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Support the 500 Priests

500 Priests have signed to say that they are in full accord with Jesus Christ our High Priest, the Eternal Word and will defend His Sacred Words, which will never pass away, on marriage and wish to be faithful to Him.

In support of our priests, our families, and our Church
You may have seen the recent letter from more than 450 priests in support of the Church’s teaching on marriage.

We would like to invite you to sign the letter below, to be sent to the press in support of them, and to encourage others to sign it.

To sign, please leave your name and your diocese in the comments box below, or if you prefer email them to me or to one of the coordinators:

Mark Lambert ( or Andrew Plasom-Scott (

The Letter:

Dear Sir, We, the undersigned, wish to endorse and support the letter signed by over 450 priests in the recent edition of the Catholic Herald. As laity, we all know from our own family experiences, or those of our friends and neighbours,…

The Synod and the Cross

It is good to see that, among others, Edward Pentin has taken up Cardinal Vincent Nichols' disconcerting media response to the 'letter of the 500 priests' stating their - shock horror! - unwavering support for the Church's teaching. I - among many - don't think that His Eminence's media statement is very prudent. Bizarrely, it pits a Cardinal - one Cardinal - for he claims to speak for nobody else in the Bishops' Conference - against 500 faithful priests in England and Wales, among whom are priests in his own Archdiocese.

Of course, it may be that there are many priests who felt they could not sign that letter. One gives his reasons in the Catholic Herald, reasons that I personally don't find particularly convincing, but nonetheless, they are his reasons. A priest who signed is more convincing because he is writing about his convictions. So is this one.

Nevertheless, the Cardinal's comments suggest we seem to be moving very quickly from a 'free…

What Can the Laity Do to Support the Clergy?

Two things spring to mind.

1. Pray the Rosary for the Clergy

2. Sign this I-Petition in support of those clergy who have signed the letter to the Press defending Catholic teaching and Church discipline.

Any other thoughts? Write them in the comments box.

I've written a piece on the incredibly disappointing comments by Cardinal Vincent Nichols for the Guild of Blessed Titus Brandsma.

Happy Feast

Happy Solemnity of the Annunciation of the Lord to all readers. 
Here in Arundel and Brighton, an announcement was made over the weekend that we have a new Bishop, Bishop-elect the Rt Rev. Richard Moth. Many congratulations to him and the Bishop-elect can be assured of my poor prayers as he endeavours to bring healing and the charity which comes from God to the Diocese. He has quite a 'job' on his hands, in the words of his predecessor. I pray especially that he will bring hope and encouragement for the clergy who have been 'through the mill' both before, during and after the sudden and unexpected resignation of Kieran Conry.

Perhaps today, more than in recent times, clergy must surely need the support, encouragement and fatherly care of their Bishops set in authority over them. At this time, when so much appears to be going haywire in Rome, faithful priests must wish and pray that prelates watch over them with great care, affection and love as they endeavour to fight …

Our Blessed Lady and the Eclipse

I have been reminded by several people not to look at the sun during the eclipse to take place this morning. It is England, so it looks like we have 100% cloud cover anyway.

In the Apocalypse, the Woman crowned with twelve stars who the Church has unceasingly taught to be the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God, stands with the moon under her feet, "clothed with the sun". The imagery is quite apt to an eclipse.

I was interested to find out why we are warned particularly not to look at the eclipse and found some information here. The expert says... a nutshell, solar eclipses are dangerous because the sun can come out from behind the moon and "surprise you" before you have a chance to look away. And this is actually even worse than when you normally look away from the sun because during the total eclipse, it is dark out, and your pupil therefore dilates so that it can let in enough light to get a good picture. Then, when the sun reappears and starts flooding…

Holy League

Must watch.

Just as an aside I notice that, like me, Vladimir Putin was born on the Feast of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary. Pray for him and for peace in the world and the hastening of the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

For Your Amusement

I was digging around my University records for my degree certificate as I had a job interview recently and they said they needed to see it. To my amusement - and I hope yours - I discovered the essay I wrote while at Liverpool Uni on Peronism and was particularly struck by the last couple of sentences in this paragraph...namely...

"...Understandably, then, with the support of these forces and the overwhelming popular mandate Peron set to work on his programme, but meanwhile curtailing some of the more liberal-democratic elements of the system. For example, the Supreme Court, whose members were hostile to reforms, were purged from their positions."
Some things never change...

It's nice to know that having done a module on Latin American politics at University that this knowledge makes me qualified to talk about the life of the Vatican as well. Perhaps I should run my own evening class for confused Catholics. I believe I underlined key words and sentences as revision for m…

Jubilee of Mercy: An Idea or Two

A Jubilee of Mercy sounds wonderful. In previous pontificates I would be very happy about it. But this is no ordinary time.

Was this Cardinal Baldisseri's idea? Cardinal Kasper's clever idea? After all, he's the expert on mercy, isn't he?

I can only speak for myself. I have had two years of this strange 'mercy nullifies God's law, so there' weirdness streaming from the Vatican. That's two years in which my cynicism has matured.

Faithful Catholics don't - won't - say "hurrah" to what amounts to a blanket betrayal by the Hierarchy of Christ's own teaching by distributing communion to unrepentant adulterers and other unrepentant sinners in mortal sin. They won't say "huzzah" to treating the Holy Eucharist as if it were unchanged bread and wine, so now we are going to be made to feel really guilty to the point of pariah statusfor resistingthe cunning plan made apparent by the manipulation at the Synod by the even more sh…

Flame 2 Dancing Girls

Image Lent?

James Preece has done a couple of posts on Flame 2. A follow up post can be read here.

Why was Cardinal Burke not invited?

Who Goes Back is Wrong?

“It was quite a courageous gesture of the Church to draw closer to the people of God so that they can understand well what she is doing. It is important for us to follow the Mass like this. One cannot go back. We have always to go forward, always forward. Who goes back is wrong. Let us go forward on this path.” - Pope Francis
"What earlier generations held as sacred, remains sacred and great for us too, and it cannot be all of a sudden entirely forbidden or even considered harmful. It behooves all of us to preserve the riches which have developed in the Church’s faith and prayer, and to give them their proper place." - Pope Benedict XVI
As a newly qualified English language teacher, I have been told consistently to reflect, to go back on what I am doing, look over my teaching methods and to improve my overall teaching. Evaluation is part and parcel of my chosen career. If I evaluate what I do in the classroom and find that it is not working out, the students are not learning …

One for the Mantlepiece...

I have written a report on Cardinal Raymond Burke's visit to the United Kingdom which can be read at The Guild of Blessed Titus BrandsmaNo interview, sadly, but good things come to those who wait. Once more I make an appeal to Catholic bloggers faithful to the Magisterium of Holy Mother Church to join this Guild of bloggers if you have not done so. We are stronger together.

Sadly, I couldn't be here...

...because I was here...

So I missed out on Cardinal Tagle's visit.

God bless all readers and keep His Eminence in your prayers as well as Voice of the Family, the coalition of pro-life groups, among whom are SPUC, who kindly organised taking the voice of those now on the peripheries in the Church to the Synod in 2014, who will be there in October, as well as Cardinal Raymond Burke's talks in the United Kingdom.

May God bless them in their work for Christ and His Church and keep this holy Cardinal safe and supported in His love. May God also bless abundantly the kind …

Up North

I am off to the North for a week.

Cardinal Raymond Burke will be in the region during my stay and I am taking my video camera with me. I am hoping and praying that I will be afforded the opportunity of an interview with him.

If so, it will appear on The Guild of Blessed Titus website.

God bless readers.

Rorate Caeli has an interview with His Eminence today which makes for interesting reading.

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