There is a Way...

I'm working on a cunning plan to save my allotment from the hounds at Brighton and Hove City Council. I've been given anything between 30 days and eight weeks to turn my allotment around.

All I have to do is convince homeless people and even non-homeless people in Brighton to become my slaves.

I can't give them accommodation or money, but I can give them garlic and spring onions. More than their hearts could possibly desire! In fairness the homeless people I know already have accommodation. Does that fit with Catholic social teaching? I guess its only slavery if I'm making money out of it, right?

"Okay, who here wants their misfortune and misery to be exploited?"

Rules, rules, rules.

Doesn't Pope Francis say things about people caught up in rules?


Simon Platt said…
I think that was quite a nice letter, and it is an important matter. I hope you can sort it out.