Michael Voris

Well, I have been able to obtain some cover for the soup run on Wednesday and will be able to go and cover the Voris talk. The co-ordinator is covering me that day and she also gave me a gigantic marrow from her allotment which will hopefully keep me for food for a week.

I'll be taking my video camera, of course, but I expect that St Michael's Media will be pretty hot on people videoing it.

I hope to be able to meet the man himself, but I must say, I will be a little frightened to talk with him because he is so hardcore I might find myself out of my depth. He's like a steel-reinforced 10ft deep concrete wall with the word 'CATHOLIC' written on the outside, and inside too!

Five minutes with Michael Voris I expect will be worth a week's worth of life coaching...

Maybe I can interview him. It might stop him asking any questions about what I'm doing with my wayward, hamster on a wheel existence. Any questions? Please, nothing about hair. More on the huge marrow to come...


Hope to see you there!

Also, hope you've managed to find a new exhaust for the van... I'll keep my eyes peeled in case I come across one for you! (My father used to have loads of old vans! lol).
Mike said…
Please go as a reporter "covering" the story and not as a disciple.

We are not all enamoured of this sort of presentation.

Please exercise some detachment if you are able and give us the facts.

We know the message but is the messenger all he seems. Thanks.
Hope to catch you there x
Tim © said…
Here's a delicate (and hopefully hypothetical) theological question: say Michael Voris was 'taken out' by a crack squad of Tabletista hitpersons for complaining about 'the feminisation of the church' and duly raised to the altars as a martyr - would the hair be a first or second class relic? I'm just asking.
A.D. said…

Some advise: go earlier and ask him when it will be the best moment to interview him. Michael Voris is: nice, charitable, open, sincere, helpful, patient, humble,
honest and a real first class media professional. So the success is guaranteed! Cheer up, smile and relax!

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