Saturday, 3 February 2018

Neo-Arian Chapsody

Pray for an end to the crisis in the Church.

And pray fervently for the Church in China!


john haggerty said...

See on YouTube: Archbishop Ganswein commemorates Summorum Pontificum, Vespers, Latin Mass Pilgrimage, Rome.

Also on YouTube, videos from Father Anthony Cekada (see Wikipedia for Fr. Cekada's academic background):

Old Mass or New Mass: What's the Fuss?
The Liturgical Movement: The Change Agents - a Theological Critique of the New Mass of Paul VI.
The Creation of the New Mass: 1948-1969.
Latin to the Vernacular: Lost in Translation.
The Mass as 'Assembly': 1969 General Instruction.
The Cleverness of the Revisers: 1970 General Instruction.
Smoke of Satan - Top 10 Sacrileges of the Novus Ordo.

Other YouTube videos on the impiety, abuses and lowering of standards that the New Mass has promulgated:

Outrage over disrespect of the Eucharist in Costa Rica.
Latin Mass Vs. New Mass (very different).
Communion during Novus Ordo Mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral, Auckland.
The Great Comparison: The Holy Catholic Mass vs. The Novo Ordo Missae.
What You Will Never See at Traditional Mass.

The casual distribution of the Eucharist by selected members of the laity has created a loss of reverence for the mystery of the Mass as sacrifice; almost every devout Catholic has his or her sad experience of the way in which the Mass has been devalued and even in some cases desecrated by this worthless innovation. Surely it is time for this practice to end. The absurd shaking of hands, during the blessing, has also had its day. It too should be abandoned.
If Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre was mistaken in his opposition to the liturgical revolution of Vatican II, why is there such world-wide discontent over the New Mass?
Why did Catholic bishops allow some churches to turn the Mass into a dancing, prancing love-in?
Abuses at their very worst are rife in churches in the United States.

Read The Biography of Marcel Lefebvre by Bernard Tissier De Mallerais (Angelus Press 2002).

James said...

So tired of the francis show.

john haggerty said...

Read on the Internet 'Catholics in Europe outraged by disrespect towards Eucharist' (Catholic News Agency).
An impudent young woman in Porta Rica, Deborah Formal, received the Eucharist and with a grin broke off a piece and placed it in the shirt pocket of her boyfriend.
He is Otta Guevara, a divorced man and presidential candidate. Later he returned the Host to the priest and apologized.
Archbishop Hugo Barrantes of San Jose called Miss Formal's action 'inappropriate and disrespectful' but not blasphemous.
New Mass, new definition of what constitutes 'blasphemy' it would seem.
Why not call this arrogant young woman's action sinful, profane, impious?

Was she even thinking of what Jesus in his passion suffered in Gethsemane and Calvary?

Jesus did it for you, Deborah, so that you could be cleansed of all sin, and be reconciled to the Father in Heaven for all eternity.

Mary Kay said...

When I saw the title, I was certain that your glorious falsetto would play an important role, and I wasn't disappointed. Bravo! This was wonderful! And takes a little of the sting out of the tragic subject. Again, I hope this will be another 'hit' in the blogosphere and is enjoyed all the way to the highest offices. God bless you!

Physiocrat said...

This is very amusing and creative, Lawrence, but I really think it is time to stop - for your own good. It will eat you up. Our task is to follow Jesus Christ, and it is not done my mocking those at the highest level who have apparently lost their way and are leading others astray. The devil has many ways of doing his work.

God Bless.

The Bones said...

Giving up for Lent but you know how resolutions can be easier made than fulfilled.

Meddling Catholics said...

Your best work yet . . . Well done. We all have parts to play, and using humor to shine the light on those who are attempting to destroy the Catholic Church and the souls of the faithful is an important part. Small, perhaps, but important. God Bless!

john haggerty said...

It is my hope that Lawrence will go on posting artfully designed videos.
Always informed by his love and concern for the church. Always under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
Making ONLY this type of video may well eat him up as Physiocrat warns.
But there are other ways of thinking about the travail through which the Catholic Church is passing, other ways of responding creatively to the forces which want to banish the Gospel of Jesus Christ from all civic and cultural life.
I hope and pray that Lawrence will find a 'new approach' if new approach he is seeking.
In the last post I cited the work of Jordan Peterson because he is an embattled figure ready to tackle many of the big questions of our time from the dark legacy of Derrida and postmodernism to transgender and sexual politics.
I think of Dr. Peterson as a 'God-fearer' if not (yet) as a Christian.
Also on YouTube, please watch 'A Conversation With Two Leading Evangelists' - Bishop Robert Barron and William Lane Craig.
Bishop Barron says there is a time when Catholics have to 'hunker down' in an uncongenial climate as the future John Paul II did as a young seminarian in Poland during the Nazi occupation.
But those years of prayer, fasting and hardship brought much grace which came to the forefront during John Paul's papacy.
Dr William Lane Craig says it is important to identify the cluster of ideas in our culture which are bitterly opposed to Jesus Christ and his Gospel.
It will be in the colleges and universities as well as in the music, television and film industries where the coming spiritual debate will rage, thinks Dr. Craig.
This reminds me of Os Guinness who was told by his tutor in theology at Oxford University that 'we are not very keen on apologetics here'.
Apologetics is not the answer to everything but they will prove very important in the years that lie ahead.

May the peace of God that passes all understanding be with us always.

john haggerty said...

Post Script.
How Francis Schaeffer changed his anti-Catholic stance at the end of his life.

Watch 'Frank Schaeffer on the L'Abri Legacy' (YouTube) a searching discussion.

Frank is the youngest child of the late Edith and Francis Schaeffer of the L'Abri Community in Switzerland; his father wrote 'The God Who is There' and other evangelical bestsellers.
Frank is now a member of the Greek Orthodox Church.
As he was dying Francis Sr. said he was not in the least offended by the crucifix in the Catholic hospital in the Mayo Clinic, Minnesota, as he would have been in his younger days as a hard-line American fundamentalist.
Francis Schaeffer told his son that he felt comforted in his last weeks by the sight of the crucifix on the wall of his hospital ward.
Frank said that his father at the end of his life no longer thought of himself as a Presbyterian or Evangelical, but rather as an 'historic Christian'; his father never had any real sympathy with the religious right in America.
There is a most readable biography, 'Francis Schaeffer - An Authentic Life' by Colin Duriez (Inter Varsity Press 2008).
Thanks again.

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