Sunday, 21 August 2011

Long Live Pope Benedict XVI

How do you say that in Spanish?

Come back to the Holy Faith, Spaniards! I think it all started going wrong for Spain when it became acceptable for their ladies to wear no tops on the beach...


carlism forever said...

What lies! Everyone knows the true cause of Spain's current woes lies in Ferdinand VII's wicked decision to pass the crown to his unborn daughter, instead of allowing it to go to his rightful successor, Infante Carlos.

¡Viva Don Sixto Enrique de Borbón-Parma y Borbón-Busset! ¡Viva España!

Felicity said...

No. Bronzed men in thongs.

Anonymous said... all went wonky after Franco died.

Richard Collins said...

Sorry, I did not mean to post anonymously (last post)...I think I must be a Francophile!

Tim said...

Ah yes Richard.
He did make exceptional films.
His "Jesus of Nazareth" has never been bettered.

Et Expecto said...


Would you like to write something about the very biassed coverage of World Youth Day by the BBC.

Complaints can be made at

I would like to think that thousands of people register a formal complaint.

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