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Maria Divine Mercy Prophecy Did Not Materialise

 As some readers will be aware, I have been keeping up over time with the messages of Maria Divine Mercy, keeping something of an open mind. Over time I have found many of the messages of Maria Divine Mercy to be quite impressive. They do manage to capture the confusing era in the Church in which we live. With that said, the following was a prophecy concerning this Christmas given on Christmas Day 2013...

'Next Christmas, the celebration of My Birth will be replaced by a great ceremony, which will applaud the work of those imposters, who parade in My Church, wearing the garments which serve only to fool the faithful. On that day, they will applaud the god of social justice, human rights and the money they will say that they have raised for the world’s hungry. But know this. All these things presented to the world in My Holy Name, serve only one purpose. That is to take you away from the Word, which is My Flesh. My Flesh is of My Body. My Body is My Church. When those who say they are of My Church do not venerate My Holy Word, but instead, embrace and try to control the world’s politics, then they can never say they are of Me. The time has come for the division – the schism foretold – to take place and it will be swift.'

The problem with giving exact and precise prophecies, which make the prophecies sound very credible at the time is that if they don't materialise, that kind of makes the credibility of your prophecies less than credible. If these messages are from God, then Our Lord would not say that something was going to happen in such a precise manner only for that not to happen because Jesus Christ really is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. He does not deceive or lie. Yet it can be definitely asserted that this Christmas, the Christmas foretold as above, the celebration of Our Lord's birth was not replaced by a great ceremony applauding the god of social justice, human rights and money.

"If it had not been for MDM, my humanistic Christmas deceit plan would not have been thwarted!"

Therefore, while there is much in the messages of Maria Divine Mercy which is very credible or captures the particular era of confusion and distress within our Holy Mother the Church, it can no longer be said that the prophecies 'given' to Maria are accurate and trustworthy because Jesus knows all things and does not give false or misleading information to seers. For someone who has been reading these messages as I have, a part of the attraction has been that Jesus Christ has not abandoned us at a time when so much seems to be going awry in Rome, but a failed prophecy is a failed prophecy and Jesus Christ is trustworthy, He does not say things that make Him untrustworthy. He doesn't make mistakes ("Oh, sorry, I got that one wrong!") and He does not rattle out prophecies that do not happen that in turn discredit His messages to those with whom He speaks, because if that particular prophecy is wrong, then what else is wrong in those messages? One of them? Two of them? Some of them? All of them?

I am certain that there are some who read this blog who do follow MDM messages at a time when Catholics feel very vulnerable because of fears raised by the pontificate of Pope Francis and as the possibility of the 'schism foretold' raises its ugly head in October 2015. Followers of MDM believe the messages very passionately and spread them on Facebook and other social media. They are nearly daily and therefore there is, more or less every day, something to arouse or satisfy the curiosity and desire for clear answers of Catholics looking for solidity during what I perceive as a great 'wobble' in the Church. Part of the attraction for me has been that the messages provide a sense of clarity at a time of great confusion. Therefore, I post this blogpost 'for your information' particularly for those, like me, who have been keeping up with the messages and who have read them 'with an open mind'.

A precise, dated prophecy was declared. It did not happen. Our Lord Jesus Christ is not a liar. Make of that what you will. Perhaps some defenders of Maria Divine Mercy or even the enigmatic lady of the 'Book of Truth' herself may have a different interpretation to mine on this particular prophecy and what its non-materialisation means. The site has nearly 400,000 followers who may or may not be getting duped.

If you are one of them, then by all means, leave your comments in the comments box. It should be noted that there are some who claim that some of the messages 'given' to her have been either partially or completely fulfilled. It should equally be noted that that discussed above is not one of them. For this blogpost, I take as inspiration today's first Mass reading.

Children, these are the last days;
you were told that an Antichrist must come,
and now several antichrists have already appeared;
we know from this that these are the last days.
Those rivals of Christ came out of our own number, but they had never really belonged;
if they had belonged, they would have stayed with us;
but they left us, to prove that not one of them
ever belonged to us.
But you have been anointed by the Holy One,
and have all received the knowledge.
It is not because you do not know the truth that I am writing to you
but rather because you know it already
and know that no lie can come from the truth.


Michael1 said...



Requests for clarification have been coming to the Archdiocese of Dublin concerning the authenticity of alleged visions and messages received by a person who calls herself “Maria Divine Mercy” and who may live in the Archdiocese of Dublin.

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin wishes to state that these messages and alleged visions have no ecclesiastical approval and many of the texts are in contradiction with Catholic theology.

These messages should not be promoted or made use of within Catholic Church associations.


That should be clear enough and replicates statements made by other bishops. It is important that you do not let your own detestation of the Holy Father lead you into such false ideas.

Barbara Jensen said...

Archbishop Martin ha long exposed his immorality and his allegiance to heresy. Do a little research on him if you doubt it. His disapproval of MDM actually speaks in favor of the authenticity of MDM.
There have been many Church -approved apparitions which did not 'forecast accurately' happenings. I am surprised by Ronald's false, not to mention shallow, criteria regarding whether or not an apparition is valid or invalid. One uses the deposit of Faith given to the Church as the grounding point regarding what is said by an apparition-receiver. What attracts me to the MDM 'prophecies' is the orthodox content of them. No one could be that accurate in explaining doctrine on their own, certainy not MDM. Ronald's 'criteria' for disbelieving MDM is on the level of judging a fortune teller's authenticity. Also, the 'great social justice' event predicted certainly describes the Cuba debacle with the 'pope' and Obama. Ronald, you disappoint me. Do you disbelieve the Garabandal apparitions because Joey Loamngino was still blind when he died? Less time 'getting a pint' with your friends and more time in quiet prayer will help you see how very shallow your criteria regarding MDM are. Stop with the flippant comments.

Canadian Catholic said...

Please read the history of the woman behind the Maria Divine Mercy.

The Bones said...

"There have been many Church -approved apparitions which did not 'forecast accurately' happenings."

I have never read a Church approved apparition that forecasts things in such a specific manner as 'next Christmas'. Have you?

It was precisely the specificity of the messages that was impressive.

Sorry, I don't mean to offend, but to my mind, if Jesus were to make such specific forecasts they would happen because HE IS GOD and doesn't make errors.

The Bones said...

And yes, I say this as one who has been impressed by the orthodox teaching contained within the messages.

Barbara Jensen said...

Ronald, if one leaves an opening for God to reveal--OVER TIME--what He means by such and such a 'prophecy', it all becomes clear. St. Francis of Assisi was told by the living God that he would be a 'knight'. He was shown in vision the knightly clothes he would one day wear. How differently that turned out! Was God deceiving St. Francis? Of course not. He was asking Francis to follow Him in Faith. My point is that to regard or disregard the authenticity of an apparition according to human 'accuracy' of a particular prophecy is not the criteria that the Church gives us to decide the authenticity of a particular apparition. Padre Pio believed absolutely in the authenticity of Garabandal. Joey (the blind follower of Garabandal) was told that he would be given his sight before he died. This did not pan out the way our human reckoning would have liked. Does this mean that the apparition was false? Of course not. Padre Pio had the gift of discernment for sure. He was not wrong in his belief in Garabandal. Human expectations are just that. Human. We are limited and have a tendency to insist that God fulfill 'prophecies' according to what our limited eye view tells us. We want God to conform to our limited human view. What God wants from us instead is faith.
MDM never violates Church teaching. Would to God our own Church would defend the true Faith as God has given it to us in the way that she does! Leave your limited and human expectations out of whether or not MDM is authentic. It is an error to hold God to human 'dates'. The Church knows this. This is to ask Him to do things our way. He will not. He does not need to prove anything to us. Let it all unfold. What is true and what is false will be made known in God's time. 'Specificity of messages' is anything but impressive. Again, this only indicates an attachment to God serving us and our narrow version of what happens.
Canadian Catholic wants me to judge the MDM writings by understanding that the human person of MDM is not all she is cracked up to be. No. This only serves to indicate that she could never be so doctrinally on target as she has been through all her writings. Leave it alone. God will reveal all. For myself, I am relieved to hear someone saying out loud what is glaringly obvious about this 'pontificate'.

Damask Rose said...

"'Next Christmas, the celebration of My Birth will be replaced by a great ceremony, which will applaud the work of those imposters, who parade in My Church, wearing the garments which serve only to fool the faithful. On that day, they will applaud the god of social justice, human rights and the money they will say that they have raised for the world’s hungry. But know this. All these things presented to the world in My Holy Name, serve only one purpose. That is to take you away from the Word, which is My Flesh. My Flesh is of My Body. My Body is My Church. When those who say they are of My Church do not venerate My Holy Word, but instead, embrace and try to control the world’s politics, then they can never say they are of Me. The time has come for the division – the schism foretold – to take place and it will be swift.'"

I've vaguely heard of Maria Divine Mercy, don't really know a lot about it, but from the quote above, that you've posted, Laurence, I'd say, yes, the prophesy has happened.

The "Synod of the Family" replaced Christmas this year. As far as the 'god of social justice, human rights' is concerned, yes they did that to Christmas too, it's been sodomised and adulterised. Christmas will never be the same again. " they will say that they have raised for the world’s hungry". Yep, that would be closing the Sistine Chapel to the 'proletariat' and hiring it out to the likes of Porsche for c. £6000 per head, all for the Pope's Charity Project for the poor. In the meantime, the German Bishops further insult the family by pushing their agenda.
"The time has come for the division – the schism foretold." We've got two Popes, two radically different 'Catholicisms'. Yep, I'd say we've split alright.

Yes, I'd say the prophecy has been fulfilled.

Next, roll on Garabandal (notwithstanding Joey's recentish death}. It's about the priests.

Finally, you say:

"I have never read a Church approved apparition that forecasts things in such a specific manner as 'next Christmas'. Have you?"

Yes, Fatima. Our Lady predicted the Miracle of the Sun. Stands out like a sore thumb. That's why Fatima is the de facto double-whammy apocalyptic apparition of them all.

Damask Rose said...

Goodness, I've just read the link that 'Canadian Catholic' put up to an article on Supertradmum's blog!!

Metaphorically speaking it does seem to me, at least, that the 'Next Christmas' paragraph has played out.

I do believe, that if the demonic is involved, then the demonic will tell the truth to a degree so as to draw the soul in. This is why, for instance, Medjugorje is so dangerous to souls, because if the Holy See were to dismiss this apparition, countless people would dump the Church. Seers really need to be obedient, lead a quiet life. Once upon a time they'd become a nun, priest, lead an exemplary life etc.

The Bones said...

Hi Damask,

But 'a great ceremony' has not replaced Christmas.

Liam Ronan said...

May I suggest, Bones, that you have just served-up a healthy dose of publicity (albeit jaundiced) for this person and her alleged 'divine messages' which she otherwise would not have had and in so doing may have become the proximate occasion of sin for the unsuspecting who would not have known Maria Divine Mercy from Horlicks otherwise.

With the world gone mad at best and so very many timorous souls racked with apocalyptic fear and anxiety I suggest it is imprudent at best to give them a sniff of the likes of Maria Divine Mercy. Just sayin', Boyo. Peace!

Anonymous said...

If The Warning messages were of God, there would be no errors in Faith or morals in them. I believe there have been many - and several persons have written on this. Of course, much has been in accordance with Faith and morals, but as there have been errors, it cannot be of God. And, yes, the messages do describe the crisis in the Church very well and have predicted correctly several occurrences including Pope Benedict's leaving office. However, the correct material can never resolve the faults, which are fatal.

It's understandable how many are drawn into this by the terrible crisis in the Church, the growing evil from bishops, cardinals and the Holy See, but that is why Satan is using that method to confuse and mislead people.

Unknown said...

I follow MDM, but don't hang on every word. Besides, you don't need MDM to know that things are rotten.

The prophecies of St Francis of Assissi and Our Lady of La Salette and Our Lady of Akita are enough for me.

Seattle kim

MariaDivineMercyTrueOrFalse said...

MDM has a history of failed prophecies. I suggest you take a look at Mother of God forum where she herself left a few comments

A further list is here

One other big failed prophecy for this year were... Marian apparitions that were supposed to start last spring at all Marian shrines, including Lourdes, Fatima, La Sallette, Garabandal.

@Barbara, you should be ashamed of yourself for slandering Archbishop Martin, isn't it enough that you guys slander the Pope himself? What about other bishops who condemned MDM as well, they are also bad?

FYI, check out this blog soon for an eBook exposing this fraud, some new interesting info will added

Lovey said...

Thank you for posting this. Where were you last spring when, aside from other numerous bishops, MDM's local bishop condemned the messages? A bishop's condemnation is the final word on a supposed apparition. Instead of belief, MDM believers started a campaign of rubbishing Archbishop Diarmuid, slandering his character. All along, they slander and denigrate Pope Francis. In this light, how could these prophecies even remotely be true? Many cited your blog to support their libel against Pope Francis. I hope you will stay around to repair some damage that has been done. Souls are being lost through this seer. Again, where were you last spring when no apparitions of Mary appeared to "chosen souls" at famous apparition sites around the world? Not one occurred! There were many other predictions that did not come true. MDM said Pope Benedict would be "viciously ousted" from his papal position, would "flee" Rome and would "die in exile," but none of this happened! Pope Francis is living at the Vatican in full support and cooperation with Pope Francis. He recently stated he prefers to be called "Father" instead of Pope Benedict Emeritus! I pray that from here forward, you will use your blog to build the Church, not tear her down! Other supposed prophecies being used falsely are LaSalette. The seer wrote a book about a false pope twenty years after her approved childhood apparitions. Her bishop studied her life and realized she was mentally unbalanced and had been unduly influenced by people with doom and gloom predictions about the Church. He placed that book on the now non-existent Forbidden Books list. I hope you teach that church scholars reject the supposed Saint Francis false pope prophecy because he never made such a prophecy! In addition, I hope you teach that church scholars also reject St. Malachy's supposed false pope prophecy because it was suddenly "discovered" the writing hundreds of years after the saint's death and not one person can directly attribute it to him. We have to be careful to understand that Jesus promised us the gates of hell would not prevail against the Church! Let's build her up!

Please visit my blog at


Weel, in my opinion the heresy it happened on that day the Patty Smith was invited by Vatican to sing on recint of VATICAN, so this wrong chose never happened before in the Vtican, so MARIA DIVINE MERCY is completely right.
And the musician were pagan.
What did do want to see more ? For us Catholic people this is an affront to God. F R. TOMAS

Anonymous said...

Maria Divine Mercy also predicted that there would be apparitions to occur last spring..They didn't happen either!

Anonymous said...

Please take a look through the following site for much information on Maria Divine Mercy

God Bless.

Janice said...

God is outside of time therefore he sees all past, present, and future. If God tells us that something specific will happen (and He does not lie) YES it WILL happen just as predicted. That is why God does not make such predictions unless he intends to follow through. And with the Christmas prophesy of MDM, it says that Christmas WILL be replaced by some new unnamed 'ceremony'and that Pope Francis WILL betray the Catholic Church. There is no room left for repentance or free will. God always asks us to pray and repent. He always gives his children a way out no matter what their sin or intended sin. Even at Garabandal, which I caution is NOT Church approved, we are told to PRAY and REPENT so that the Great Chastisement will NOT occur. The Warning is said to be coming to give the World that opportunity for repentance. MDM just says that the world is full of sin and will be punished! That's not God talkin' !

The Bones said...

Next year.

Christmas will be replaced.

That did not happen.

TLM said...


'Less time 'getting a pint' with your friends and more time in quiet prayer? How is THAT 'constructive criticism'? Seems a tad degrading to me. Just sayin...

Strongheart said...

I was with a MDM's group of prayers for almost a year in 2012-2013. I stopped this participation because I made my mind I do not trust MDM or other seers and it is unsafe to be a follower. I prefer praying prayers and reading and studying catholicism in the manner it was recommended traditionally.

Mary Kay said...

I am not a follower of the 'doom and gloom' seers. Here on the West coast USA, many years back, the BVM just popped in at my parish Church because one of the Medjugorja (sp?) seers came for a visit.

That being said, people will believe what they want to believe, although there is plenty of real, approved prophecy to study. However, the blog host here has all the right in the world to post his opinion and people should consider responding as guests, not as cranky relatives. Just sayin....

Barbara Jensen said...

I wish to respond to two comments. First, TLM's question as to how my statement about 'getting a pint' could be constructive criticism. It is not constructive criticism and I regret saying it. I do not think that Ronald deserved it and I am sorry for it. Having sais that, my point-though poorly and sarcastically expressed- contains a truth. I am not referring to Ronald, but the verbiage that continually goes on about this apparition receiver and that apparition receiver, who of them is real and who is not, etc. is not helpful. Genuine discernment comes from prayer and nowhere else. This is the point I meant to make, but I did it in a destructive way instead of a contructive way. Thanks for drawing it to my attention, TLM.
My second comment is for 'Maria DivineMercyTrueorFalse'. I do not feel this least bit ashamed about pointing out Archbishop Martin's heretical stands. They are a matter of record. I found them all on the internet. In addition, I would refer you to the writings of both St. Thomas Aquinas and Deitrich von Hildeband who state that when any prelate--be he priest, bishop, cardinal or pope--teaches heresy he loses his teaching authority. Archbishop Martin is well into that loss, as are so many prelates today. Our obedience is to the full teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, and the Church is where those teachings are upheld.

Damask Rose said...

"But 'a great ceremony' has not replaced Christmas."

Well, I guess so then.

Anonymous said...


Dumbass said..Yes, Fatima. Our Lady predicted the Miracle of the Sun. Stands out like a sore thumb. That's why Fatima is the de facto double-whammy apocalyptic apparition of them all.

Please dont mention Fatima when you speak of this fraud.

Anonymous said...

Next Christmas- means not only Christmas Day!!! It means Christmas Time... read Francis homilies about humanism and social justice and his political interference. The phone he made is a theater of his own glory on the cost of poor refugees. Specially read his "Urbi at Orbi - this is to the glory of specific politicians... Also this Christmas Concert is a SHAME! What about a tango on St. Peters??? ARE YOU PEOPLE BLIND!!!

Regarding the Apparitions on Spring , can you read carefully KEY WORDS... "chosen souls". WHO TOLD YOU, THAT THIS WILL BE A PUBLIC APPARITION??? At least for now?

O, you MDM HATERS...
If you could kill you would kill this woman, you full of hatred...

BARBARA JENSEN - I give you my warm hug. Thanks for being a fighter among these wolves. You are my spiritual friend. God's Peace be with you!

Unknown said...

In the extraordinary form, Christmas doesn't end till Feb 2. Perhaps we'll see a environmental Mass of Gaia before then!

Seattle kim

Anonymous said...

The biggest proof of the truthfulness of Maria of Divine Mercy prophecies is our "elephant in the room" - pope Francis himself!

Everything what was prophesied about him as a biblical false prophet are unfolding on by one. Nobody can deny that!

They are bloggers, conservative catholic bloggers, who do not hesitate to call this more politician, than pope simply a Satan on the throne of Peter. Surprised? I am not...

Anonymous said...

If somebody will objectively look at the MDM website: then you will see that over 400,000 people signed up to her Facebook page by "Like"... That's mean around 100,000 a year, from the time this website has emerged. If people who do not like her are trying to tell me that this is a sign, that all the above are stupid and only them are right, I would burst in the loud laugh! Check your realities, dears!

Liam Ronan said...


You said:

"If people who do not like her are trying to tell me that this is a sign, that all the above are stupid and only them are right, I would burst in the loud laugh!"

Veracity and trustworthiness of prophetic utterances and signs are not a function of the number of Facebook 'likes' the purported visionary accrues.

Remember Exodus 7:10-12:

"…So Moses and Aaron came to Pharaoh, and thus they did just as the LORD had commanded; and Aaron threw his staff down before Pharaoh and his servants, and it became a serpent.
Then Pharaoh also called for the wise men and the sorcerers, and they also, the magicians of Egypt, did the same with their secret arts. For each one threw down his staff and they turned into serpents.
But Aaron's staff swallowed up their staffs."

The devil is capable of many things and illusions and one must not delve into seeing or predicting the future.

The future is God's province not ours and like the nightmare visited on Saul following his having bidden the witch of Endore to conjure-up the supposed ghost of Samuel (1 Samuel:28,) the poison of the occult can ruin our lives.

Liam Ronan said...

I should add that the temptation to chase after seers and supposed prophets who promise to reveal the mysteries of the future ought give pause:

"...your eyes shall be opened: and you shall be as Gods..." Genesis 3:5

Remember too Matthew 24:24:

"There will be false Christs and false prophets, who will rise up and shew great signs and wonders, so that if it were possible, even the elect would be deceived."

These are disturbing and terrifying times, I grant you, but we have the deposit of Faith for our comfort and instruction. We don't need a script.

Anonymous said...

Well, dear Liam... then we will WAIT AND SEE...on whose side is the TRUTH!

P.S. These had just happened today... (MDM told about this betrayal long, long time ago, what before Francis was UNTHINKABLE IN CATHOLIC CHURCH!!!)

Laura K Hewitt said...

The prophecies given to Maria Divine Mercy are all true. The fact that some have not been fulfilled in the way WE expect (or understand) them to be fulfilled doesn't mean we throw them in the garbage.

This is a matter of patience, faith and mystery.
All that concerns the Church and the false prophet has come true, so, time will be the witness to the events to come.

Brian Murphy said...

"But if a prophet presumes to speak a word in my name that I have not commanded, or speaks in the name of other gods, that prophet shall die. Should you say to yourselves, "How can we recognize that a word is one the Lord has not spoken"?, if a prophet speaks in the name of the Lord but the word does not come true, it is a word the Lord did not speak. The prophet has spoken it presumptuously; do not fear him. Deut 18:20-22

Brian Murphy

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