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New Diversity Manual Instructs Police on How to Deal with Pagans

As sure as day turns into night is the World going more bonkers with every passing day. Hardcore pagans are well and truly in the frame of the multicultural, politically correct society and the police are being given guides in how to 'deal' with them. Have they never watched 'The Wicker Man' or something? I guess we have to accept that living in a pluralistic society means that we have to respect wizards, warlocks, druids, witches and people who believe say things like, "I was lost once. I thought I was going to end up in Heaven or something, the way I was living, but thankfully 'old nick' introduced me to palm reading and tarot cards and I haven't looked back since, with loads of cash off the impressionable in this life and a nice warm place for me when I die."

The Telegraph reports...

The advice is contained in a 300-page "diversity handbook" which gives officers a range of "dos and don'ts" when approaching followers of a …

A light-hearted post...

I had an email from an Anglican friend of mine last night, telling me to stop banging on about homelessness and religion, to talk about other things and 'What on earth would your parents think if they saw your blog?'

It's too late, mate, they've already seen it and I've already taken the phone call!

With this in mind then, I thought I'd post up something totally inoffensive to all apart from people who hate Creedence Clearwater Revival. This song makes no sense whatsoever, it looks like the drummers on acid, in fact it looks like they're all on something, come to think of it, but it will put you in a good mood for the day.

Why the Church Should Come to the Defence of Alcoholics and Drug Addicts

"How hard it is for the rich to enter the Kingdom of Heaven! It would be easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle." 

Reading The Telegraph, I saw that society's self-righteous war on vice (for some) goes on unabated.

The Catholic Church condemns vice in whatever form it comes. Holy Mother Church proclaims (well, in some 'eccentric', 'taliban stronghold' parish Churches dotted around the land) that we are poor sinners who can find happiness in Christ alone.

The Church, however, like Her Divine Founder, Our Lord Jesus Christ, can or should be able to smell relativist hypocrisy or indeed ecclesiastical hypocrisy a mile-off. Primarily, the Church is the Instrument of Salvation and forgiveness, the Ark of Truth and Dispenser of Mercy. She is here to save souls in proclaiming the Gospel. While ever conscious of the need to encourage us steadfastly towards holiness of life, She is as acutely aware now of our human weakness, our fragile, fallen human…

FOCCUS Marriage Preparation

A lot of material has been written about Marriage Care, on the way in which, over the years, it has experienced a steady decline/freefall in reflecting Church Teaching on the Sanctity of Marriage.

I don't know too much about the background of that. I'm a new kid on the blog and all I can say is that, as someone preparing for marriage, and having paid up the £75 for the privilege of being prepared for something for which I am told that nothing can prepare you, it is a shambles.

Apparently, we will receive 3 sessions of pre-marriage preparation, after which I'll probably turn around and say, "Thanks for that. I'm still skint anyway so the marriage looks a long way off. Do you have 25p, please, I need some Rizla papers."  I have been told by others who have gone through it that it really is a case of 'ticking boxes', that there's no real Catholicism in it. No wonder families are falling apart at a rate of knots, rather than the knots being actually t…

Feast of St Jude, Patron of Lost Causes

Et lux in tenebris lucet, et tenebrae eam non comprehenderunt.

And the light shineth in darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.

'No job, no career, no marriage, no sanctity, no vocation, no house, no children, no future. I'm a loser.'
If you have thoughts like mine, do not despair, for we 'lost causes' have a powerful intercessor and advocate in St Jude, even at the age of 33...for nothing is impossible to God, nor difficult... 

For those wondering if 'eco' light bulbs are a con...

A replacement bulb for my bathroom in the 'eco-flat' where I live is £9.20.

That is the most expensive light bulb I have ever heard of!

And the guy wanted £35 to come and fit it!

The Right to Live as a Family is Under Attack

I've had an email from a lady in the UK called Margaret. Thought it was worth posting. Everyone thinks Sweden is so great, forgetting its recent history in embracing the ideology of eugenics.
'I am the member of a group attempting to gain some publicity for a family in Sweden (one of many) who have been torn apart by the social services for no reason other than a difference of ideology . The Swedish situation is extremely frightening, and actually more extreme than in this country, but serves as a warning for what can happen if these draconian powers, pitted against the rights of families, are not challenged. The undermining of the rights of families to bring children up according to their own beliefs is happening everywhere.

I know you will be aware of the attempts to enforce anti-Christian sex education policies in this country, together with the rights of parents to know what 'health' advice and 'treatment' is being given to their children. My homeschooling f…

"You're Barred!"

Yesterday was a breath of fresh air for me on a personal basis.  I taught at the Brighton Unemployed Centre Families Project (BUCFP), Adobe InDesign, a desk top publishing software to a class of six.  So much more rewarding and so much less exasperating than teaching a class of 33 six year old children! Also, it feels good to be able to use a talent God has given me in a positive way, rather than just arseing about like I normally do.

One lady has been asked by the BUCFP to design a 'Rough Sleepers Guide to Brighton', the contents of which have been drawn up with the help of Paul and Neil, regular users of the Soup Run.

There is a life-affirming atmosphere at the BUCFP.  At lunchtime, the children come out of the creche and it feels like a proper family centre with people chatting and eating a cheap meal.  Over the next few years it is likely that due to cuts and the resulting public sector unemploymed, this place will get even busier.  Brighton has always been a bit of a gra…

Money Advice...

Firstly, thank you to a very generous Catholic priest in Bradford who has sent me a cheque for £200 for Jason to be used 'at my discretion'. So, obviously, I've given it to Jason to go and get sterilised...Joke!

No, seriously, I've spent some of it on food and tobacco for him because I don't think I can really start handing over ten, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty pounds to someone with an addiction to heroin. It would be on my conscience if I ever found him dead. Christ asked us to feed the hungry and clothe the naked and shelter the homeless. He didn't say, 'I needed some smack and you gave me the hit that killed Me.'

So, I'm asking advice about whether I should invest the money in some winter warm clothing for Jason, thermals, gloves, hat, sleeping bag and a set of bongos or something (he can play the drums, you see) until the Council get their act together or the Police have decided to put him back in the slammer for walking on the wrong side or …

Archbishop Raymond Burke...

...has been made a Cardinal!

 Listen to this...

'Obedience to the magisterium and the demands of the natural moral law are not only important for salvation, but are especially required of Catholics if a culture of life is to be advanced in today’s world. Man is tempted to view the magisterium in relation to his individualism and self-pursuit.'Of bishops:  "When shepherds of the flock are obedient to the magisterium entrusted to their exercise, then surely the numbers of the flock grow in obedience,” he said. “If the shepherd isn’t obedient, the flock easily gives way to confusion and error.” Quoting the Prophet Zechariah, he said the shepherd can be “especially tempted” by the assaults of Satan who, “if he can strike him, the work of scattering the flock is made easy...Where there are problems of chastity, there are problems of obedience.” Rebellion against the moral truth, Archbishop Burke noted, “is a rebellion against God and all that he teaches us.”

The archbishop als…

Child Protection

Social Services:"Hello. We've decided to take your child into care. We have to protect children because you're a drug addict/alcoholic/mentally ill person/too poor. Your newborn will be adopted to a wealthy, gay couple in Chelmsford. You'll only be able to have contact when she's 18."

Drug addict: "You evil bastards!"

In another part of the same town...

(Ring, ring)

Young lady: "Hello, is that the BPAS?"

BPAS: "Yes."

Young lady: "Hello. I'd like to kill my unborn child, please. I'm up the duff after some random shag and, anyway, it might have a foetal abnormality because I'm on medication for depression. I think the condom split."

BPAS: "Great, when do you want to come in?"

Brighton and Hove City Council Have Opened a Crack and Pushed Jason Evans Down It

You often hear a phrase when it comes to vulnerable adults, the poor and people that society consistently fails, gives up on or actually, wants to fail. It goes something like, "A lot of people fall through the cracks in society" or "Some people just slip through the safety net." Here we have a classic case in which Brighton and Hove City Council have opened up a crack and pushed a man down it.

I've just received a phone call from the office of Caroline Lucas MP for Brighton. Ms Lucas met Jason Evans, a friend of mine, recently. Having seen the video interview with Jason from over 3 weeks ago, she wanted to meet him and learn his story. He was honest with her and she was very receptive to him. Impressively (and I do believe this is genuine), she affirmed that she would do all she could within her power to house Jason as an emergency. Let's face it, she did not have to meet him in the first place, but she was quite shocked by my video interview with him. He …

BBC Documentary on Sterilisation Programme in the UK

I am greatly heartened that the dogma of scientific reductivism has not yet convinced the majority of the people in the United Kingdom and that most people recognise Nazism when they see it. Still, our beloved BBC has decided to 'open the debate' on the 'sterilisation of the unfit'. Oh, hang on, then again, commenters on the Telegraph article seem overwhelmingly in favour of it...

The BBC reports that...

'A BBC Inside Out special follows a highly controversial American charity that wants to pay drug addicts cash to be sterilised. Drug addicts across the UK are being offered money to be sterilised by an American charity.

Project Prevention is offering to pay £200 to any drug user in London, Glasgow, Bristol, Leicester and parts of Wales who agrees to be operated on. The first person in the UK to accept the cash is drug addict "John" from Leicester who says he "should never be a father". The move has been criticised by some drug charities who work w…

The Day Our Lady Stopped Traffic...

Yesterday was a quite breathtaking day all round for the Holy Faith. Fresh from the jubilation of faithful Chilean miners being released from the dark recesses of the Earth, so too the Bishop of Fulham and the congregation of St Peter's, Folkstone left a sinking ship to grab onto the life raft offered by the Holy Father to join the True Barque of Peter.

So, too, there was joy on the streets of London as over a thousand pilgrims prayed the Holy Rosary and sang hymns to the Great Mother of God on the Rosary Crusade of Reparation, from Westminster Cathedral to Brompton Oratory. I've posted a couple of clips for readers to get a taste of the atmosphere of the solemn, but profoundly joyful walk.

On the way there I was sat opposite a young man with Rosary beads on. He was listening to his I-pod or whatever all the way there, but all the way there I was gagging to ask him if he was going on the Crusade, but of course, it is more likely that they may have just been 'fashion' …

Legal Precedents in Church History

Moved by the mouthwatering prospect of a British Heresy Trial, I realised that the Church has, down the ages, experienced times when things that people have said about other people have led to some extraordinary trials and outcomes.

Here are a few of the famous ones...

The Case of St Stephen Vs Some Jewish Priests

St Stephen, famed proto-martyr of the Church, honoured by the whole Church reportedly said some defamatory things about some Jewish priests of his time. Here is what he said.

"You stiff-necked people, with uncircumcised hearts and ears! You are just like your fathers: You always resist the Holy Spirit! Was there ever a prophet your fathers did not persecute? They even killed those who predicted the coming of the Righteous One. And now you have betrayed and murdered him - you who have received the law that was put into effect through angels but have not obeyed it!"
The Libertines (not to be confused with the band of Pete Doherty and Carl Barat) were greatly affronted …

Defend Bishop Kieran Conry!

Damian Thompson has outrageously suggested that Bishop Kieran Conry was annoyed by the amount of Latin in the Westminster Cathedral Papal Mass during Pope Benedict XVI's joyously successful visit to the UK.

According to a correspondence, dated 23rd September 2010, that he has obtained between a 'traditionalist' and His Lordship, Bishop Kieran wrote...

'Thank you for your letter with regard to recent papal liturgies. Your experience seems to be different from mine. I have heard voices expressing dismay at the amount of Latin used. Moreover, the choice of Latin was not necessarily the Pope’s. So, for instance, it had been agreed that, at papal Masses, were the Kyrie to be in Latin (or Greek, of course) then the Gloria would be in English. However, it seems that the Director of Music at Westminster (and not the Pope or Archbishop) chose to ignore this and insisted on singing both in Latin.'
I have responded to Damian's scandalous suggestion and shameless quoting ou…

Watch the Chilean Miners Escape Live!

On The Telegraphor the BBC. Not often we get good headline news. It's all very heartwarming stuff.

This bit is particularly satisfying.

'08:06 The authorities initially said the 33 men might not be out by Christmas. They could now all be out in 24 hours.' Prayer works and certainly helps!

According to the BBC...

'Correspondent James Read says the number 33 has taken on a special significance for the miners, who are known to be superstitious: there are 33 miners, it took 33 days for the drill to complete the rescue shaft and Roman Catholic Chileans believe Jesus Christ was 33 when he died. Even President Sebastian Pinera mentioned the "magic number" in his triumphant speech after the first miner emerged from the shaft. The date of the rescue 13/10/10, adds up to - you guessed it - 33.'
Now that is freaky! There are also 33 degrees in freemasonary, so I hear. Let's hope the Chilean President isn't into that kind of diabolical wickedness! I'm 33…

Who are the 'Terrorists'?

I wouldn't have posted up the video above but Providence has struck, or perhaps just one of those freaky co-incidences that happen in this totally accidentally-formed place called Earth somewhere amidst a gigantic Universe, especially in the realm of the Internet. This evening I watched a TV programme on the BBC I-Player called Before the Big Bang, concerning the efforts of brain-box scientists to decipher what existed before the Big Bang. 'Crikey', I thought. 'Now that is what I call ambitious!' You can watch it by clicking the link. 

Some suggested that the Big Bang didn't happen and that it was a Big Bounce or something, one said the Universe was a multi-verse and another said the Universe exists inside a big membrane or between two massive membranes and another said the whole thing is like a massive block of cheese with holes in it. Of course, all the theories are all very interesting, none of them remove God from the 'equation', but they are all …

You Can Tell These are Catholic Miners...

According to The Telegraph, the heroic 33 Chilean miners trapped in a deep shaft mine following a terrible collapse, have beenarguing among themselves in their conversation with the Health Ministry "...were fighting with us because everyone wanted to be at the end of the line, not the beginning," he told reporters.

The Chilean miners have been trapped at a depth of 2,300ft for more than twice as long as any other known survivor of a mining accident.

Things that Keep Me Awake at Night...

His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI prays the Rosary in Fatima...

Worries, worries, worries. I worry a lot about friends of mine, some more than others, family, unemployment and my own in particular, what with hoping to marry and all, the way the World is going to the dogs and appears very much to be ravaged by them, the state of the Church in the UK and all that, but if there is one thing that keeps me awake at night it is my End, which is in one sense rather selfish, but in another, er, not, because, after all, God doesn't want me to burn in Hell for all Eternity and be separated from Him eternally either, or Our Blessed Lady or any of the Saints.

If there was one thing those who have gone before us worried about at night, it was their Salvation. If they didn't worry about it, I guess, then they wouldn't have prayed so much, often at night, loved God so much and become Saints. When I am in grave and mortal sin, I ponder on my bed and am fearful. 'Come, Lord Jesus!' we…

'British Eugenics Society' Publish 'An Introduction to Stem Cells'

These are exciting times to be a geneticist. These are exciting times, too, of course, in which to be a eugenicist, since new developments in the former give rise to new 'opportunities' in the latter.

It appears that the two schools of thought merge together quite neatly in the person of Professor Steve Jones, President of the Galton Institute and until June 2010, Head of the Department of Genetics, Evolution and Environment at University College London.

Professor Steve Jones joins many other 'evolutionary visionaries' who have a large and vested interest in the field of human embryology. Professor Jones was, as you may remember, one of those signatories of the 'protest the Pope' letter in The Guardian. I guess Dignitas Personae didn't go down too well with Professor Jones. Nearly all of the signatories of that letter had an explicit agenda which was largely at odds with the Teaching of the Catholic Church.

Anyway, 'The Galton Institute', known seemi…