Monday, 19 May 2014

How to be Taken Seriously by the State

Be a religion known for intransigence and even violent defence of its own interests rather than a religion known for its tolerance and subservience to the State?

It will be interesting to see how Ofsted react to being shown the door at a Luton Muslim school.

Why has no Bishop tried that, I wonder?


Deacon Augustine said...

Read the linked article and there are 2 things which occur to me which I think parents should be very concerned about.

Firstly, that OFSTED has now become a force of "thought-police" for children. While every school should have a zero-tolerance policy for bullying of all kinds, it is no business of the state to question our children on their attitudes and beliefs like some kind of inquisition. Parents are always the primary educators of children and for the state to usurp this role, by interfering with the imparting of fundamental beliefs, is an abuse of human rights.

Secondly, why was a strange adult allowed to be alone in a room with a child? This is surely a breach of the most basic safeguarding guidelines. The CES should refuse to co-operate with OFSTED if they cannot clean up their act.

Andrew said...

Once I'd heard that various Catholic dioceses were admitting the homosexual/pederast-rights lobbying group "stonewall" into their schools' classrooms, I all but realized the game was up as far as the hierarchy's concerned.

It's down to the parents to make a stand on these matters, and I have fair admiration for those muslims who did so in this instance.

Lisa ford said...

I imagine the school will face severe penalties and very quickly - eg change of senior management. OFSTED are responsible for ensuring teaching quality and that the national curriculum is being followed. The inspectors will be CRB checked and I imagine precautions such as 2 adults present are routinely employed. OFSTED have nothing to do with Stonewall. the state funds education and they have a duty to ensure that educational quality is good.

On another note - Pope Francis update:
-Swiss bishop allows lay appeal for women’s ordination and 'can imagine a woman at the altar'

BJC said...

Somewhat relevant to the subject and very funny.

Anonymous said...

BJC: even funnier -

And 1,000 signatures reached already! What ARE we coming to?

Delia (sorry, can't remember Google password)

Celia said...

If people weren't already aware: Muslims take their faith seriously. Most Catholics, including bishops who really don't want to offend the secular Establishment, don't. Or rather their faith has been watered down to 'Church of Nice' levels.

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