More on the "Rigged" Election?


"This is your fault - what have you done to me?!!"

Whatever can His Holiness mean?
If he confirms he knew and did not make either a defiant opposition or any attempt to prevent it?
We're in trouble...
The Bones said…
Trouble in what sense, OTSOTA?
Nicolas Bellord said…
OTSOTA has made a long post in answer to my query about Ivereigh in the next blog by you about Cupich. In it he quotes Lomabardi: " all of the four Cardinals, just named, explicitly deny this description of the facts". Maybe it is just the translation but that strikes me as a curious way to deny matter by saying they deny the "description of the facts". What are the facts and how should they be correctly described?

Maybe Ivereigh has just fallen for the usual Italian tittle-tattle but then he is no naïve newcomer to Roman matters and surely should have checked his sources most carefully. I think he needs to explain himself further.

I suspect we will be left with the usual fog.
...because he wouldn't be Pope - as well you know....
Anonymous said…
Latest news from Vatican, the boR fired a swiss guard, no comment by the holy see press agency; no more swiss guards and many firemen for the boR to silence opposers, it's the great reform, baby, let's go on. God bless+
Anonymous said…
You mean we're out of trouble, and let the conclave begin!
Anonymous said…
That he said this to Cardinal Murphy O'Connor on his election was reported from the beginning. His arrogance and his contempt for justice is very great.
The book is online:

And Card. Murphy O `Connor said the same as Ivereigh in his book:

Cardinal Murphy-O’Connor said: “All the cardinals had a meeting with him in the Hall of Benedictions, two days after his election. We all went up one by one. He greeted me very warmly. He said something like: ‘It’s your fault. What have you done to me?’
Jacobi said…
I’m, puzzled by this line of approach. Of course there was lobbying before the election of the Pope as with I suppose ever other Pope in history. That is normal.

Yes, there was a liberal/Modernist faction who apparently pushed Bergoglio. There were I’m sure normal Catholic factions who pushed others. The important thing is that the liberal/Modernists seem to have won the day. Now that tells a lot about the opposition, i.e., not very strong or rather not very clever!

But then Francis is Pope, Keeper of the Keys and Successor of Peter. No matter who elected him he cannot change Catholic doctrine or the meaning of Catholic Doctrine, by using what is now known as the “Inductive” approach.

Or to put it another way regarding the two main issues raised, the divorced and re-married are committing adultery, are in a state of Mortal Sin, and commit Sacrilege if the continue to receive Holy Communion, and any priest or lay distributor who gives them Holy Communion and has reason to believe they commit adultery, is complicit in that Mortal Sin and/or Sacrilege.
This is also true of active homosexuals, but not, repeat not, of chaste homosexuals any more than of chaste heterosexuals.

So much of this has arisen because of those who have sought to change the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in into a protestant style communion service where everyone receives and is expected to receive Holy Communion whether they are in a state of Mortal Sin or not.

This has got to stop.
Lepanto said…
What a mess we are in and what a good summary of that mess is provided in this one short video. Thanks.
Anonymous said…
One chooses to identify oneself with perversity, or not. If one, for any reason, has sexual attraction to persons of the same sex, this is an occasion of sin to be avoided, and one ought not publicise it, other than as a means to help people acknowledge the perversity and avoid anything that might lead to a connected sin, in thought, word or deed. It is best kept private and disclosed only for a good purpose to a person who can help one overcome it, such as a confessor or spiritual director, or another close confidant who is spiritually and morally good, and never to anyone who may be led into sin by it. Like all tendency to evil, it needs to be fought against, firstly by spiritual, and also by psychological and other means. We all have a responsibility to oppose any tendency to evil that we may have developed (sometimes not from any particular sinfulness on our part).
Marie said…
"This is your fault - what have you done to me?!!"

It was just Pope Francis's humble and grateful way of saying, "Really, you shouldn't have."

[But I really, really like it that I'm now the Pope. Thanks.]

Or he wouldn't be smiling.
Pelerin said…
I tend to agree with Marie. For all we know Pope Francis may have said the same to all the Cardinals or at least to those who he counts as friends.