Catholic Herald Must Read


Simon Platt said…
I'm afraid I thought the article very patronising, and I stopped reading after a few sentences. Perhaps it got better?
Anonymous said…
Dear Mr Bones:

It is time that you realize that perhaps you need to take a radical step:

Go and burn the Book of insults on the Pope. Bishop Schneider is right. This world is full of traitors to our faith.

' “Thanks be to God, Pope Francis has not expressed himself in these ways that the mass media expect from him. He has spoken until now, in his official homilies, very beautiful Catholic doctrine. I hope he will continue to teach in a very clear manner the Catholic doctrine.”

Bishop Schneider is indeed a wise Bishop like very few in these turbulent times...Alleluja!

The Bones said…
Wouldn't it be blasphemous to burn the words of a Pope?
Anonymous said…
Bishop Schneider was very careful and limited in what he said regarding the Pope (and his hope in respect of him). What questions were the quotes a response to? The quotes have no bearing on the compilation of Papal Insults.
Anonymous said…
It was very superficial. It dealt with the "story" as a secular, non-intellectual magazine might. But that's about as good a treatment as the true principles of the Faith will get in the vast majority of Catholic journals in our impoverished times.
John Vasc said…
I'm grateful to Anonymous for drawing my attention to Laurence's brilliant compilation.

I can see from a brief perusal that the Holy Father's quotations in the 'Little Book' are not at all insults 'on' the Pope but insults 'of' the Pope, ie his own words - quite a different kettle of fish.

Far from deserving the fires of destruction, these pithy and thought-provoking apothegms cry out for an appropriately illustrated A5-landscape-format paperback propped up by the front till of All Good Bookshops for this year's Christmas sales. Priced at, say, a snappy £6.99.

Just a suggestion, but how about 'The Thoughts of Pope Lío the Great?'

Laurence, you might need never to work again.
Brian said…
That was amazing. For every crisis there's an Athanasius it seems. Thanks be to God there's still a courageous Catholic Bishop out there!
Joe Potillor said…
The good Bishop is right, considering the "book of insults" mostly comes from the Holy Father's private daily Homilies which are unfortunately publicly broadcast. When the Holy Father does not deviate or ab lib from the written text, he's fine.
viterbo said…
Bishop Schneider spoke of "collaborationist Christians and clerics [who] were called in those times [the early Church] thurificati or traditores"; how he can convince himself that Bergolgio doesn't belong to this category is mindboggling. Bergoglio has expounded all manner of anti-Catholic doctrine since he called himself Francis. He supports the unbelief in Christ the only Way, Truth and Life; and even arranges for these false religions to commit their abominations on Church soil (but so did jpii). He, like JPII, teaches that the Old Covenant was never revoked - open heresy.

He flouts tradition and subverts Catholic teaching on the Apostolic Body every chance he gets.

He preaches indifferentism (condemned) in his words and actions. He preaches errors concerning marriage (condemned). He preaches errors concerning scripture (condemned). He causes scandal by openly encouraging people in their sins (abortion, homosexuality, adultery, profanation of the Holy Mass) - in other words he actively leads people into sin.

He is a walking poster-child for pretty much every error condemned by Pius IX and Pius X.
John Vasc said…
Joe Potillor is right: Bishop Athanasius always speaks very carefully and diplomatically. He is specifically praising the Pope's 'official homilies' - about the Pope's private daily sermonettes he tactfully says nothing. Also, in the interview the Bishop quite correctly circumscribes the role of the Pope in the Church:
“I am not worried about the future. The Church is Christ’s Church and He is the real Head of the Church: the Pope is only the vicar of Christ. The soul of the Church is the Holy Spirit and He is powerful.”