Bishop Athanasius Schneider in the UK

I am so excited about Bishop Athansius Schneider's coming the the UK.

As part of the tour, the Bishop will be coming to West Grinsted on Saturday for a Pontifical High Mass.

Full details of the Mass in the Extraordinary Form are here, along with full details of his whistlestop tour of the UK.

May this good Bishop continue to give witness to the Lord, most especially to the reverence with which we should honour the Blessed Sacrament. Deo gratias!


Chloe said…
In my fantasy future conclave the next election is a close run thing between Card Burke and Bishop Schneider. I will now retire to sleep with a beatific smile on my face at the thought.
Jacobi said…
The bishop's call that we have a syllabus of erroneous interpretations of the documents and so called "teachings" of Vatican II, must be taken up and shouted from the rooftops!
viterbo said…
colour me green, not from being a martian, but from being jealous of your proximity to such unashamed Catholicity. now if frankie were swanning through your way I would be glad with bells on to be oceans away from such unashamed uncatholicity.
Anonymous said…
Amen. I've had the honour of hearing this truly holy bishop speak. He teaches, governs and sanctifies as all bishops are meant to. God protect and strengthen him.