The Vatican Can't Even Get a Floral Display Right Nowadays

The floral display for the canonization Mass of Popes St John XXIII and St John Paul II.

Two red horns. Not clever!
6 parts to the whole display. Sections in each half of the display giving us...

6 to the left...

6 on the right...Not clever! And all right in front of the papal altar!

Okay, I admit, I got this information from elsewhere from a man claiming this was a message from the Illuminati to the Illuminati and I won't link to that site, because I would think some things can be read into just a little too much, but quite honestly, can the Vatican, who have obviously gone to a great deal of trouble to lay out this weird, rather new age floral display, not touch anything without giving people reason to think that the the Vatican is promoting symbolism of the occult or that the forces of antichrist have taken over Rome?

Why not simply a nice floral display of Keys of St Peter or Our Lady, or the Lord Jesus, or a Cross or just the faces of Sts JPII and JXIII?

You cannot blame internet nuts for analysing it and asking, 'What are they trying to tell us?' because, you know, somebody's gone to a great deal of effort! Obviously, its a masterful display connoting the tongues of fire of the Holy Spirit or perhaps the twelve Apostles, but, you know, people will read into new symbols and people will talk.

The guy who gives an 'in depth analysis' of the symbol says this will be the symbol of the 'new one world religion' that will replace the Catholic faith. That sounds just a little far fetched, but as far as floral displays go, unless this is an entry into a new Royal Horticultural Society Esoteric Symbol Flower Show, I can't see immediately what this symbol represents. It's like the modern Catholic Church, I suppose, in as much as it says little to nothing about anything, let alone nothing of Christ. It's not even very pretty. Next time a Pope is canonized, why not keep it simple, as they do at Arundel Cathedral's legendary Corpus Christi Carpet of Flowers.

See! It's not hard to spread the Gospel with flowers! Someone tell the floral display manager in Rome, because he needs sacking. I mean, its not as if something that says something about the Papacy or the Catholic Church is beyond the Vatican!


balderick said…
The liturgy is about 'signs and symbols' perceptible to the senses, you would indeed think there would be a certain expertise in the Vatican.
pattif said…
Although I wasn't close enough on Sunday to see the floral displays on Sunday, I was in the front row for the Mass of Thanksgiving on Monday and for the General Audience on Wednesday. The flowers, which seemed to be predominantly orange and yellow, looked lovely and, if there was any symbolism in their arrangement, it was indiscernible.
Annie said…
I teach the Catholic faith to fourth graders (9 & 10 year olds) and spend time teaching them the symbols of our faith. These include the INRI, IHS (or IHC), A and O, and the chi ro (the X superimposed with a P). The children are fascinated with these symbols and the meanings behind them. They love learning to decode the Greek and Latin letters; the artistic representations of these symbols throughout the ages fascinates them. The Vatican could have drawn from these, or displayed lamb or shepherd, or a number of other ancient Christian symbols that would have so beautifully connected the canonization ceremony to the Church of the ages. Instead we get what looks like a rainbow UN logo - hmmm, wonder what that symbolizes?
Tereze Avila said…
You suppose to see this:

The Bones said…
Oh gosh. Yes, that's the guy!
FR JOHN said…
Yu can only blame Marini-2 as he's in charge of all the liturgical affairs.
Molitva Srca said…
This could posiblly be a sign of a new one world religion headed by the pope Francis which will idolize the beast .
Glory be to the Father , and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit
Liam Ronan said…
I don't know about signs and portents, or kooks, clairvoyants, and predictions.

What I do sense however is a profound unease these days that almost seems palpable and an indefinable nameless angst that seems to oppress so very many.

My sense strongly suggests to me that were in for a good kicking (rightly so) and we'd better get our individual houses in order.

Pray the rosary. Go to confession and make peace with those you love or may have offended.
Tereze Avila said…
What if there is a double game played here? What if masons on Vatican knowing that the faithful always would protest their obvious presence there, they decided to prepare symbols like this famous now Francis' Resurrefix, this flower arrangements etc. to send DOUBLE MESSAGES - one to faithful and another one to their own? I know it sounds hard to believe, but it is possible.
It resembles the logo of „Weltethos“, the (UN-backed) foundation of Pope Francis´friend Hans Küng.
About “Global ethic” in Englisch:

Card. Bergoglio was a friend and supporter for another UN-backed religions initiative, the URI which is supported by Hans Küng, too.
Unknown said…
I think we just have to wait till the October synod to know if Francis is an antipope or possibly even the false prophet. It comes down to whether or not Communion will be openly offered to people living in sexual mortal sin.

William Tapley seems like a nut, but I admit I've watched some of his videos too. He claims to be a devout Catholic. He's most definitely a wretched musician who plays a keyboard and sings some of his prophecies. Dreadful sounds.

According to people who identify themselves as ex-illuminati, open gestures and symbols are part and parcel of the Illuminati culture.

On the other hand, if Pope Francis picks his nose or scratches his butt---there will be somebody out there saying it's a secret Illuminati gesture.

Kelly Bowring , a respected orthodox Catholic theologian, has an article on his website entitled What to Do if Pope Francis is the False Prophet. It's a balanced approach to that possibility.

Seattle Kimmy
Unknown said…
It greatly resembles the UN logo itself. Google UN logo and see!

Pope Francis is going to be addressing the UN very soon, right?

Seattle Kimmy
Liam Ronan said…
By the way, Bones, these 'signs' are often a kind of Rohrschach test, more indicative of one's state of mind than anything else.

If you 'Google' "cornflake images for sale on ebay" you'll find a plethora of portentous breakfast cereals on offer.

Anonymous said…
Well, in any case, it's not a Christian symbol - so why is it so big and prominent? What's the point of it?
Gosh it is awful. I think the cross crashing the day before the double canonisations is a possible signal that the synod is going to do away with the cross - ie say it's ok to cohabit and the rest!!!

Wait for October synod
Unknown said…
Speaking of the similarities to the UN logo, Pope Francis is going to be addressing all the heads of United Nations agencies on May 10. Many conservative Catholics are hopeful that he. will speak to the radical anti-life agenda the UN holds. Not holding my breath on that one, but we'll see. He couldn't be bothered to give a word on Belgium's new pediatric euthanasia law or France's homosexual marriage legislation---all happening during his first year. That silence was deafening. I don't believe him when he takes an orthodox moral position on anything now---I feel like he's just trying to string the faithful along, feed the pigeons, keep the carrot dangling in front of the donkey....I've personally ceased to believe him at all. At Mass I cringe when his name is mentioned and have to make a concerted effort not to roll my eyes. Of course I could be wrong about him, but I rather doubt it. I'd rather have an unfriendly, unsmiling pope who was clear and hard lined. Too bad one of the Africans didn't get it.
Seattle Kimmy
c matt said…
Actually, it kind of looks like the Mozilla Firefox logo. Maybe that's Frankie's preferred browser. Or he sold sponsorship space to cover some of the cost?
Anonymous said…
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