Saturday, 24 May 2014

And I saw a beast coming up out of the sea...

H/T Roy 'Get out of the water!' Schneider

Analogous to the precarious situation of Holy Mother Church?

Warning: Graphic scenes of shark-related horror are in the video above.

Heresy is like a great white shark in the water, seeking to devour the truth and with it the children of Mary and Jesus, encouraging people to embrace falsehood!

Lord, grant that Your Church may enjoy true liberty and exaltation,
and that the shark of heresy may be kept at bay, or speared and then blown up!

One of the best lines in a movie ever.

This is how to deal with heresy when it seeks to devour the barque! Go, Schneider, go!

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Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

shark-watching from the Remnant:

Father Celatus reviews the franciseffects:

• The first papal abdication: the title of Pope
• The first Francis cold-call: newspaper
• The first Francis cold-call: newspaper cancellation
• The first foot washing: of women and infidel inmates
• The first papal insult: a spiritual bouquet of rosaries
• The second papal abdication: dignified vestments
• The first papal sacrilege: WYD "mess" in Rio de Janeiro
• The first Francis interrogatory: "Who am I to judge?"
• The second Francis cold-call: chitchat with an atheist
• The first papal kudo: Most Powerful Person by Forbes
• The first Francis declaration: atheists are redeemed
• The first papal Jihad: against promethean neopelagianism
• The first gay concession: stop obsessing on gay unions
• The third papal abdication: the dignified papal throne
• The second papal kudo: Person of the Year by Time
• The first Francis canticle: the praises of Nelson Mandela
• The second gay concession: gay prelate appointed Vatican bank
• The second papal Jihad: against Franciscans of the Immaculate
• Third papal kudo: Person of the Year by The Advocate
• The second papal sacrilege: theft of a crucifix from a corpse
• The second papal insult: cloistered nuns with false smiles
• The first root of all evil: youth unemployment
• The third gay concession: LGBT firm hired as consultants
• The second Francis canticle: the praises of Cardinal Kasper
• The third papal Jihad: against the Bishops of Bling
• The third Francis canticle: the praises of Cardinal Martini
• Fourth papal kudo: World’s Greatest Leader by Fortune
• The second root of all evil: income inequality
• The second Francis declaration: Jewish Covenant still valid
• The fourth gay concession: holding hands with gay activist
• The fourth papal abdication: the papal apartments
• The second foot washing: of women and infidel seniors
• The fourth Francis canticle: the praises of Father Gutierrez
• The third Francis cold-call: support to remarried divorcee
• The fourth papal Jihad: against all forms of capitalism
• The third papal declaration: the Quran provides hope+
• The first Francis fast-tracks: canonization of two popes
• The second Francis fast-track: another pope for beatification
• The third Francis fast-track: a dubious miracle is approved
• The fourth Francis declaration: redistribute all the wealth
• The fifth gay concession: kissing the hand of gay activist
• The fifth papal declaration: saints are humble sinners
• The second Francis interrogatory: "Who am I to impede?"
• The sixth papal declaration: Martians can be baptized So many Francis Effects in so little time! Truly our Lord and our Lady suffered much more than the Stations and the Dolores reflect and so too does the Church Militant now suffer even more than this litany of Francis Effects.

p.s. what is a pope? what is a catholic? is a pope always catholic? Francis recently said, 'inside every Christian is a Jew.' would that be jews who deny the Son of God, and in so doing deny the God the Father? or would that be a Jew who is a Christian and therefore no longer 'Jew or Greek?' probably neither, because for Francis nothing is true and therefore anything can be said and done against the faith with 'impunity', because, after all, when was a shark ever concerned about God.

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