this because His Holiness has issued from on high another insult to Catholics...

"Oi! Angel face! Stop looking so pious! Putting on your sweet angel face, closing your eyes and pretending to be a Saint! Yeah, that's right! You! Isn't that right?!"

A Case in Point: Sarah Silverman

I have received a couple of comments referring to my 'controversial' post on Jewish attacks on the holy names of Jesus and Mary. Sarah Silverman perfectly fulfils through her comedy show the Talmudic views on Our Lord Jesus Christ as a 'sorcerer' or 'magician' through her comedy show, 'Jesus is Magic'.
Before discussing Christ's crucifixion in which she triumphantly exclaims, "I hope the Jews did kill Christ! I'd do it again!", Sarah, claims that she is one of the 'Chosen People' but her Catholic husband believes 'Jesus is magic'. Insodoing, Sarah displays the clear Talmudic teaching par excellence. Yet this lady is presumably one of those celebrities who is a 'non-practising' or 'atheist' Jew? How is it that Sarah is allowed to air her insulting 'views' on stage and television? In the name of what? Freedom of speech?
Why is this complete and utter disrespect of the Catholic religion allowed by …

Exclusive Interview with Owlie: Activist and Singer

The dissenting organisation ACTA has made in-roads into Dioceses across England and Wales with their campaigns for a new vision of 'being Church' that means a liberalised attitude to such issues as clerical celibacy, female ordination and sexual morality.

Activist and singer, Owlie, however, continues to fight to obtain for the owlie community what has been sought by this controversial group waiting in the wings - owlie ordination. Here is the transcript of an exclusive interview with Owlie, making plain his thoughts on the long road to Owlie ordination and the impact of the pontificate of Pope Francis on his dreams to become what he has always felt 'called' to be: an Owlie Priest.

Owlie, it is a pleasure to meet you. It has been well over a year since your campaign for Owlie ordination first took the traditional Catholic blogging world by storm with your song, 'Ordain an Owlie'. What are your thoughts of the progress your campaign is making?

Owlie: Thank you. T…

Aggressive Takeover

Lifesitenews alerted its readers to a disgusting Facebook page entitled, 'The Virgin Mary Should've Aborted' and the fact that despite originally removing the page, due to complaints, it has been reinstated. I don't know how Catholics should respond to this kind of horror. Ranting and raving is, presumably, what they want. A few things become clear though and they are quite disturbing.

First, such a page - and such stuff is hardly new - is explicitly anti-Christ. We keep on getting told how we should 'dialogue, dialogue, dialogue' with people but a dialogue with contributers to this page will just inspire them to type expletives at you and call you names. I'm not complaining - it is to be expected. There is no point walking into a lions' den and then complaining that there are some lions there.

Secondly, the page makes clear the spiritual and moral link between Our Lady, her Son and the Culture of Death which finds its greatest intensity in abortion - t…