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Bishop Athanasius Speaks

I found this on Gloria TV. I think the interview could be quite old. He speaks very beautifully on the matter of Holy Communion.

That Awkward Moment...

When you're Pectoral Cross falls into a 'hiding place' the exact moment when you are in an 'interfaith' setting. This is an embarrassment that many Bishops can attest to.

It clearly took His Holiness a long time to realise that his Pectoral Cross had accidentally been hidden.

Why did nobody point it out to the Holy Father?

 Why does it always happen at just the wrong moment! Thankfully, we can rest assured that this was not a 'gesture', authentic or otherwise, and that these things just happen, because it seems obvious to me that any Bishop who hides Christ meeting anyone is some kind of, well, I am not sure quite what!

The mysterious disapperance of the Cross was also a phenomenom that affected others in attendance.

Ah well, there's always next time, Your Holiness. An unplanned gesture that could happen to anyone, or, even, everyone! Quick, put your Crosses away lads, its only polite!

The Father of Zionism

Apparently Theodore Herzl, …

Papa's Got a Brand New Bag

This image is beautiful. It sends out a clear signal - and I believe it is an authentic gesture - more authentic than your average authentic gesture - that the Pope can carry and does carry a black bag. I don't know about you but I respect anyone who carries a bag. Yet, I do wonder whether this black bag lark is a little 'outdated'.

The Supreme Pontiff, in making a clear gesture that he is one of the ordinary folk who walk on a red carpet, need not use a black, leather bag. The red carpet, obviously, isn't anything fancy for Pope Francis himself, but symbolises the Blood of Christ that trailed through the street in that land made Holy by His Life, Death and Resurrection. For the Pope to give a sign of Our Lord's Passion and Death, as well as the blood of the martyrs is just beautiful. Beautiful.

Why a black bag though? Why not something like a Sainsbury's bag, or a 'bag for life' Sainbury's bag at that, or the Italian equivalent. This would send a c…

Authentic Gestures

Courtesy of The Catholic Herald...

Regarding his dramatic gestures during the visit, when he prayed at the controversial Israeli-built separation barrier in the West Bank and kissed the hands of Holocaust survivors, the Pope said the....
“...most authentic gestures are those you don’t think about… mine were not planned gestures, it just occurs to me to do something spontaneously that way.”

Is it just me, or is the Holy Father suggesting that there are times, even as Pope, in which His Holiness has engaged in what could be called 'inauthentic gestures' but that these 'unplanned' authentic gestures in the Holy Land were 'genuinely authentic'?

Or is His Holiness saying that 'the most authentic gestures' are those that people in general do not think about? It is very kind of His Holiness to explain to us what differentiates an authentic gesture from a 'less authentic gesture'.

Are there degrees of authenticity in gestures? The 'most&…

He's Only An Auxillary Bishop, He'll Never Get Promoted...

A commenter called Alison Muir left a comment on my blog after my glowing report on Bishop Athansius Schneider.

The comment, at which I burst out laughing, read...

'He's only an auxillary bishop - so hardly one at all really. He's certainly never going to get promoted.'

Where to begin with this appalling understanding of Catholicism?

St Catherine of Siena was only a nun.

St Therese of Lisieux was a Carmelite nun.

St Francis of Assisi was only a layman and then friar.

St Dominic was only a priest and preacher.

St Anthony of Padua was only a priest and friar.

St Athanasius was a Bishop. While heresy swept the Catholic Church like wildfire, among Bishops, he alone held out against Arianism and stood up for Christ. How many of the other Bishops of his day have their own feast days?

How much time have you got, 'Alison'? I haven't got all day, but I would need quite a few in order to list the highly influential Catholics who have changed the course of the Church…

Bank Holiday Weekend

I just booked a nine-seater vehicle today to go to Ramsgate to the Shrine of St Augustine tomorrow.

Unfortunately, the car rental place is closed tomorrow because its a bank holiday. Anyone have any ideas other than the train?

I don't suppose there is anyone living near (or even not that near) Brighton who has a vehicle (it doesn't have to be a nine-seater!) who fancies driving to Ramsgate to pay a duel visit to the Shrine of St Augustine and to go to Mass celebrated, I think, by Bishop Athansius? If so, drop me an email while I start praying. I'd be happy to pay! However, if that's a no go...

Bishop Schneider will not be celebrating Mass but will be preaching at the 6pm Mass at the London Oratory for St Philip’s Day.

Unless a Miracle happens, I expect that, God willing, I'll see you there.

Update: I can hire a car from Gatwick. Pray for us!

And I saw a beast coming up out of the sea...

H/T Roy 'Get out of the water!' Schneider
Analogous to the precarious situation of Holy Mother Church?

Warning: Graphic scenes of shark-related horror are in the video above.

Heresy is like a great white shark in the water, seeking to devour the truth and with it the children of Mary and Jesus, encouraging people to embrace falsehood!

Lord, grant that Your Church may enjoy true liberty and exaltation,
and that the shark of heresy may be kept at bay, or speared and then blown up!

One of the best lines in a movie ever.

This is how to deal with heresy when it seeks to devour the barque! Go, Schneider, go!

Reflections on a Humble Bishop

What efforts men will go to, to proclaim their humility!
I have not been so impressed and excited by the words and example of a Bishop as I am about Bishop Athanasius Schneider for a long time. That said, there are not many Bishops who one can get excited about unless it is to be in a rather negative sense.

In England and Wales, everything is rather negative, Bishops seem so embarrassed of our Faith. I was expecting to work today, so I could not go up to London, but it rained so I was not called in. That's the world of catering for you but that means I was unable to get up to the one day LMS Conference with Bishop Athanasius today.

However, with the humble Bishop still gathering crowds, all is not lost, as he will be at the Shrine of St Augustine in Ramsgate on Monday. Guess who is considering hiring a car. There's a plenary indulgence waiting for the man who does, assuming I don't crash on the way.

Bishops take note: Clothes maketh not the man!
What is refreshing about B…


Imagine stepping into a Catholic Church and hearing this. Music breaks down walls. Music like this can break down thick walls of prejudice against the Church. At the Church I attended last week, this sublime music was sung during the Offertory. Why is it not sung in all Churches at its proper time in the liturgical year? Any era in the Church that rejects this music is positively insane. Only a Church that wanted to kill itself would do so.

I Refuse to Vote for this Man...

...until he's done the 12-step programme. In order to lead the country you have to be sober at least some of the time. Still, they say it never did Churchill much harm.

All joking aside, I expect that the IPA will be flowing for the next few days for UKIP. Good for them, they have made politics exciting again. The people have spoken (well, 34% of the people have spoken, some of whom voted UKIP) and the overwhelming opinion seems to be one of contempt for the political figures who show such contempt for those who have placed them in authority over them through the ballot box.

I'm not sure whether Nigel Farage is really a 'man of the people' because most people can't afford to drink in pubs anymore. Mine's a San Miguel or two from the corner shop. I think Catholics should join UKIP now, so that they get a place at the table when Nigel starts formulating policy. If nutters are welcome in the party, then why can't we be welcomed too! UKIP are a 'broad chur…

Scripture and Slavery

I have written an absurdly long blog post on the Bible and slavery following conversations with an atheist over Facebook.

If you would like to read it, visit The Guild of Blessed Titus Brandsma.

Say a prayer for this 20-year-old who committed suicide after a short period of unemployment. That a young man should commit suicide due to lack of work is truly terrible and saddening.

New Hollywood Blockbuster for 2015


Equal in Dignity

Is a statement I can generally agree with. Since this is, in a simplistic way, what the Church teaches.
The Church does not teach anything so blithe and meaningless as:
'We are all equal'.
Nor is equality in human dignity even the focus of so many 'equality campaigners'. Our Lord Jesus Christ did not teach equality and if you can find me a passage of Scripture in which the doctrine of 'equality' is expounded, I will be very surprised indeed.

Yet, I see that even the statement, 'we're all equal in our human dignity' is problematic, since we believe that the dignity conferred on us by right of our humanity - given to us by the Creator - is not the same as the supernatural dignity -given to us by the Creator - conferred on us through Baptism, as adopted sons and daughters of God, nor does it account for the loss of dignity we suffer from mortal sin, or its restor…

How to be Taken Seriously by the State

Be a religion known for intransigence and even violent defence of its own interests rather than a religion known for its tolerance and subservience to the State?

It will be interesting to see how Ofsted react to being shown the door at a Luton Muslim school.

Why has no Bishop tried that, I wonder?

The Guild of Blessed Titus Brandsma Needs You!

This is a reminder to members of The Guild of Blessed Titus Brandsma, that the Guild's blog benefits greatly from bloggers contributions.

If you would like to contribute to the Guild's blog, if you are a member, a registered author, please feel free to write something and post it up. If you are not a member but would like to contribute something to be considered for publication, send something over to me at

God bless readers and may Blessed Titus Brandsma intercede for the good success of the Guild's work in apologetics and evangelisation. As well as these works for Christ, The Guild exists to offer support to Catholic bloggers who work often in isolation.

If you are a Catholic blogger and have not yet joined the Guild, contact me if you wish to do so, we are always happy to consider new members. We are stronger together, then we are alone. If you wish to write for a blog but would like to be anonymous, for your own reasons, do not worry, …

Equality is worse than a Myth. It is a Superstition.

The Guild of Blessed Titus Brandsma

‘Equality’ is not a true law, nor can it justly be called a right. It’s dominance of popular culture has rendered it worse than a myth. If people are caught up in the notion of equality today it is because man easily becomes caught up in superstition.

What has given the word ‘equality’ – a word that has never lost its emotive power since the dawn of the Enlightenment - the power and force that it has in today’s society?

We now hear this word, particularly in the realm of gender and sexuality so much and it so dominates the public forum that for anybody to contradict the very notion of equality is to have committed a formal and public act of heresy that warrants public exclusion, potential loss of employment and perhaps worse.

The fear and hatred generated against those who have contradicted the concept of equality is visceral and powerful. Why? What has made rejection of this belief so highly charged? The simple truth would appear to b…

Psalm 15

'For the sorrows of those who run to alien gods are many.'  - Psalm 15

Filthy Cheat!

Oh joy! Diego Maradona, the unrepentant cheat from Argentina, unlike that nice Gary Lineker, is rather taken by Pope Francis. Perhaps, we should not be too surprised. I do not wish to revel in the vices of others, but the unrepentant cheat, whose comeback in another world cup was ruined because of his habitual cocaine use, claims to have found something of a Supreme Pontiff after his own heart in the Pope from the New World.
“The Vatican, for me, is a lie because instead of giving to people it takes away. All popes have done this and I don’t want him to do it,” Maradona said during an interview with a Naples TV station, according to Reuters.

“I am disappointed with the Vatican but I believe in you because you are making changes and pointing us towards more human things, things that I would like to see in the Church,” he added. As England supporters will know and appreciate, Diego Maradona has ever been a rebellious child of Argentina who turns his nose up at any sense of playing by …

Bishop Athanasius Schneider in the UK

I am so excited about Bishop Athansius Schneider's coming the the UK.

As part of the tour, the Bishop will be coming to West Grinsted on Saturday for a Pontifical High Mass.

Full details of the Mass in the Extraordinary Form are here, along with full details of his whistlestop tour of the UK.

May this good Bishop continue to give witness to the Lord, most especially to the reverence with which we should honour the Blessed Sacrament. Deo gratias!

Fatima: A Feast for Fruitloops

Fatima supporters are widely regarded as being a bit 'out there' in the Catholic Church. I think that, in a way, the Fatima children gave Catholics who promote the message of Fatima a good preparation for rejection since they, also, were widely rejected until evidence of the supernatural became more extended, for instance, during the Miracle of the Sun. Still, even after that, a lot of Bishops would say that Fatima is not important. I really doubt that Fatima is not important. The message of Fatima, essentially, is 'repent for the Kingdom of God is near at hand'. If that's not important, then what is?

However, it is kind of to be expected that the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima should become regarded by some - or even many - in the Church - as something of a feast for the fruitloops, because within the Fatima camp are some ideas that are truly 'out there'. I don't know whether Pope Francis celebrated the Feast today - after all, it was an option.

What!? Di…

Be Careful Now and Mind How You Go...

And don't be like this guy (pictured left).

His Holiness Pope Francis has a little more elaboration on the spirit and the law today here.

While Ed Peters of 'In the Light of the Law', has his own thoughts on the musings of Cardinal Walter Kasper here and here.

A little bit of respect for the law is not a terrible thing, especially Church law, lest Church ministers become like unto the lawless one referred to by St Paul in his epistle to the Thessalonians.

I feel it is important that Almighty God while concerned that we do not become legalistic or pharisaic is not set in opposition to law otherwise there is a genuine concern that the dogma of the Faith really will be preserved in Portugal etc...

Harvard Black Mass Cancelled

Well, thanks be to God and Our Blessed Lady the alternative black tie event at Harvard was cancelled! How can we extol thee enough O Woman who crushes the serpent underneath thy heel!

Mark my words though, the damage is done and there is now no chance I am sending my children to Harvard.

I must say I find it quite disturbing that commenters at the foot of a Time  Magazine article are calling the cancellation a defeat for religious liberty.

Still, Deo gratias!

Our Lady of Fatima, Ora Pro Nobis

"...Jesus wishes to use you to make me better known and loved. He wishes to establish in the world devotion to my Immaculate Heart."
Lucia was suddenly sad. "Must I stay here all alone?"

"No, my child", the Lady replied gently. "And would that make you suffer? Do not be disheartened. My Immaculate Heart will never abandon you, but will be your refuge and the way that will lead you to God."

As she said these words, the Lady again opened her hands on the three children and communicated to them the same immense light that had overwhelmed them a month earlier. Francisco and Jacinta seemed to be in that part of the light which rose towards Heaven and Lucia in the rays which spread over the world. In the palm of the Lady's right hand, the children could see a Heart, ringed with thorns which seemed to pierce it. They understood this to be the Immaculate Heart of Mary, grieved by the sins of humanity and seeking reparation.

As the Lady rose into th…

Star Wars on When the Situation and Manner in Which One May Validly Resist a Pope

Rumour has it that a new Star Wars is coming out featuring the 'original cast'. No Alec Guinness, though, so I won't be attending any screening.

Let's hope this is not an accurate depiction of the forthcoming Synod, though I wouldn't object terribly if Cardinal Walter Kasper was thrown into the Abyss of deep space right now. That's a joke obviously. May the Lord preserve that Prince of the Church!

I love the way Luke says, "I will not fight you, Father", after having just kicked him down the stairs.

I wish I was like Luke Skywalker. As a Catholic blogger, rather than a person of influence wielding an impressive green light sabre, I fear I'm more of a Chewbacca type, just making angry noises when I think things are going wrong...

Pray for the Defence of the Most Holy Sacrament from Violation

Mother of God, Mother of the Church, Mother of the Eucharist, Queen of Heaven.
Defend the Body and Blood of Your Son from every possible violation!
H/T Margaret Thatcher RIP

Reading Between the Lines

Courtesy of Vatican Radio

My comments, in blue.
'"Who are we to close the doors" to the Holy Spirit? This was the question that Pope Francis repeated this morning during his homily at Mass at Casa Santa Marta, a homily dedicated to the conversion of the first pagans to Christianity. St Peter and the Apostles did not believe converting people was solemn nonsense, then. The Holy Spirit, he reiterated, is what makes the Church to go "beyond the limits, go ever forward". The limits of what, forward where?

The Spirit blows where it wills, but one of the most common temptations of those who have faith is to bar its path and drive it in one direction or another. Quite. And, for instance, the Latin Mass was never formally abrogated. A temptation that was not alien even in the early days of the Church, as the experience of Simon Peter in today’s reading from the Acts of the Apostles shows. A community of pagans welcomes the announcement of the Gospel and Peter is an e…

Religious Freedom at Harvard University

A quite thought provoking article at Harvesting the Fruiton the Black Mass at Harvard and religious freedom.

It is an open secret that a candidate for 33rd degree Freemasonry has the true 'god' of masonry revealed to him (yes, its always a him) and the name of that 'god' is Lucifer. I don't hear many Bishops or Priests objecting to Freemasonry.

If religious freedom in the eyes of the Church means you can worship what you want then I guess its a bit strange to object to Satanism with all that may entail. After all, according to the psalm, 'all the gods of the gentiles are devils' anyway. If the author of the piece I have linked to is correct, then it looks like one of the documents of the Second Vatican Council has the Satanists covered. Ho-hum. Apparently, the Second Vatican Council is to be one of the few 'non-negotiables' in the Franciscan papacy, so quite how that's going to go down with the supposed 'negotiations' with the SSPX is a…

What the Devil is He Playing At?

And so it was that the Devil, who so loathed the work for Jesus Christ of a blogging Deacon, and who was so enraged that this work was gaining in popularity and influence, because it dared even to name those who were dragging the name of Christ through the mud, inspired some to ensure that his blog was closed down.

The Bishop who was deeply involved in the closure of the Deacon's blog may take another view of that, but I am entitled to my opinion. A spiritual explanation may be one explanation among many, but its a perfectly valid one in the Catholic Church.

That Deacon, however, has a new book out called'Who is the Devil? What Pope Francis Says'. Few Popes have said as much about the Devil as this one, or, at least, not in such a short space of time. The combat taking place between God and the Devil has been the subject of many a Papal homily.

This would, I would think, have the orthodox-believing Catholic quite delighted. Huzzah! The Pope is taking the fight to the chie…

Unity in Dissent

It was nice to be reminded by Pope Francis that, though we are all called to be Saints that the Saints are sinners sanctified by God, made holy by God. It reminds us that without sanctifying grace everything is impossible for us, but that, with the grace of God, everything is possible.

I cannot help but feel inspired by these great heroes of God, these heroes of the Church and I will always pray to these great heroes and heroines of the Church for special graces. The intercession of the Saints is powerful before God's Throne.

Saints and Heroes

I was slightly taken aback by Pope Francis's slightly reduced vision of the Saints. I cannot help but feel that the Church has honoured these for their Christian heroism. Of St Paul, His Holiness says...

“One morning, 3, 4, 5 soldiers came to him.. they took him away and cut off his head. Simply. The great man, who had gone out into the whole world, ended his life in this way.” Seconds later, of course,  the Church would cherish Her beli…

Key Cardinal Comes Out Against Christ

Recently elevated to the Cardinalate, Lorenzo Baldisseri, head of the Synod of Bishops, has put his mitred head above the parapet to proclaim his doctrinal position against Christ.

According to Catholic Conclave...

In an exclusive interview with the Christian weekly magazine Tertio, Cardinal Baldisseri has said...
"The Church is not timeless, she lives amidst the vicissitudes of history and the Gospel must be known and experienced by people today," says Baldisseri. "It is in the present that the message should be, with all respect for the integrity from whom the message has been received. We now have two synods to treat this complex theme of the family and I believe that these dynamics in two movements will allow a more adequate response to the expectations of the people", says the Secretary General of the Synod of Bishops. He also notes that "Familiaris Consortio" of John Paul II, the last great ecclesiastical document on this subject is 33 yea…