Thursday, 18 August 2011

This Time Next Year Wodney

A friend of mine and I are going into business. Today I invested in this van for £690.

The insurance has an 'ouch' factor, but I hope that in the long run it will be a sound investment. The idea is Car Boot Sales and the like. If anyone would like to help financially to this business start up or invest in it (if you have more money than sense) than give me an email.

Having a van provides some employment options for me that I don't have at the moment. Hopefully something good will come from it.

Exciting, eh? Anyone need a gardener, cleaner, removal man or man with a van? If so, let me know. Oh, and if you're wondering how I paid for it - its the overdraft. I really hope and pray this idea works!


Annie Elizabeth said...

Good luck with this endeavour!

Please do be careful not to stray into the London Low Emission Zone (just inside the M25, but not well publicised), particularly if the van's a diesel - you could end up with a £100/day fine (it's almost impossible to buy an inexpensive passenger van to use in London now because of the LEZ starting Jan 2012: it's a tax on large families and small businesses!)

Will include this in our family rosary intentions! God bless.

Ryan said...

Nice one!

Margaret said...

I'm telling you of a real and rewarding earner, seriously, but you would have to learn a few golden oldies.
With your guitar-entertainment in old people's homes. Very much needed and well-paid.

You would need to make some contacts, print simple publicity material and would soon get a reputation as a musician and be in demand.
Make a list of all the Homes in your area. Your van will get you there. I believe you would enjoy it.

The Bones said...

Margaret...It had already crossed my mind yesterday. There's a 'guitar man' who plays at my Grandma's place in Worthing and they enjoy him. He basically plays whatever they ask.

Ryan said...

If you have a gig at my nan's place I'll be there.
Can you play by ear? If so, you're on the road to care-home stardom and from there, who knows. You'd be surprised at relatives who visit especially in the more affluent homes.

Try it out. They often have their own mikes which you could place close to your acoustic guitar. They even like the occasional hymn so you'll be well in.

Good Luck!

The Bones said...

Yes, care homes, then Accident and Emergency Units, then prisons...then the World!

epsilon said...

Well done Lawrence - good luck in your endeavours! The gigging plus digging sounds great - you can practises the golden oldies while you're digging:) Evangelising in prisons would be fantastic too! Keep on trucking!

epsilon said...

What are the chances of the Church setting up some projects for young offenders learning gardening skills?

Sam said...

Use the van for taking people to Voris at a competitive rate.

Why aren't you giving him the publicity you previously did?

The Bones said...

Thanks for the reminder. Van needs to be checked over by a garage yet.

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