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Post-Pilgrimage Blues

Well, the damp rats (though not as damp as New Yorkers) have returned to their daily routines. I've finally got time in which to blog about the LMS Pilgrimage to Walsingham, so I will endeavour to cram as much as I can in. I must say that I am suffering something of a post-pilgrimage 'come down' - more depressed than aching. I met so many wonderful brothers and sisters in the Faith, as we made our way praying and singing the Rosary from Ely to Walsingham and felt very much a part of something big and quite beautiful, even if at times it was painful on the old feet and legs.

Thirty of us met at a farm in Ely where we pitched up our tents. I had travelled down on a minibus driven by the untiring John Tennant of the SPUC, with Sean Wright of Juventutemand Paul Smeaton and others, having enjoyed a day in London with Michael Voris the previous day (I'll get onto him later). When we arrived I met other pilgrims, among whom were Fr Bede Roe, Chaplain and leader of the pack, …


"Hi, I'm in Walsingham right now but if you just leave your comment and your name, I'll try and get back to you. Have a nice day, now, and please don't rob my flat. God bless you and keep you and Our Lady of Walsingham watch over you and protect you. In the meantime, why not say this prayer along with the one from Michael Voris...

O blessed Virgin Mary, Our Lady of Walsingham, Mother of God and our most gentle Queen and Mother, look down in mercy upon us, our parish, our country, our homes, and our families, and upon all who greatly hope and trust in your prayers, (especially...) By you it was that Jesus, our Savior and hope, was given to the world; and he has given you to us that we may hope still more. Plead for us your children, whom you did receive and accept at the foot of the Cross, O sorrowful Mother. Intercede for our separated brethren, that with us in the one true fold they may be united to the Chief Shepherd, the Vicar of your Son. Pray for us all, dear Mot…

The Hunwicke Files: Is there a Loftus Connection?

As avid readers of the Catholic blogosphere will be aware, Fr John Hunwicke, an ex-Anglican priest who has joined the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham, instituted through the Holy Father's extraordinarily generous appeal to traditional Anglicans, Anglicanorum Coetibus, has had his ordination to the Priesthood deferred for reasons which have not yet been identified.

Avid readers of the Catholic blogosphere will also be aware of a controversial Monseigneur by the name of Basil Loftus who has steadily, over time, built up a reputation for threatening to sue critics of his controversial writings for The Catholic Times and letters, which are publicly, at times, at odds with the Magisterium of Holy Mother Church.

Avid readers of the blogosphere will be aware that Mgr Basil Loftus has already succeeded in closing down one Priest's blog, that of Fr Michael Clifton, whose blog, Fr Mildew, was closed down (though it has reopened now) in a sour episode which was documented by The Te…

Breakthrough As Scientists Create Voris/Zuhlsdorf Clone

On a more serious note, Michael Voris has asked all people who endeavour to spread the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ through the new media to consecrate themselves to the Immaculate Heart of Mary for the apostolate of St Michael's Media, their own work and for God to raise up men and women who will proclaim the truths of Holy Mother Church through the internet. It's a rather lovely prayer. See, he's a big softie, really...

Prayer of Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary 

O Glorious Queen of Heaven, whose Immaculate Heart is forever bound in loving unity with the Sacred Heart of thy Divine Son, we beg you to look down on your sons and daughters with maternal sweetness and royal compassion. O Woman of Genesis and Revelation, who dost crush the head of our ancient enemy the serpent, and dost grind him into the dust of the earth, we desire to be consecrated totally and completely to your Immaculate Heart, to be led and guided by you to the Sacred Heart of thy Son and h…

Atheist Defends the Inviolable Seal of Confession

Thank God for lapsed Catholicsand liberals worthy of the name...

'News of the World journalists who invaded celebrities’ privacy by hacking into their idle phone chatter have got nothing on Irish politicians. The Irish state is hell bent on hacking into the most intimate conversation of all: that between a man and his God. A new law could force priests in Ireland to break the confessional seal if their penitent mentions anything to do with child sex abuse. In such circumstances, if Irish prime minister Enda Kenny gets his way, it will be a criminal offence for the priest to keep schtum about what he has heard. This would rip apart the Vatican’s Canon Law, which stipulates: “The sacramental seal is inviolable; thus it is absolutely illegitimate for the confessor to the make the penitent known, even only in part, using words or any other means, and for any reason.”

Now, as it happens, I am not the confessing type. As a severely lapsed Catholic and now immoveable atheist, I haven’t be…

Catholic Items For Sale

Over at The Bones's Catholic Store are some nice little statues for sale among other religious items such as holy water wells. Why not pop along and see if there is anything you like or you think would make a nice gift for a friend (or even enemy).

Next week I will be posting up some delightful traditional Catholic posters and holy cards. Watch this space...

1.5 Million Turn Out to Greet Holy Father in Spain...

"...Oh look, let's film that small group of protesters."

I haven't been watching TV coverage of the Holy Father's visit to Spain, as I don't have one, and neither have I been looking at BBC news, but I hear from a commenter and a special correspondent at The Catholic Herald that the BBC has been up to its old tricks again.

To register your complaint click here.

A Reluctant Sinner has a good post on the BBC's decision to almost accidentally juxtapose its short and rather dismissive coverage of the spiritual leader of 1 billion Catholics worldwide in Spain with an effusive, much longer interview with a Hare Krishna "guru". We really need Franciscans singing God's praises on the streets again. I saw a group of Hare Krishnas in Brighton this summer singing their Hare Krishna songs and banging tambourines and dishing out their flyers. Not surprisingly, in Brighton, they were warmly received. I find them really quite irritating, personally, but the…

Peter Mandelson, Tony Blair and the Almost Overwhelming Temptation to Riot

Janet Daley yesterday wrote an interesting piece on the riots entitled 'UK Riots: The end of the liberal's great moral delusion'.

I agree with the main thrust of her argument that the riots have blown apart the liberal consensus that human beings are 'born good' - an important doctrine of the left. All that is required for a just and happy World, therefore, is suitable conditions for that inherent goodness to flourish.

Ending her piece, she says...

'It is futile to go on asking why the riots happened, when the question that was on the minds of most of the rioters was not “Why?” but “Why not?”'
Janet insists that the riots emanating from the bottom strata of society have no relation to the bad behaviour of MPs, bankers and phone hackers in the top and middle strata of society. She could well be right that there is no connection at all between the amoralism of the looters and rioters and the amoralism of the rich, but I wonder whether that is really the point.…

Long Live Pope Benedict XVI

How do you say that in Spanish?

Come back to the Holy Faith, Spaniards! I think it all started going wrong for Spain when it became acceptable for their ladies to wear no tops on the beach...

The Bad Samaritans

Quite recently, I met a man who confided in me a crime or series of crimes (he was so drunk that he cannot remember whether he was guilty or not) that he committed over 30 years ago - a crime for which he served 10 years in prison.

The crime for which he served time was unspeakably terrible and because of this his guilt and despair was huge and to a point still is. I've done some 'unspeakable' things in my time also. The man in question has been 20 years off alcohol and he lives now, in his own words, to try and atone for what he did.  However, his crime is not the subject of this blog post, horrendous as it was. No, the truly horrifying thing that he told me is that when he called The Samaritans relatively recently and he told them his 'story', he told whoever was on the receiver at The Samaritans that he felt suicidal and that he was contemplating taking his own life. His story is tragic and shocking, but perhaps more shocking is that on telling the volunteer at …

Michael Voris

Well, I have been able to obtain some cover for the soup run on Wednesday and will be able to go and cover the Voris talk. The co-ordinator is covering me that day and she also gave me a gigantic marrow from her allotment which will hopefully keep me for food for a week.

I'll be taking my video camera, of course, but I expect that St Michael's Media will be pretty hot on people videoing it.

I hope to be able to meet the man himself, but I must say, I will be a little frightened to talk with him because he is so hardcore I might find myself out of my depth. He's like a steel-reinforced 10ft deep concrete wall with the word 'CATHOLIC' written on the outside, and inside too!

Five minutes with Michael Voris I expect will be worth a week's worth of life coaching...

Maybe I can interview him. It might stop him asking any questions about what I'm doing with my wayward, hamster on a wheel existence. Any questions? Please, nothing about hair. More on the huge marrow…

Huge Wall Rosary for Sale...

Well, Saturday was really quite an interesting day. A little market has started in Sillwood Street just off the city centre high street on Saturdays where a couple of local residents are selling their wares - mostly second hand stuff. St Mary Magdalen's still has stuff in the garage and I have some stuff to sell as well so when the van is up and running then it might be wise to sell there.

The bad news is a mechanic friend took a look at the underside of my vehicle and it needs a replacement exhaust - so I'm searching on Ebay and the like to see whether there are cheap parts that he can use to fix it for me. Gosh - the man who sold me this van really saw me coming! However, the mechanic thinks that one idea for the van could be to cut out the panels, turn it into a camper van and eventually sell it because people are really into camper vans. Then, he said, keep buying vans, turning them into camper vans and sell them because people can't afford the real thing.

The good new…

Michael Voris in London

I don't watch Michael Voris on my computer anymore because unfortunately my sound no longer works. I suppose, having just shelled out £690 on a van and a truly extortionate figure for insurance, the extra money to fix my computer seems like small fry, but having spent that much, I think I can live without sound a while longer.

What is more, I'll be unable to go myself to the talk he is giving on Wednesday as sadly I have another commitment. I am hoping very much that Mr Voris will be making the pilgrimage to Walsingham, but I am unsure what his itinerary is when he is on UK soil.

I know that the presenter of The Vortex is not everybody's cup of tea, but I rather enjoy his videos which are available on Real Catholic TV and usually appear like clockwork on Gloria TV as well.  As others have commented on other blogs, Voris, like the lay Catholic wing of the blogosphere, emerges at a time when the truths of the Catholic faith are not proclaimed boldly, in season and out of sea…

This Time Next Year Wodney

A friend of mine and I are going into business. Today I invested in this van for £690.

The insurance has an 'ouch' factor, but I hope that in the long run it will be a sound investment. The idea is Car Boot Sales and the like. If anyone would like to help financially to this business start up or invest in it (if you have more money than sense) than give me an email.

Having a van provides some employment options for me that I don't have at the moment. Hopefully something good will come from it.

Exciting, eh? Anyone need a gardener, cleaner, removal man or man with a van? If so, let me know. Oh, and if you're wondering how I paid for it - its the overdraft. I really hope and pray this idea works!

Devotion to Our Lady Brings Joy

Fr Alexander Lucie-Smith writes an excellent piece today for The Catholic Herald on how this country has been deprived of the joyful devotion to Our Blessed Lady that once rose sweetly up to Heaven.

We have become a quite joyless race of people and Fr Alexander is right to point to the continent where not only is the climate more sunny and cheerful, but the people are more sunny and cheerful as well.

The effects of protestantism on us have been many and varied, but above all, we are a very stressed out, quite violent and pent up people who are as unable to accept ourselves as we are others. The only processions the English are interested in are to do with football and, as we know, the occasional riot. Catholicism may be waning severely in Spain, but liberalism has not yet diminished the Spaniards public devotion to Our Lady and the Saints, and regardless of a decline in the belief in the Real Presence, their processions in honour of the Sacred Heart and especially the Assumption of Ou…

Is it Finally Worth Getting Sky TV?

Highly recommended, but it is a little on the rude side (and violent side) and it isn't for the easily shocked or faint of heart. Has anyone else been watching it?

No doubt that this series is a bit of Catholic Church bashing courtesy of the page-3-stunner-Papal-Knight himself, Rupert Murdoch, but we shouldn't allow ourselves to be accused of double standards when we do so enjoy the many TV dramas that have done the dirty on King Henry VIII.

There is so much lust, sex, power, intrigue and murder in this series that one wonders whether watchers might leap from their sofas and demand to become Catholic as soon as is humanly possible and, though I'm no film critic, Jeremy Irons (the housewives's new favourite screen Pontiff ) is outstanding in the role of Pope Alexander VI.

Should a drama about the vices of a Pope be made? Probably not, but they've done it anyway. Sadly, the series doesn't seem to be embellishing the dark side of the 'Borgias Family Papacy'…

The Riots and Emergency Temporary Accommodation

Readers of this blog will be aware of posts I have written on the appalling nature of the emergency temporary accommodation in Brighton for homeless, mentally ill people, people with addictions, or just people who have been placed by the Council into terrible accommodation for the simple reason that there is, in their view, 'nowhere else' to place them. In fact, it is not fair to say that everyone in 17/19 Grand Parade is even 'vulnerable'. One guy I met there was just trying to get along and get work in Brighton.

What I have seen of 'emergency temporary accommodation' is pretty shocking. More shocking to me was the extortionate amounts of money the Council hands over to limited companies such as Baron Homes Corporation Ltd, or Helgor Trading Ltd, or some other private firm, for their services to the Council. On average, per person, £200 a week was paid by the Council to these companies in order to keep a 'client' housed. This is, as we know, more than …

Did Our Blessed Lady Die?

Yes, Our Lady with unspeakable humility and inimitable love accepted and chose bodily death, in order to follow the model of her Divine Son, according to The Mystical City of God, written by Venerable Mary of Agreda...

'The sweetest Mother proceeded in her leave-taking, speaking to each of the Apostles in particular and to some of the disciples; and then to all the assembly together; for there were a great number. She rose to her feet and addressed them all, saying: "Dearest children and my masters, always have I kept you in my soul and written in my heart. I have loved you with that tender love and charity, which was given to me by my divine Son, whom I have seen in you, his chosen friends. In obedience to his holy and eternal will, I now go to the eternal mansions, where I promise you as a Mother I will look upon you by the clearest light of the Divinity, the vision of which my soul hopes and desires in security. I commend unto you my mother, the Church, the exaltation of th…

Blair's Toxic Legacy

Interesting article on the Blair legacy from Peter Oborne. Good quote...

'What New Labour was doing was encouraging a remarkable social experiment. Traditional marriage has been at the heart of British society since time immemorial, providing stability, security, a bulwark against an overmighty state, and the ideal framework for rearing children. The riots of last week show the devastating consequence of that leap into the dark.'
That leap into the dark is in Brighton today and it is dark no matter how much it is sold as flamboyant and exotic, or indeed supported by the local council and local businesses. All day street drinking today, and a one or two day sudden bout of police amnesia of the local bye-laws enforced for the rest of the year against the homeless drinkers. Why, I wonder, do the police never go into the tents in Preston Park and confiscate the drugs of hedonists there? Why is nobody arrested this weekend for drugs, when for the rest of the year, local homeless addi…

Gay Pride

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