Aggressive Takeover

Lifesitenews alerted its readers to a disgusting Facebook page entitled, 'The Virgin Mary Should've Aborted' and the fact that despite originally removing the page, due to complaints, it has been reinstated. I don't know how Catholics should respond to this kind of horror. Ranting and raving is, presumably, what they want. A few things become clear though and they are quite disturbing.

First, such a page - and such stuff is hardly new - is explicitly anti-Christ. We keep on getting told how we should 'dialogue, dialogue, dialogue' with people but a dialogue with contributers to this page will just inspire them to type expletives at you and call you names. I'm not complaining - it is to be expected. There is no point walking into a lions' den and then complaining that there are some lions there.

Secondly, the page makes clear the spiritual and moral link between Our Lady, her Son and the Culture of Death which finds its greatest intensity in abortion - the direct killing of innocent, nascent human life. This is the battlefield in a nutshell. Slandering Our Lady, pouring scorn on Jesus and His Mother and encouraging abortion - praising it - are key areas on which the Devil and his agents are very active and very successful.

Thirdly, why is Our Lady called 'Virgin Mary' when the page's contributors do not believe in her perpetual virginity? That seems odd, yet even these reprobates cannot simply call this figure, 'Mary'.

Fourthly, Facebook clearly refuse to act forcefully to remove and keep removed such a disgusting page when surely a page mocking Abraham, Moses or Mohammed would surely get some more heavy censure. Why aren't Moses and Abraham figures of fun for the modern world? Is there any way in which there exists, perhaps, a tacit approval of, or indifference to, such attention-grabbing 'gestures'?

War on Jesus and Mary

The 'atheist' war on Jesus and Mary is, it would seem, upheld by some very powerful companies and famous 'atheist' individuals. Am I the only one who can see that so many of the 'atheist' people who viscerally hate Jesus and Mary are in fact Jewish people, who may be atheistic in their public image and who apparently don't take their religion 'seriously'.

Bishop Shomali has criticised the Talmud
Not to put too fine a point on it, are we really so naive as to think that those who, from their childhood on, are taught to hate the holy names of Jesus and Mary, and to blaspheme them through their study of the Jewish Talmud, care much if others slander them as well?

And we are to believe, are we, that people who slander Jesus and Mary, who believe Jesus is 'in Hell boiling in his own excrement' and Our Lady was a 'prostitute', it all works out well for them in the end because God respects the Old Covenant? What kind of theological gymnastics does one need to do in order to believe that people who hate the names of Jesus and Mary all have a happy end if unrepentant? Such is not what Jesus Himself taught, when He said that 'nobody comes to the Father, except through' Him.

Wherein your blogger commits thoughtcrime...

You cannot say anything that would offend the Jewish people, Heaven forbid, or indeed the homosexual people or the transgender people, a whole heap of people, or even 'the religion of peace' that slaughters Christians in public in the middle east, but Jesus and Mary are 'fair game' and so are we. Why? Because we are 'the enemy' if we believe in Jesus Christ and love His Blessed Mother. These poor souls hate us only because we have received what the World cannot receive, through grace.

St Maximilian Kolbe: Preached vigorously against the teachings of the Talmud
While few have the bottle to tell the truth about the Talmud, in Vatican Insider, in 2012 it was reported that William Shomali, the Auxiliary Bishop and Vicar General of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, had this to say of the 'holy book'.

The Talmud, the holy book studied by the ultra-orthodox, more highly venerated than the Bible itself, invites religious hatred, speaks badly of Jesus, and even worse of Mary and, in general, of Christians” he said, adding that “in Israeli schools love for the other is not taught but rather the destruction of the other”.

Can we really not say that the Jewish 'holy book' the Talmud and the Islamic 'holy book', the Koran, have equally horrendous results in terms of the response to Our Lord and Saviour and His Blessed Mother? We keep hearing how the Islamic 'holy book' is the inspiration for so much evil in the world, but nothing is said of the Jewish Talmud that applies to the Gentiles a complete inferiority or sub-human status to the Jews. I've challenged a Jewish friend online on this after one of his Jewish friends called me a 'goy' but response there came back none, other than for my Jewish friend to take his friend to task for a 'lack of tact'. In other words, there are things you can say about the Gentiles in private that shouldn't be said in public? Nice!

Of course to say any of this is "anti-semitic", but its okay for people to be completely "anti-Christian" and to slander Jesus and Mary and to ridicule their followers. I know, I know, you can't say that because...well, nobody ever says why you cannot say that. Presumably, you cannot say that for the same reason that Pope Francis cannot show his 'Elder Brothers' the Cross of Christ for fear of some kind of cold treatment or alienation from the Big Brothers.

The Orthodox never had a Vatican II, you see. Anti-semitism is repugnant, but then, so is anti-Christianity and I am sickened by the way in which it does certainly appear to be tolerated or even promoted by powerful members inside the Jewish community. I have to say, I find this man Br Nathaneal rather frightening but maybe the truth about Judaism is a little bit frightening as well. He seems to preach about nothing else and launches tirades against his former 'Elder Brothers', but let's face it, if the truth about Judaism itself wasn't a bit frightening, Pope Francis would have worn his Cross openly for all the world to see, as would those who were in attendance with him.


I am sure many will find this post very offensive. I accept that it may be a very imprudent post and may bring me some enemies. I do not condone hatred of the Jewish people and never would. Following the outrage of the Holocaust, we quite rightly are very sensitive to the Jewish people. We must examine our hearts and consciences for anti-semitism, which is so dangerous and so ugly, but I ask also the question why it is that the Jewish people are never asked to examine their attitudes to Christianity, because it seems to me that the powerful among them hold it in nothing but contempt, scorn and derision. I guess that's not entirely their fault. It is what they are taught to believe, apparently, from a young age.

I don't know what we as Catholics can do about the Facebook page dedicated to smearing the holy names of Jesus and Mary. Sign the petition against it. Make acts of reparation. Pray for its closure and perhaps engage in an aggressive takeover of the site by repetitive posts of Marian devotions, images and chant which would each in their turn be most likely derided.

However, in the name of 'freedom of speech' don't expect it to be removed any time soon, because we're not the kind of people who have great power, prestige, status, protection or who blow stuff up when Our Lord is denigrated, so the enemies of the Cross can do what they like. That does not mean that while the holy names of Jesus and Mary are assaulted by both Muslims and Jews, we are to just stand by and nod our heads, embracing our enemies as our closest friends. Jesus tells us quite plainly to love our enemies and to do good to those who persecute us. He does not tell us to pretend they and we see eye to eye and to slobber all over them.

Far more likely than the Facebook page, 'The Virgin Mary Should've Aborted' being removed, I suspect, would be this page being removed. That wouldn't be just, I am not 'inciting hatred' but that, I guess, is the State we're in.

Pray for the conversion of atheists, Muslims and Jews. Despite 'ecumenism' we are still allowed to actually do that. We are all loved by the One who died for the love of us. We are all invited by Him to know the One True God and the One Who the Eternal Father sent: Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Pope Francis, on his way back from the Holy Land ruled out the beatification of Pope Pius XII. Presumably, His Holiness feels enough Popes have been raised to the Altar recently, but if Pius XII isn't being beatified for fear of the reaction of men and women who have embraced diabolical and hideous lies about Jesus and Mary, then that is no cause for celebration among Catholics. That would be about as much cause for celebration among Catholics as a Vicar of Christ who gives the impression that he hides his Cross for the same reason.


viterbo said…
If one has had contact with seekers of false (this includes on self) - rabbinical-judaism included - the signs of deceit become easier to read once one has submitted to the Grace of Catholicism - as in conceded to the Sacred Deposit of the Faith. Judaism expounds rubbish like reincarnation, and sins against the first commandment and even the 'noahide' law. Rabbinical Judaism has found a bunch of anti-Christ ways to 'deal' with the problem of fallen creation and the need for redemption by creatures who chose to fall - which ignore the problem of Original Sin, like almost all contemporary catholic catechists. Rabbinical Judaism (which is the progenitor of Islam) 'finds' that the existential difficulty is not lies believed versus Truth adhered too - no - it's merely the lack of submision to lies, including 'belief' in reincarnation or 72-virgins-on-a-plate that may or may not draw a fantisised incorrupt!?! soul to a 'higher plane'. But make no mistake, if you ain't born a post-temple-kid of rabbiorimamness, you is on the list to be an eternal slave. And it's not for nothing that Dalailamas and Rabbis find a mutual abrahamness bereft of 'before Abraham was, I Am'.
Read these two jaw-dropping memorandums from the AJC. All that they demanded has been changed since then.

Anti-Jewish Elements in Catholic Liturgy -
the representatives of the American Jewish Committee, Submitted to His Eminence Augustin Cardinal Bea, July 13 1961.

The file linked below is the text submitted by the American Jewish Committee to the Vatican Secretariat for Promoting Christian Unity, headed by Cardinal Augustin Bea, in preparation for the Second Vatican Council. The previous September, Pope John XXIII had instructed Cardinal Bea to prepare a draft for the Council on the church's relationship to Judaism.
This, the first of three AJC reports sent to the Vatican before the Council, was authored by Judith Hershcopf Banki. It drew upon research conducted by Sr. Rose Thering, O.P. at St. Louis University that examined the negative images of Jews found in contemporary Catholic religion textbooks.
In addition to promoting the development of what became Nostra Aetate, this report and the Thering research it presented also provided a comparative baseline for later studies of Catholic textbooks by Eugene J. Fisher (1976) and Philip A. Cunningham (1992) that could assess the changes in curricula inspired by that conciliar declaration.

“The image of the Jews in catholic teaching“
Rita said…
We're suppposed to be the salt of the earth, Lawrence. What you write here isn't "salty", it is bitter. Bitterness can be a very valid and holy emotion, like Naomi's, but it is also a very personal emotion between you and God, it can not be directed at other creatures.

Be careful.
The Bones said…
I acknowledge that bitterness and rancour are foul emotions and the danger posed thereof, but I would like to see Mary and Jesus treated with as much respect as Abraham and Moses, even if Muslims and Jews don't believe in them.
Anonymous said…
Where is the bitterness in Mr. Bones' article? I see none.

I support you Mr. Bones. In anyway we can we must defend Our Lord and Our Lady -

They, are very happy that someone defends them in this world where they are so much hated.

There is no bitterness here - outrage yes and rightly so at this vicious attack on Our Holy Family.

Your are a good Catholic Mr. Bones. - and yes defence of the things we hold most dearest and would die for are worth the risk of being misunderstood by the many Catholics that are afraid to rock the boat amidst the sea of total madness that the world is immersed in..

Damask Rose said…
It's all dreadful.

Good for Bishop Shomali for saying what's in the Talmud and how it hurts Catholics/Christians.

"I am sure many will find this post very offensive. I accept that it may be a very imprudent post and may bring me some enemies." Laurence, I don't even think you should say this. We have a right to respect of our Faith and being human beings as Jews have of their Faith and being human too (though they think otherwise and the world seems to follow). I think we should start to express our rights as confidently as they do. As a faith, we have completely minimised ourselves, from ecumenism, to how we express our liturgy (just compare the EF to the NO, a baroque church to one stripped of all). I for one, am tired of it all. It's all too one-sided. But as Pope Pius XII noted, I think in 1948 when Israel was created and Jews returned there, this is how it's been ever since and there seems to have been a Jewish influence in the Papacy/Vatican/Church since the death of Pius XII.

"St Maximilian Kolbe: Preached vigorously against the teachings of the Talmud." Interesting, I didn't know that.

Another thing is women. These Abrahamic religions can't seem to stand women. Mary was God the Father's princess and gave birth to the King of Kings. Being pregnant before Betrothal she should have been stoned. So should have Mary Magdalen but Jesus saved her. Ironically, in complete contrast to the Facebook blasphemy, Jesus positively loved women and saved them. Let's not forget the bleeding woman who was an outcast, the widow who son had died, the old widow and her penny, raising Lazarus from the dead for his sisters. And let's not forget Joseph, who let Mary ride the donkey when she was pregnant. This is what it's all about. These pro-choicers, abortionists, they actually really hate women. These patriarchal faiths don't seem to realise that though mankind fell through a woman, Eve; it was saved through a woman, Mary. God the Father did this.
Anonymous said…
Righteous anger.
JB said…
I see no "bitterness" in the article. at all.
Celia said…
I don't like the way this is going. The Facebook page is vile, but please don't go down the 'let's blame the Jews' road. You know where that has led in the past.
There are of course religious Jews and Muslims who detest Christianity, but equally many who are respectful. Certainly Muslims I come across and there are many in my neighbourhood are very respectful of both Jesus and Mary sometimes in surprising ways: the little boy next door who normally cries and protests when dragged off to his daily 2 hours at the local mosque was quite happy to go in Holy Week because 'we're getting chocolate for the Lord Jesus'!
The Facebook stuff resembles a lot of juvenile atheist/feminist nonsense. They think they're cool and cutting edge, but most of it is intellectually on the level of blowing raspberries.
Jacobi said…
Jews may not be offended in the West because we all, not just the Germans, suffer from guilt.

Muslims may not be offended the West because they might blow us up.

Christians can be offended because neither of the above apply and because you can use it to placate the others.

Slowly, ever so slowly, the “liberalised” Christian West is beginning to grasp that something has gone wrong, and unchristian, with our thinking in the West.

I suspect that in a few years, 20, 50, or whatever, the Christian West might well start to get a bit narked at how it has been treated.

Oh, we do live in interesting times?
johnf said…
I agree with Celia. There is no comparison with this vile nonsense and with Jews like the recent Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sachs who is a man I very much admire.

There is however a wider point which concerns me. With the ubiquity of the internet it has become part of our daily life – indeed pretty well indispensible. The people who have been the forerunners in generating these capabilities have earned themselves billions of dollars. (Think of Bill Gates, Sergei Brin, and Mark Zuckerberg). Each is a latter day Croesus with so much money they can be a force for good or evil. In mediaeval times, the rich endowed churches or monasteries and colleges to save their souls. The Victorian entrepreneurs like Andrew Carnegie, J Paul Getty endowed research projects, Universities and Art. Today, many of these über rich are using their money to promote social change - abortion, same sex marriage all these totally inimical to what we believe in. So when we use Windows, Google or Facebook we are fostering these men’s ambitions.

Presumably we can grit our teeth and keep using the facilities, but I fear it will go further than this. A few years ago the Cooperative Bank without notice pulled the plug on the accounts of Christian Voice because the bank objected to its stance on homosexuality. (So when the current travails of the Coop Bank emerged, I helped myself to a large helping of schadenfreude). More recently Firefox Corporation forced its president to resign because he had given $1000 some years ago to proposition 8 in California. Sooner or later, the forces of darkness will attempt to drive the Christians off the internet altogether. It could easily be done.

There are however alternatives to Windows, Facebook, Google and Web browsers all open source. And by open source, others can use the software and adapt it – if they have the skills.
Unknown said…
Some friends of mine have ended their Facebook accounts because of this. I haven't been to the site. Are any Christians posting there or showing abortion photos there? Probably wouldn 't make much difference but you never know.

I was a very hard hearted pro-choice woman with a history of 3 abortions. I felt myself very strongly attracted to the Catholic Church about 12 years when I happened on EWTN channel; however, I would get angry every time abortion was brought up. But, I kept watching and one day a priest started talking about post-abortion syndrome and he encouraged all post-abortive viewers to call a Project Rachel hotline. So I did and very belligerently told the woman counselor who answered that I'd had 3 abortions and didn't have all these feelings. Then she asked me if I had any idea what sexes the babies were and I began to cry and then wail. I have never been the same.

I guess I am just wondering if there is any way we, as Christians, could use this site (as horrid as it is) as a Christian and pro-life outreach.

On the other hand, it might be seen as casting pearls at swine. But then again as you can see from my personal history, I was pretty much a swine at one time.

Seattle Kimmy
Anonymous said…
The Bilderbergers have been very busy trying to ensure they have control of the Internet - and all the relevant firms are involved. The Internet is becoming more controlled every day, including through use of unconstitutional laws, and agreements of the big companies with international agencies and each other.
susan said…
very VERY thought provoking article. Thank you for the guts and honesty to write it...absolutely no "bitterness" within.
Damask Rose said…
Dear Celia

"I don't like the way this is going. The Facebook page is vile, but please don't go down the 'let's blame the Jews' road. You know where that has led in the past."

Please let's not be naïve. Unfortunately, historically, many Germans in the Weimar Republic were unhappy about the Reparations they had to pay the banks. We all know who is in control of the media, Hollywood and the banks. Personally, I think a very, very 'long' game has been played and people in place as on a chess board. Once upon a time, Hollywood made homely films about family, priests, nuns, Christ and His Passion, but now films are so vile they've ruined many a young mind. It's very tedious hearing endlessly about Catholic priest abuse and nothing about Rabbinical abuse. It's almost a relief that the BBC has gone down in a mire of sex scandal.

"The Facebook stuff resembles a lot of juvenile atheist/feminist nonsense. They think they're cool and cutting edge, but most of it is intellectually on the level of blowing raspberries."

Well, actually, Celia, a lot of people are blowing really big raspberries.

LONDON, May 30, 2014 ( – "Physicians who have strong moral objections to prescribing abortifacient drugs, including the morning after pill, should leave England, a meeting of the Catholic Medical Association was told.

This is not due to “discrimination” against conscientious Catholic physicians, but rather is a “total conflict of culture,” in the new post-sexual revolution social order, one that substantially rejects the Christian outlook on sex.
The Tablet quotes Dr. O’Donnell saying, “To be a sound Catholic regarding sexual ethics it is not possible to train as a consultant obstetrician and gynecologist.”

Seems to me the Facebook page is pretty clear to the mark.

"I guess I am just wondering if there is any way we, as Christians, could use this site (as horrid as it is) as a Christian and pro-life outreach."

God bless you and you're right Seattle Kimmy. I don't have a Facebook page, but does anyone here have one?

Perhaps we could do a cut n' paste of the offending page, paste it to a new page and explain full that Mary was real lucky that in the end Joseph decided to stand by her and look after her and the baby that wasn't biologically his. So many girls get dumped when they get pregnant and pressured into aborting nowadays. Mary kept and accepted the baby God gave her. This is a message for now. Yes, we should evangelise. Maybe we should put up a really beautiful pic of Mary holding baby Jesus, the Holy Family or both.

Turn it to our advantage. This is an opportunity to evangelise, people.
viterbo said…
If anyone studies false religions their falsity is just glaring. I see that all false religions deny the Only Begotten Son of the Living God - they also deny original sin, which is what Rabbinical Judaism and Islam have as the cornerstone of their Faith - denial of Christ. Therefore, like Pope St. Pius X, a Faithful Catholic should always be wary of the harbingers of lies, which people who adhere to these mistakes are, just like neo-modernists.
this cry to keep people ignorant with regards to those who proclaim lies, is really against the Faith. The Church has always exposed the falsehoods of false teachers so they their lies no longer is able to cause scandal amongst the Faithful.
p.s. has any Catholic commenting on Bones post had any contact with Judaism or Islam? 'Cause if you had you would know that 'sensitivity' towards the True Religion is anathema to them.
viterbo said…
p.s. and remember this in Buenos Aires?

I think that was the first time I had heard the satan quote. Remember the men defending the Cathedral got no support from their Bishop. The hatred evinced here is the very same 'quality' that keeps the false (anti-Christ) religion going, although often dressed up with more sophisticated and less obvious means of hatred.