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Mysterious Identity of ++Tobin Tweet's Intended Recipient is Finally Revealed

Wherever the Bergoglian sun doth shine,  There's mental hygiene and a shifty paradigm.

At least I have always found it so,  That tweet was meant for my sister, you know.

In other news: For the first time in this pontificate, 
Vatican City looks positively immaculate...

Dances with Wolves

A blessed Feast of the Chair of the Blessed Apostle Peter to you all.
I've overstretched myself vocally on this song, so like this pontificate, it grates rather. 
Like the Chair of Peter, perhaps we should get a professional in, rather than an amateur,
someone who is up to the job.


Follow the speech bubbles, where do they lead?

The Pope Doesn't Read Blogs...But Just in Case...

Who was he talking to? There can be no dispute this time. The Catholic community are now quite used to some insulting jibe from Pope Francis, and, sure, after five years of it, it has become generally quite obvious to whom he is directing his insults, but this time Francis was a little more specific in the intended direction of his barbed arrows of irritation and displeasure. Breitbart - and interestingly not many other agencies - have covered the story fully. (Update: The 'full disclosure' can now be read at La Civilta Cattolica / Masonica, whatever they call it nowadays...)

It has taken five years for the Pope to talk even indirectly about Catholic websites and blogs that are critical of his pontificate of massive upheaval and thinly-veiled revolutionary intention, but finally, after all the work bloggers and Catholic websites have put into analysing his documents and speeches, reacting to his gestures and actions, and writing and presenting lines of defence of Christian do…

Who is Orchestrating the LGBTQ Movement in the Church?

It is worthwhile casting our minds back to that plane interview years ago when the Pope, when asked about Mgr Ricca and a homosexual scandal replied with his notorious, "If a someone who is gay is seeking the Lord and has goodwill then who am I to judge?" comment. He went on to quote, relatively accurately, a section of the Catechism, indeed he cited it as he said it, concerning the need for homosexual persons to be treated with respect, sensitivity and compassion.

It just so happens that fellow Jesuit and brother in omission, the splicing and twisting of doctrine and the Gospel, Fr James Martin S.J is also very keen on quoting this section of the Catechism and utilising it for his ongoing LGBTQI ministry, a ministry receiving some powerful patronage and support in the Church, tacitly from Francis, who has no interest in reigning him in, and blatantly from oddball Francis Cardinal appointees such as ++ Tobin, ++ Blaise Cupich and ++ Kevin Farrell (for those who doubt please …

Return to Sender

All the way back to his homeland, please!
But we all know dictators don't resign...

The Only Possible Conclusion to Draw

Dear readers and friends, it is now clear, by logical deduction, that the sequence of events concerning the letter from the abuse victim whose complaint, handed to the Pope, and which was not answered by the Pope, is as follows:

Two letters lay on the Pope's desk, one from the victim and one from Cardinal Burke and the then three other Cardinals in the form of a Dubia. The Pope sat down and responded to both in a most courteous and satisfying manner, with understanding, eloquence and apostolic zeal, concerned for both the safeguarding of the Church's infallible doctrines and for the protection of minors.

Unfortunately, in the envelopes, his secretary placed the answer to the four Cardinals in the envelope addressed to the victim and the answer to the victim in the envelope to Cardinal Burke. The victim, receiving the letter, was simply confused by the response to the dubia and binned it, thinking that another letter answering his complaint may arrive in future. Cardinal Burke,…

'My Grace is Sufficient for Thee'

According to One Peter Five, a revision has appeared on the Vatican online version of the Catechism that will doubtless cause a measure of jubilation in some quarters and highly justifiable consternation in others. Somebody (now who might that be?) has sanctioned the use of language which appeared in a rejected 1990s version of the Catechism (was it Cardinal Schoenborn's rejected first draft?) on homosexuality to replace that which we have hitherto known to be the definitive Catechism of the Catholic Church. The revision replaces the line on the condition of homosexuality or the inclination which described it as 'objectively disordered' with a rather nebulous phrase that declines to comment on the nature of the inclination itself, instead merely offering the insight that 'this condition is not chosen' or words to this effect. The replacement appears to be deliberate and don't doubt that there are intended consequences to follow.

Let nobody be mistaken that thi…

Neo-Arian Chapsody

Pray for an end to the crisis in the Church.

And pray fervently for the Church in China!