The Only Possible Conclusion to Draw

Dear readers and friends, it is now clear, by logical deduction, that the sequence of events concerning the letter from the abuse victim whose complaint, handed to the Pope, and which was not answered by the Pope, is as follows:

Two letters lay on the Pope's desk, one from the victim and one from Cardinal Burke and the then three other Cardinals in the form of a Dubia. The Pope sat down and responded to both in a most courteous and satisfying manner, with understanding, eloquence and apostolic zeal, concerned for both the safeguarding of the Church's infallible doctrines and for the protection of minors.

Unfortunately, in the envelopes, his secretary placed the answer to the four Cardinals in the envelope addressed to the victim and the answer to the victim in the envelope to Cardinal Burke. The victim, receiving the letter, was simply confused by the response to the dubia and binned it, thinking that another letter answering his complaint may arrive in future. Cardinal Burke, meanwhile, discovered to his horror charges of the covering up of abuse within the Church against a bishop and, scared by its contents and the implications for the institution of the Church, also binned the letter.

Therefore, to everyone's horror, it is clear what has taken place. The Pope has answered in an authorative manner the Dubia and Cardinal Burke has covered up allegations of child abuse and its cover-up in the Church.

Cardinal Burke must be brought to book about this and handed over to the authorities to be charged and most likely imprisoned, for a very long time. The Pope, exonerated completely must continue to fulfil his Office and Mission in the teaching of the flock of Christ with the full support of all the Church, with all criticism concerning his pontificate finally laid to rest conclusively. In a spirit of mercy, however, the services of the Pope's secretary will most likely be retained. Because the Pope shows zero tolerance to the cover-up of child abuse, Cardinal Burke must receive the full force of the law, so as to be an example to others. Justice must be done and seen to be done. Sad as it is, this is the only credible narrative to this story.

There still remains an outside possibly that Cardinal Kasper walked into the Pope's office and asked whether he may borrow "this 8-page selection of A4 paper" which just happened to be the abuse victim's letter, lying on the Pope's desk, to use it for a rough draft of a new ecumenical Mass for the separated brethren. The Holy Father, failing to look up from his copy of L'Espresso, would have replied something like, "Sure thing, whatever."  The Vatican has immediately quashed rumours of the credibility of this theory while the Cardinal Burke theory has not yet been rejected. The in-depth investigation continues in the Vatican continues...


Blotto said…
There was a story recently about an Italian postman who was found to have something like 20 years' worth of letters stacked in his garage. OK, so his round was no where near Rome but how likely is it that he is the only postino in Italy with sticky fingers? Poor Francis! All this flak he's receiving just because Postman Patricio is a bit of a foglia di tè.
john haggerty said…
'Catholics believe there is a Hell, but they think it is empty.' - Protestant joke.

Pope Francis says he is haunted by the thought of priests who would harm children.
He rightly calls them 'the filth'.
This is better than the reaction of Vincent Nichols who described priestly child abuse as 'serious sin'.
'Depravity' and 'diabolical evil' are the words which bishops of the church should have used from the beginning.
The filth in the priesthood should have been handed over to the police and the criminal courts from the very start.
Acts of premeditated evil against children (carried out by those who claim to be priests of the church) will not be forgiven either in this world or the next.
For those men in the priesthood who have destroyed the lives of countless children there is only 'the blackness of darkness forever' in the words of the Apostle Jude.
One society priest in Italy is known for his love of sports cars, expensive restaurants and teenage boys. Filth, indeed.
In Ireland the church is in ruins; the hierarchy failed to act in the hour of great crisis, and as a result the faithful have abandoned the church
Francis will need to start talking about God's terrible judgment.
He will need to tell the child abusers in the priesthood that they are on their way to a lost eternity.
And do so for all the world to hear.

Listen to 'George Whitefield, The Eternity of Hell Torments' (YouTube).

At his Second Coming Jesus will be ruthless in the execution of his justice, but he offers mercy today.
Hell is real, and it is peopled.

Anonymous said…
With a full support......not mine, that's for sure. Now El jefe is busy with the new gift for his flock, a Tshirt with his printed image on, to be sold for the Obolo di S.Pietro, even Maradona signed it.......that's all fun!!!!!!

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