Monday, 12 May 2014

Star Wars on When the Situation and Manner in Which One May Validly Resist a Pope

Rumour has it that a new Star Wars is coming out featuring the 'original cast'. No Alec Guinness, though, so I won't be attending any screening.

Let's hope this is not an accurate depiction of the forthcoming Synod, though I wouldn't object terribly if Cardinal Walter Kasper was thrown into the Abyss of deep space right now. That's a joke obviously. May the Lord preserve that Prince of the Church!

I love the way Luke says, "I will not fight you, Father", after having just kicked him down the stairs.

I wish I was like Luke Skywalker. As a Catholic blogger, rather than a person of influence wielding an impressive green light sabre, I fear I'm more of a Chewbacca type, just making angry noises when I think things are going wrong...

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Damask Rose said...

Aw, but everyone loves Chewie. He's so dependable. He can fly ships, repair their electronics, great in a fight, gives hugs and forever loyal.

I was also going to say he's a warrior teddybear, but then I remembered the Ewoks... I can't even call him a warrior yeti, 'cos remember that snowbeast that got Luke on Hoth.

(Oooh, I can't wait, the 'original cast'. I hope they come up with a really good storyline. The 'prequel' story, was so 'meh' in places... and infantile. They so totally played down hard work and effort. Remember Luke going through all that intensive training on Dagobah with "Do or do not" Yoda 'cos the Force flowed stronger in Skywalker, and then they turn it into some sort of nano-thingys flowing in Anakin's blood, sheesh, what a disappointment. Jar Jar Binks drove me up the wall. At least there was Obi Wan Kenobi. Even the humanoids weren't that impressive, where was there imagination? I mean, who can ever forget the Mos Eisley Cantina?"

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