I Refuse to Vote for this Man...

...until he's done the 12-step programme. In order to lead the country you have to be sober at least some of the time. Still, they say it never did Churchill much harm.

All joking aside, I expect that the IPA will be flowing for the next few days for UKIP. Good for them, they have made politics exciting again. The people have spoken (well, 34% of the people have spoken, some of whom voted UKIP) and the overwhelming opinion seems to be one of contempt for the political figures who show such contempt for those who have placed them in authority over them through the ballot box.

I'm not sure whether Nigel Farage is really a 'man of the people' because most people can't afford to drink in pubs anymore. Mine's a San Miguel or two from the corner shop. I think Catholics should join UKIP now, so that they get a place at the table when Nigel starts formulating policy. If nutters are welcome in the party, then why can't we be welcomed too! UKIP are a 'broad church' of the disaffected. I am sure that among the disaffected was very little enthusiasm for 'same-sex marriage' and the many absurd novelties so loved by the metropolitan elite, as well as the creeping totalitarianism that we have come to expect from the powerful policy makers - not that any of them are as frightening as Google.

Congratulations to UKIP, who will have restored the confidence of the 34% of British people who still vote in democracy. What the 66% of British people who don't vote in British elections make of it all, who knows?  All together now...


Fight the New World Order!


AndrewWS said…
As you'll be aware if you've read Farage's autobiography, the interesting thing is that his father (still alive and sober afaik) *did* do the programme, which saved his life and got him back to the Stock Exchange. So Junior is well aware of these things; whether he's an alcoholic disaster waiting to happen or has managed to stay on the right side of the line remains to be seen.
Liam Ronan said…
David Cameron's flogging of the gay marriage legislation alone is sufficient cause for a UKIP vote.
I can wish but I dont think that would work yet in the US.
Liberal progressives still rule the show here, crying "racist, bigot, homophobe" if anyone dissents