Saturday, 23 October 2010

Money Advice...

Firstly, thank you to a very generous Catholic priest in Bradford who has sent me a cheque for £200 for Jason to be used 'at my discretion'. So, obviously, I've given it to Jason to go and get sterilised...Joke!

No, seriously, I've spent some of it on food and tobacco for him because I don't think I can really start handing over ten, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty pounds to someone with an addiction to heroin. It would be on my conscience if I ever found him dead. Christ asked us to feed the hungry and clothe the naked and shelter the homeless. He didn't say, 'I needed some smack and you gave me the hit that killed Me.'

So, I'm asking advice about whether I should invest the money in some winter warm clothing for Jason, thermals, gloves, hat, sleeping bag and a set of bongos or something (he can play the drums, you see) until the Council get their act together or the Police have decided to put him back in the slammer for walking on the wrong side or the road, or put him in the Travelodge Hotel for 3 nights of business class executive luxury. Any advice? Disappointing that they don't have a sauna, swimming pool and jacuzzi. I could just do a runner and flee to Rio, I suppose. Alternatively we could set up a 'Save Private Evans' fund and save enough to help him rent a studio in Brighton?

Thankfully, George and Diane are putting him up tonight after he's been fed by St Peter's Church in London Road, a former 'Hi, Anglicans!' church now ran by those superclean evangelical Protestants. Apparently, he was turned away from a homeless hostel in Brighton after it was arranged by the Rough Sleepers Team. I was told that it was obvious Jason was 'on various substances' so the proprietor slammed the door in his face. I don't know whether Jason was or wasn't 'on various substances', all I do know is that everyone in that hostel is 'on various substances', so I can't understand why the proprietor, who does very nicely out of the homeless's housing benefits thank you very much, was too concerned. Every second person in his hostel is on smack!

While on the subject, I've been asked to write a piece on the diabolical voluntary sterilisation programme controversy caused by the presence of Project Prevent on UK soil by The Catholic Herald, which, assuming it will be printed, will be the first piece I've ever had published in a national. Woo-hoo! I've written it already, an exclusive interview with Diane Brennan of Brighton, but obviously the copyright belongs to The Catholic Herald, so you'll have to buy the only Catholic weekly that hasn't sold its soul to Cardinal Bugnini and that consistently outsells The Catholic Times, The Tablet and The Universe, in order to read it.

Brighton Early Music Festival

For Brightonians, the Brighton Early Music Festival is kicking off soon. The most attractive evening of music seems to be Victoria's Requiem on Wednesday 3rd November at the 'Hi Anglicans!' church that enjoys sacred music more than the idea of full communion with the Holy See, to which you can listen below.

Devil's Dyke

Today, I went to Devil's Dyke, where I obviously went around asking people, 'I can imagine selling your soul for the World, but for Sussex?' There are some truly stunning views and beautiful rolling hills.

There were no microgliders today but one family flying a kite. The pub is nice too. We tried going for a walk but the wind was too strong. So we went back to the pub.

Going by the legend that has brought the National Trust owned massive portion of land a proportion of local fame, the Devil dug a massive dyke, presumably because he was bored and had nothing better to do. From this high point, you can see Box Hill, Cissbury Ring, Chanctonbury Ring and the Isle of Wight on a clear day, though it has to be said, the Isle of Wight just looks like a low dark cloud.

If you look at the photograph, you will see that in the United Kingdom, at least, overpopulation is a myth. There's still loads of land on which people could live. Its just that 99.9% of them choose to live in Brighton, Lewes, Haywards Heath and other densly populated town centres, so keep that piece of information in mind for when the eco-fascists come round to tell you to stop breeding and sterilise you because you've got more than two kids.


Anonymous said...

Great blog Laurence. This is my first visit - I was not aware of its existence.

In Domino,


Dilly said...

In your position I would buy two sets of all the things you mention except the bongos. Then he can wear one set and leave the other with you for washing. I would buy them second hand in a charity shop, as these are likely to be proper wool and good quality (if you shop around) rather than chinese sweatshop nylon junk. Also I would ask your "clean" friends which rehab or NA meetings are the best in your area (meetings and support vary and -one size does not fit all), as help and encouragement to get clean and sober would be a great gift that would help him get long term accommodation. See if there's a NarcAnon or Alanon contact number
you can ring to get help to broach this subject with him in an effective way, as nagging does not work, and good kind generous people can sometimes become co-dependants (to use the technical phrase). The bongos will only cause more trouble.

georgem said...

Ditto dillydaydream's thoughts on helping Jason.
Plus congrats on your entry into national journalism.

stopbeingstupid said...

I think you should ask Jason whether he would prefer clothes or a few ights in a travelodge. Giving him the money would obviously be dangerous at this point, but he is an adult and he ought to get to make his own decisions as far as possible.

May God bless you for helping him. I'll pray for you both.


Catholic Finance Auditor said...

I hope the priest from Bradford gave his own money, and didn't dip into parish funds.

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