Bank Holiday Weekend

I just booked a nine-seater vehicle today to go to Ramsgate to the Shrine of St Augustine tomorrow.

Unfortunately, the car rental place is closed tomorrow because its a bank holiday. Anyone have any ideas other than the train?

I don't suppose there is anyone living near (or even not that near) Brighton who has a vehicle (it doesn't have to be a nine-seater!) who fancies driving to Ramsgate to pay a duel visit to the Shrine of St Augustine and to go to Mass celebrated, I think, by Bishop Athansius? If so, drop me an email while I start praying. I'd be happy to pay! However, if that's a no go...

Bishop Schneider will not be celebrating Mass but will be preaching at the 6pm Mass at the London Oratory for St Philip’s Day.

Unless a Miracle happens, I expect that, God willing, I'll see you there.

Update: I can hire a car from Gatwick. Pray for us!


Anonymous said…
Hope you survived the duel!!