Brought to You By 'Goebbels Productions'

A convincing video by the Eco-Nazi Campaigners, 10:10. Read James Delingpole's blog at The Telegraph here and here. Apparently the 10:10 campaigners are desperately trying to pull down their campaign video from YouTube, having cottoned on that the 'comedy' clip has 'bombed' and people are outraged by it. I think this trumps anything the pro-life lobby has ever produced in its campaign material!

Fr Ray Blake has an interesting reflection on it, in the light of Pope Benedict XVI's words when he was in the UK. Of course, the new atheists laughed when the Holy Father pointed out the errors of Nazism and the evil that can fill the void left by the exclusion of God. Who's laughing at this video? Why of course, Guardian readers.

This is another example of why we need our Bishops to stop campaigning on climate change and to start preaching Christ Crucified, because this video suggests that the eco-psychopaths, one day, aren't going to be accepting debate on the matter of climate change.


St John said…
That is disgusting. I couldn't watch beyond the classroom scene.

As Catholics we should be good stewards of Creation, but this type of harsh, authoritarian, even brutal, propaganda makes you wonder what these people's moral motivation for "protecting the environment" is.
Coffee Catholic said…
So the eco-warriors *themselves* made this video? I thought it was made by non-eco-warriors as a sort of dark "joke" about what might be waiting for us in the future at the hands of Greenies.