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Happy New Year


Maria Divine Mercy Prophecy Did Not Materialise

As some readers will be aware, I have been keeping up over time with the messages of Maria Divine Mercy, keeping something of an open mind. Over time I have found many of the messages of Maria Divine Mercy to be quite impressive. They do manage to capture the confusing era in the Church in which we live. With that said, the following was a prophecy concerning this Christmas given on Christmas Day 2013...

'Next Christmas, the celebration of My Birth will be replaced by a great ceremony, which will applaud the work of those imposters, who parade in My Church, wearing the garments which serve only to fool the faithful. On that day, they will applaud the god of social justice, human rights and the money they will say that they have raised for the world’s hungry. But know this. All these things presented to the world in My Holy Name, serve only one purpose. That is to take you away from the Word, which is My Flesh. My Flesh is of My Body. My Body is My Church. When those who say they …

Lavatory of Bling

A happy and joyous Christmas to all readers once more. Over the weekend I visited London and nipped into Harrods to do some browsing - not something I usually do, I might add. I didn't buy anything. However, I decided to take a photograph of this marble and gold toilet brush holder. It was for sale for £899.99 - a snip I think you'll agree!

I know such luxury isn't the Holy Father's thing - for His Holiness is the People'sPope of the Poor TM - but I thought it would go nicely with the marble of the Domus Sanctae Marthae for the Papal Lavatory. I assume the toilet is marble as well, though its hard to tell, what with never having booked a room at the Domus. Already concerned, without having even read this blogpost, Greg Burke has issued a picture of Pope Francis's toilet brush and holder just in case anyone should get the wrong idea.

Few Cardinals could afford a £900 toilet brush and holder but if such men do exist, they are likely to be found in Germany.


Happy Christmas to One and All

Wishing all readers a very happy, holy, peaceful  and blessed Christmas!
Christus natus est, ex Maria Virgine!

Still the best Christmas song ever!

New 'Motivational Posters' for Curia at Each Office Desk in 2015

Go on! Put one up in your office and let the diseases among fellow staff be cured!

Physician, curia thyself!

New Reforms for Curia Expected in 2015

After the stunning and very public Christmas 'dressing down' of his staff yesterday, 2015 is expected by some to bring some rigorous changes to curial life modelled on the US Marines. I apologise for the now familiar Hollywood film's dishonouring of the Holy Name contained within this movie snippet and for any swearing, but I couldn't help but think it portrays quite well in what direction the Pope's staff must feel things are going.

I guess that's the Vatican Office Christmas party cancelled this year then! This is that time of year when parish priests thank the many people who contribute through paid work and volunteering to maintain the running of the parish. Remember, Fathers, after you've thanked them to remind them of "the importance of not becoming clique-forming, hoarding, existentially schizophrenic, gossip-mongering, sufferers of spiritual altzheimers who are dominated by theatrical severity and sterile pessimism....and that's just the c…

Fides et Ratio

Manipulating the life and times of a 5th century Saint in in order to justify betraying Christ's Teaching to 'modernise' the Church in the 21st century might sound big or even clever, but it doesn't make sense.

If the CBCEW really want to jettison nearly 2,000 years of Catholic teaching and discipline handed down by Christ to His Apostles and their Successors, the writings of St Augustine of Hippo from 412 may not be the best source for your justification.

If you want to overthrow the Catholic religion, may I take this opportunity to recommend to the Catholic Bishops Conference of England and Wales the writings of Hans Küng or Tina Beattie? I think they might be a bit more up your street or 'down your road' than St Augustine of Hippo.

It's a strange, but now quite familiar habit of liberals to cite Saints from the middle ages and well before in an effort to overthrow Church discipline and tradition reaching back 2,000 years, isn't it?

If 412 A.D is mode…

Are you a Donatist?

I confess that I am no Church historian and that about the great Donatist heresy/crisis I do not know very much. As a 'loyal son of the Church' I cannot imagine that St Augustine of Hippo would set his face against the words of Christ and ignore His words on the adulterous nature of second marriages resulting from divorce from a first marriage. Nor can I imagine him as a disobedient or reckless custodian of the Blessed Sacrament.

Nor can I imagine as a 'loyal son of the Church' the great Saint and Doctor of the Church particularly enjoying his reputation as one who sought to extend mercy and forgiveness to those who had betrayed the Church in the heat of persecution - but who were repentant - being manipulated by the Bishops of England and Wales as a pretty neat theological argument for Kasper's sacriligious Communion-for-all-no-matter-what proposal. To use St Augustine's argument against the Donatists as a framework for casting those who follow Jesus Christ&#…

Support and Pray for Bernadette Smyth

There will be a prayer vigil for the head of Precious Life, a vigil in solidarity and support of Bernie Smyth, Director of Precious Life, Northern Ireland, and all pro life activists, Wednesday 17th @10.30am, @ Laganside court, Oxford St, Belfast. 

For background to this story read this courtesy of Precious Life.

'Bernie Smyth is being sentenced on Wednesday for the unjust and erroneous conviction of "harassment" of Dawn Purvis, Head of Marie Stopes in Northern Ireland. Marie Stopes were very angry at the babies being saved by the help of prolife volunteers at MS, including twins whose mother they helped, on the day Dawn Purvis accused Bernie of harassment. The appeal against this patently wrongful conviction is in January. Please come to show your support for peaceful pro lifers who are being slandered and persecuted. Please pray for Bernie and spread the word!

Ms Smyth, founder of the internationally-respected pro-life outreach, Precious Life, is widely admired for h…

It's not looking good for Fido...

'Behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to render to every man according to his works. I am Alpha and Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end. Blessed are they that wash their robes in the blood of the Lamb: that they may have a right to the tree of life, and may enter in by the gates into the city. Without are dogs, and sorcerers, and unchaste, and murderers, and servers of idols, and every one that loveth and maketh a lie.' (Apoc. 22: 12-15)
So that's that theological question settled then...

Peace to All Men of Goodwill

No matter how irritating an individual is, how 'rigid' or 'weak-hearted' we may (in a fit of outright judgmentalism) consider a person to be, I would have thought that praying to God that that person might fall into sin to 'teach him a good lesson' might just be the very opposite of what Christ taught us about loving our enemies.

Warming hearts

Not being graced with the gift of reading hearts and souls, I would be very cautious about calling someone 'weak-hearted'. How would I know someone's heart?

I am taught to hate sin in myself and in others while loving God and my neighbour for God's sake. Would it not be more Christian, should we have some reason to believe that someone is a bit hypocritical or a bit of a Pharisee to pray that the Lord Jesus might grant to that servant of His the virtue of humility? Further, I would urge caution on anyone believing he knows the hearts of others merely by judging their external actions. For example, a pries…

Christmas Reading

I was recently given a book called 'Liturgical Time Bombs in Vatican II', by the late, and much admired, Michael Davies.

I look forward to reading it over the Christmas period.

Vatican II, eh?

Finally! Something all Catholics can agree on!

I'll happily do a book review for readers once I have read it.

Looks thoroughly interesting!

Eh? No?

Last Post on Abortion Imagery

I apologise to anyone I've offended over the abortion images blog posts. When I wrote about it, the first one at least, I was under the general impression that this simply wasn't a Catholic kind of imagery used outside abortion clinics and that Catholic pro-life vigils were on the whole a bit more gentle and cautious than the more controversial style of Abort 67.

Ironically, Abort 67 are depicted by the media as bringing an 'American style' approach to abortion protesting, but from what I hear and see of US vigils on the internet, images of aborted fetuses are not a common feature of pro-life work in the US anymore. Therefore, to anyone I have offended, I apologise. Because I have never seen Catholics using such imagery in this country, I was genuinely surprised by the mixed response to the post. I did it once with Abort 67 - a definitively not Catholic organisation - and really didn't feel right about it afterwards, but that's a reflection on my personal expe…

New Look for the Blog

I'm considering this new look header for my vigorously pro-life blog.
Do you like it?
I can't see any reason why this header would put people off reading my blog, can you?


Happy Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe

The Imagery of Abortion

A few years ago, I stood outside an abortion clinic with Abort 67, the group featured in this video on Channel 4 News. I couldn't help but think, at the time, that the group were 'brave'. I admired their ability to stand up and  be counted for the truth.

The longer time goes on, I cannot help but think they are brave, but stupid. Their idea was clear - if only ordinary members of the public could see what abortion is, then abortion would be ended.

Oh, how naive we can be. In a sane world, this would be true. In a sane world, just one picture of an abortion should convince the whole world that it is wrong and evil, but it hasn't worked yet because people are blind to the truth and hardened against God and against the love and protection of human life. Yet at the same time, there is no reason why graphic pictures of abortion need be used to get your point across. I know a couple who live on a street near an abortion clinic in Brighton who are vigorously pro-life but who…

Ecumenical Feast Poster

Print it out and give it to all your Protestant, Orthodox and Quaker friends, why not?

Pray for a Friend

Please keep in your prayers a friend of mine who has been told by  he 'may' have a secondary form of cancer.

Thank God for Clarity

Our Blessed Lady didn't give interviews but if she did her message would be crystal clear. At a time when we are bombarded with so many words from Pope Francis, words that still leave me in confusion, it is reassuring to go back to the New Eve, Mary Immaculate, to hear once more the answer to the initiative of Almighty God in His plan for our Salvation...

'I am the handmaid of the Lord. Be it done to me, according to thy word.' Or later...

'Do whatever He tells you.'
What is truly remarkable about Pope Francis is the sheer wealth of opportunities that are presented to him to teach the Catholic Faith in his interviews. The last week alone has produced reams and reams of the thought of Jorge Bergoglio but next to nothing of the Catholic Faith. When Francis was elected, I was hopeful that what the Church would have would be a clear-speaking evangelist, someone who could explain the Catholic Faith to 'the man on the street'. What we received instead was a Pope w…

How to Sack Staff Humbly

Press report here.
Rorate report here.
What breathtaking humility.
God be praised.

Diocese of Arundel and Brighton Caves in to 'Traditional Forces'

Stung by recent criticism over Festival 50, the Diocese of Arundel and Brighton have agreed to an sumptuous, gilded High Altar to be winched into the AMEX stadium for Sung Pontifical High Mass with Archbishop Peter Smith.

A spokesperson for the Diocese said, "It is a costly exercise, hiring fifteen helicopters to move this French baroque masterpiece on loan from a Parisian Church which cannot be named, but after recent reflection, we felt the Diocese had also to cater for the traditional Catholic community residing in the region."

Residents of Sussex and Surrey were divided in their opinion over the High Altar with several voicing dismay that the High Altar, "is not quite baroque enough", while others welcomed the news with impromptu Te Deums and Marian antiphons sung in Latin.

One Catholic resident of Brighton and Hove said, "This really is a wonderful day for the Diocese and goes to show the level of respect Arundel and Brighton has for those who prefer the…

Festival 50

Being a Catholic in the Diocese of Arundel and Brighton with some desk-top publishing skills, I decided to design a flyer for the AMEX event with images and events advertised that I would attend. If I wanted to go to an art exhibition, I'd go to an art exhibition in London. If I wanted to go to a flower festival, I would go to the annual flower festival in Chichester. If I wanted to go to a marketplace and book shop, I'd go to CTS and St Paul's in London. It seems to me that aside from the Mass (which will, I fear, be a liturgically abusive event of mega proportions) and adoration, God doesn't really get that much of a look-in on the AMEX stadium event.

The flyer produced by the Diocese hardly speaks of God, but more about a celebration of ourselves. So appalled am I by it that I happily spent a morning designing and fantasising about a Diocesan event that I would find attractive. I would happily attend an event organised by the Diocese that is about Jesus Christ, abo…