Monday, 1 August 2011

Bizarre Anti-Semitic Emails...

Moses: "I'm leading you out of Egypt to a land of milk and honey."

Israelite #1: "I hope there are no Jews there."

Israelite #2: "Wait! I'm dairy intolerant!"

I've had someone sending me emails with various quotes attributed to Popes down the ages slagging off the Jews.

I've not really known quite how to respond to him as he clearly has the bit between his teeth and doesn't want to let go of his virulent anti-semitism. I don't think I'd put up here anything of what he's sent me, but a great deal of it sounds like something one might have found pinned up in Nazi Germany shop doorways.

Does he really think Moses, Elijah, St Peter, Our Blessed Lord and Our Blessed Lady, Our Lady's parents St Joseph and all the Apostles are sitting up there going, "I hate Jews," "Yeah, I can't stand Jews", "Accursed Jews." I sent him an extract in an email from 'Jesus of Nazareth II' about Christ's Blood being the blood that is not poured out against, but for all. He then goes onto slag off our beloved Holy Father for his clemency and charity.  Presumably he is angered against him for not issuing decrees against the Jews and calling them all the names under the sun. I think he (or she, but I expect he) wants His Holiness to banish the Jews to the Isle of Wight or something, perhaps something worse. Bizarre and more than a little frightening...

Even if someone could prove to us that there was a worldwide conspiracy and that the whole World's financial and political system were run by an international network of scheming Jews, we should still answer that Our Lord said that His Kingdom 'is not of this World'. Of what do we have to be jealous and of whom? Let's face it, some Catholics, of that more traditional bent have to hate some group of people. I've pretty much made up my mind that its all the Freemasons fault, others spend their time hating the Jews, others the gays, others the Muslims. I think its safer to hate the Freemasons, personally, because if ever there were a great persecution of the Freemasons and they were driven out of Brighton nobody would know where to find them. Wicked, accursed Freemasons with their funny handshakes and their local government contract deals! Give us back our Council!  Stop ruining our high streets with your national chains!

Has anyone got the release date for 'Jesus of Nazareth III: The Second Coming' yet?


Anonymous said...

Dead right about the masons. I recently bought a ticket to see Fish (former lead singer of Marillion), but when I heard him in an interview saying he was a freemason, I tore up my ticket.

Actually, I was going to go but I've had to book my holiday that week.

And I'm going to see if I can get a refund. But the principle's the same.

Ben said...

An article in the Catholic press some years ago affirmed that Jesus was born a Jew, lived as a Jew, died a Jew and will return a Jew.
That's logical and theologically valid.
Your emailing anti-Semite could do with a word with his priest on the Scriptures.

pelerin said...

You do right to ignore them Laurence. Don't give him or her a platform for hatred.

I first encountered anti-semitism when as a non Jew I worked in an orthodox Jewish school. The anti-semitism came not of course from the school but from people who learnt of where I was working. Someone actually said to me 'You are not working for THEM are you?' to which I replied 'Yes and I'm very happy there' as indeed I was. Others seemed quite shocked that I had taken a job there.

It was a privilege to work there and to learn about some of the ancient Jewish traditions. Jewish and Christian staff co-existed well. And they did need the Christian staff to turn on the lights on Friday evening too as there was no automatic switch as I learnt happened in Israel!

No we must not forget that Our Lady and her Blessed Son were Jewish and we must do all we can to fight against anti-semitism to prevent the Nazi era ever happening again.

Sam said...

Splendid comment Pelerin.

In times of trouble someone always has to find a scape-goat.
I think our Jewish Fathers in the Faith have had more than their share.

Shalom and Blessings Laurence.

Elaine said...

Pelerin worked in an orthodox Jewish school. My first job was a supply teacher in an inner city Catholic primary school with a fine nun as the Head teacher.

As a non-Catholic I could not teach RE but in all else I was wonderfully welcome.
It was strange to me to see tiny children reach up to kiss the bloodied feet of a large Crucifix in the hall.
When my term was over I pleaded to stay but a Catholic teacher was due to start and, with much regret, I said goodbye to Sister and the other teachers, all dervout Catholics.
My fascination with Catholicism dates from then and, although my circumstances make it impossible to convert, as you see by this comment, I keep in touch, and maybe know more of the Faith than some "regulars".
My background makes this comment relevant to the post.
We are all family.

Frederick Jones said...

Clemenceaux the atheist PM of France during WWI once commented that he was puzzled by French Catholic anti-semitism as they had statues of dead Jews in every church.

The present Pope regards anti-semitism as sinful.

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