What Can the Laity Do to Support the Clergy?

Two things spring to mind.

1. Pray the Rosary for the Clergy

2. Sign this I-Petition in support of those clergy who have signed the letter to the Press defending Catholic teaching and Church discipline.

Any other thoughts? Write them in the comments box.

I've written a piece on the incredibly disappointing comments by Cardinal Vincent Nichols for the Guild of Blessed Titus Brandsma.


viterbo said…
What can we do to support the Clergy? IN DROVES leave behind the muffty - the bloke or blokess trying to convince the seeker that that are 'Christs'. In this way we will seek out, with determination, the true clergy, rather than settle for the fake-führers offf the New Order offfff Freedom Falsehood - AKA Fascism Faustiiism.
Anonymous said…
THANKS! Great advice and help.
AndrewWS said…
Take your (sound) parish priest out for a beer or lunch. Part of the role of the laity is to keep the clergy fed and watered.
Mummymayhem said…
I will shake his hand and thank him on Sunday.
Barbara Jensen said…
The only thing that will really help is prayer. Of course the rosary, given to us by our dear Mother, but also the prayer of genuine and complete immersion into our Eucharistic God Who hungers to be one with each of us in a most intimate way. Contemplative union with the Holy Eucharist will make every thought, word, and deed prayer. Mediocrity and all its loquacious and distracting fruits will not help. It is time to deepen in Christ so that genuine discernment will be given and Christ will then work through us each.
They can re-interpret Vatican Council II rationally.

No donations to organisations that are pro- abortion but on the issue of salvation, dogmas , Vatican Council II they would welcome donations to LifeSites, whose editor dissents

Unknown said…
I just tell mine how much I despise this pontificate. He looks at me funny when I say this and makes no comment, but I can tell there is an understanding. He may be a Novus Ordo priest, but he is the conservative and strict variety. And of course, I pray for him every day on my rosary.

Seattle Kim
Anonymous said…
We can only pray for their conversion, first of all the conversion of senor Bergoglio. God bless+
They can know!

The Magisterium made a mistake at Vatican Council II when it accomodated the Marchetti 1949 error


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