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To Be Human is to Accept Our Weakness

The assisted suicide and euthanasia debate in this country is bound to become more of a hot topic in the future. It is not surprising. In a post-Christian society, how are people to cope with sickness, illness and dependence on the care of others, nevermind the prospect of Death?

Without Our Lord Jesus Christ, I don't think we will cope. We in the West appear to have an existential crisis. We cope with life in our strength, but cannot bear to imagine utter dependence on others. I know a few people who basically say that when they believe that they will need care, nursing in their old age and need someone to help them go to the toilet and shower them and the rest, that they'd quite like to have the option of a ticket out of this life. "There is no dignity in that", they hold.

It's understandable. Our society now values people more on what they do that who they are. It has become a vainglorious society, one that values only success, strength and wealth. Yet, if we …

Mercy, not Sacrifice...

Tiwonge Chimbalanga and Steven Monjeza were convicted last week in a Malawian court for unnatural acts and gross indecency, the words of the judge, not mine, receiving a maximum sentence of 14 years in prison with hard labour under the country's anti-gay legislation.

The culture in many African nations is vehemently anti-homosexual, since the family is seen as paramount. Imposing Western 'progressive' ideas such as gay liberation movements upon Africa amounts to neo-colonialism, but this verdict goes deeper than human law because the penalisation and State persecution of homosexuals runs contrary to Catholic Church teaching, which proclaims Christ's teaching, on social justice and mercy.

The idea of the State imposing such harsh punishments on homosexuals should horrify us whether we are gay, straight, Catholic or not. Christ commanded that we show mercy to our brothers and sisters, knowing that one Day, we shall all be 'in the dock'. In the case of these two m…

Look, Everybody...

Awwwwww...Wallabies! Look, you can see the baby putting his head out. How cute is that!?

I took this picture at Leonardslee Lakes and Gardens which I visited with my fiancee yesterday. It is, I have to say, a fantastic day out for people of all sexual orientations and none.

Yet, your roving, outrageously homophobic, queer bashing, closeted, self-hating, massive queen of an unemployed Catholic opinion blogging, independent journalist for free was there to catch an even bigger story than this. Could there be a bigger story than this? Yes. Yes there could be.

For behold, readers, these gardens, which have been open to the public since they were first opened public ages ago, are to close this June, so hurry up and visit these beautiful gardens which must contain, in the flora alone, I dare say, all the colours of the rainbow.

"Why are these beautiful gardens to close?!" I hear you cry in a voice louder than even the National Gay Men's Gospel Choir itself? Well, an 'anony…

The Real Vice of the LGBT Political Lobby is Narcissicism

I have received quite a few comments on a previous post on the Rainbow Sash Movement, more than I usually receive. I would like to elaborate on why this 'movement' and all the movements which seek to undermine or subvert Holy Mother Church are so very dangerous.

The LGBT lobby is concerned with championning the rights of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgendered people.  This much we know. Yet not all Catholics of a homosexual orientation are actively involved in the LGBT political movement.

There are a significant proportion of Catholics with a same sex attraction, we know that and heck, I know that. Some are active sexually, some are chaste, but not all Catholics, either active or chaste would place themselves in this political movement or campaign to champion the rights over which the LGBT lobby concern themselves.

On the other hand, some clearly do. Why? I would suggest that it is primarily because they are narcissists. There is a violent streak of narcissicism running t…

Teresa May MP Bullied into Submission

How very ironic. Teresa May MP has been forced to change her opinion by a certain lobby, who pompously claim to be against bullying.

Why? Because as new Home Secretary and 'Equality Minister', her voting record did not go down well with over 65,000 Facebook campaigners. Her voting record, for the record, from a Catholic point of view was rather good.

According to an irate writer in The Socialist, she voted...

'...against the repeal of Section 28 and against the lowering of the age of consent for gay men to 16. She also voted against adoption rights for same-sex couples and against the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill which would give lesbian couples the ability to receive fertility treatment, as did the new Conservative Prime Minister. In addition she abstained from a vote on the Gender Recognition Act that allows transsexuals to change their legal gender.'
How shocking that Teresa May did not buckle in the Commons to the demands of the LGBT lobby and dance to th…

Calling all Altar Servers...

How exciting!

The Society of St. Tarcisius is a Sodality of altar servers for the traditional Latin mass.
Its objects are:
1. To promote the dignified, devout, and accurate service of the altar in the traditional Roman rite.
2. To promote the spiritual formation of altar servers, in the spirit of St Tarcisius, who accepted death rather than allow the profanation of the most holy sacrament.
3. To disseminate information on the correct service of the altar, and arrange from time to time training events for servers.
4. To maintain a list of those who are willing and able to serve at the traditional liturgy, and provide this information to those organizing traditional events, where needed.
The Society is specifically committed to the traditional Latin liturgy of the Catholic church, in a form no later than that current in 1962.
The Society of St Tarcisius is sponsored by the Latin Mass Society of England and Wales - Traditional Catholicism for the 21st Century.
I hope very much to join this Soci…

"When There's No Getting Over That Rainbow..."

The Rainbow Sash Movement are, according to their website and Fr Tim Finigan, who blogged about this a couple of days ago, encouraging 'LGBT Catholics' to attend the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass at Westminster Cathedral.

My first instinct over reading this news was one of great sadness, since there are clearly a minority of Catholics with the condition of homosexuality who feel they are not included in the Church, to the extent that the Rainbow Sash Movement, impelled by their inexplicable desire to 'queer the Church' are organising a protest against what they perceive as prejudice, but what amounts only to the Teaching of the Church. Having watched this video on their website my feelings have changed. Watch it, it is hilarious.

Of course, it is made less humourous by the fact that these Catholics are no friends of Holy Mother Church. There are, of course, many Catholics who struggle with Church teaching on chastity, the sanctity of marriage and struggle with their sexua…

Baby Gives Thumbs Up in the Womb

This is a baby at 20 weeks giving a thumbs up in the womb.

In our country he needs to wait to 24 weeks to be safe to give this sign.

Click here for the I-petition against the advert to be screened on Channel 4 on Monday.

Meanwhile, John Smeaton has some other advice for concerned Catholics, lifted and posted below.

Channel 4 will be broadcasting an advertisement by Marie Stopes International, the abortion promoter and provider, on Monday evening at 10.10pm. Please act immediately to help stop the ad, by: contacting Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP, the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport. The Secretary of State has the power to stop the ad through his powers relating to Ofcom - please urge him to use that power. The department's email address is (alternatively )  and the department's telephone number is (020) 7211 6000. contact your MP, asking him/her to urge the Secretary of State to stop the ad. You can email your MP vi…

Channel 4 'Secret Millionaire' Exclusive!

Last week Channel 4 were at the BUCFP, Brighton's centre for the unemployed. They told the centre that they were filming for a documentary about the recession.

So, they did some filming and covered the 'story' of a man called Brad, a man living in a camper van on the seafront, who was fed by the St Mary Magdalen Soup Run. To the right is a picture of them filming during an art group.

Or at least that was what the BUCFP were led to believe. It turned out at the end of the week that Channel 4 were, in fact, filming an episode of 'The Secret Millionaire'. There were tears of joy from committed volunteers in the centre when the 'secret millionaire', who had left some in the centre feeling 'conned' because they thought they were meeting a man down on his luck everyday during filming, handed over a cheque to the centre for £25,000.

I asked one of the Channel 4 team of freelancers whether I could have a picture of 'Brad' for the centre magazine. I …

Doctors Who Act According to Their Conscience to Be Struck Off?

Click here for an article on a horrendous attack on the consciences of doctors and medical practitioners by the General Medical Council, who are threatening to strike off from their membership doctors who do not agree with withdrawing hydration and food from patients who are expressed a wish for it to be removed.

Doctors take the hippocratic oath to defend life, to save life and to preserve life. People go to hospital to receive treatment. People should not go to hospital to die. Doctors who wish to preserve human life, rather than end it, should not have their careers threatened by an unelected medical body with absolutely no moral jurisdiction over the conduct of doctors.

As Dominica Roberts, chairman of the campaign group, Pro-Life Alliance, said...

“Everybody has the right to refuse treatment if they do not want it. But feeding and hydrating a patient, even artificially, is not treatment it is care. It is wrong to view it as treatment rather than care. I do understand that at the…

Email Channel 4 and Make Your Voice Heard

Dear __________,

Thank you for contacting Channel 4 Viewer Enquiries.

We are sorry to hear that you disagree with the broadcast of the Marie Stopes advertisement.

Channel 4 has had no input into the content of this advertisement, which makes no mention of abortion and is similar to advertising already carried in other media. The advert has been approved for broadcast by  learcast UK, which gave us unambiguous guidance that it is compliant with BCAP's Advertising Standards Code.

The BCAP Code contains robust rules about the nature and content of TV advertising and we believe it offers sufficient protection for our viewers against potential harm and offence. Therefore, subject to an advert being cleared for broadcast under the code, we are prepared to transmit it in an appropriate time slot; we believe it is up to viewers to form their own judgments about the content and messages that advertising contains.

Nevertheless; please be assured that your complaint has been logged and passe…

Marie Stopes International to Advertise on Channel 4

Apparently, the Rolling Stones are set to record a number one album for the first time in ages, at a time when the UK is to see its first abortion advert on Monday, so I am quite sure there will soon be a doubling in the demand for a new, intensive, one day course in the art of throwing your TV out of your lounge window.

I'm glad I got rid of mine for the sake of pedestrians. Don't get rid of your baby. Get rid of your TV. Save the lives of pedestrians. Save the lives of babies. Perhaps Channel 4 can run Marie Stopes International's new abortion advertalongside the campaigning of other 'charities' such as NSPCC.

What a horrendous, brutal and sadistic country we are becoming. According to The Telegraph...

The organisation, which carried out 65,000 abortions last year, has circumvented a ban on the commercials because it is a charity and does not make a profit from its services.'
I'm just trying to get my head around that statement. Isn't the point of cha…

Write to Nick Clegg

According to The Telegraph, 'the public will be asked what laws they want ripped up, in far-reaching reforms designed to put back “faith in politics”, the Deputy Prime Minister will say'.

So, let's start with repealing the Abortion Act (1967), the Human Fertilsation and Embryology Act (2008), the Equalities Act (2009) and the Civil Partnership Act (2004), which we all know is the door through which the full legalisation of gay marriage will walk, and go from there, shall we?

I don't know how you email him, but you can write to him, presumably, at Cabinet Office, 70 Whitehall, London SW1A 2AS. I can't find an email for him as yet, but when I do I will let you know.

Another option is:

Nick Clegg
85 Nethergreen Rd
S11 7EH

The Truth About Abortion

This video speaks very well for itself. I wonder how many cinemas/distributers in the US will back this film?

I've just found the blog of the Good Counsel Network, called 'Maria Stops Abortion'.

Click here to read it.

Roman Missal: The New Translation

I've just started reading the new translation of the Roman Missal and what an improvement it is.

It's much better than the Missal of Pope Paul VI, I think, and if that sounds arrogant of me to say, then I can only appeal to God's great mercy, since I will have committed that sin...

'...through my fault, my own fault, through my own grievous fault...'

rather than just,

'...through my own fault...'

How exciting! It's just like the 1960s all over again, only better...Economic crises, unemployment, strikes, political chaos, coaltion government and a new Missal!

They say if you remembered the 1960s you weren't really there, which I have always found a little disturbing, since the inference is that the authors of the 1962 Missal weren't 'really there' either. Click here for a pdf of the New Order of the Mass and here for Fr Ray Blake's blogpost on which you can subscribe to Scribd and download a copy from there, for the 'People's …

The Cabinet's 'Ones to Watch' Part One: Lynne Featherstone MP

We all know that, thanks to the Labour Party's capitulation to Stonewall and nights on the town with Peter Tatchell, the Church's big fight over the coming years will be with the Equalities department.

Here is a picture of her trying to overthrow the Church. There is something strange about a the Government post title, 'Equalities Minister', isn't there? I mean, it is almost as if there are several different equalities, rather than just one.

Anyway, Lynne Featherstone will be 'one to watch', as the Equalities and Human Rights Commission is bound to have some more high profile, Conscience Vs Secular Atheism contests over the coming years.

Stop What You are Doing and GIVE...

Image the Good Counsel Network. I tried to give but my card got declined for the second time today. Weird.

The organisation which saves the lives of unborn children, counsels distressed and supports expectant mothers and offers post-abortion counselling to those who despair and grieve over their aborted child, are in desperate need for money.

If you can't give, as it seems I cannot, then pray!
'Today Good Counsel has £50 in the bank, we needed £445 to buy this week's food vouchers.
We are supporting fourteen Mothers and their children at the moment, whose only support is this small weekly voucher. 
Please pray the following prayer for the next nine days and if you can help, donate on line at
or transfer money into our Bank account (phone + 44 (0)20 7723 1740 or email for details).
As times are hard, our income has gone down and our expenses have gone up
Please forward this message to anyone who you think may help.
For more information about Good C…

What is 'Green' about the Green Party?

Green. Not my favourite colour but an interesting colour for a political party.

The 'Green Party' as a name makes one think of among other stuff, greenery, nature, natural beauty, conservation, life, fecundity, ecology, earth, maybe creation itself.

So why is respect for these rather lovely ideas not made manifest in their manifesto? The Green Party would be much 'greener' if it were Catholic or Christianised.

Think about it. What is 'natural' or 'organic' or 'wholesome' about choosing abortion? Abortion is the direct intervention into the most natural things in the World, childbirth and motherhood.

What is 'natural' or 'organic' or respectful of nature about gay marriage? Gay marriage goes against the Natural Law, against nature. Gay marriage is sterile, not fertile. It cannot produce children. It is not fecund. It does not produce fruit. Adoption for gay couples is one suggestion which is already in operation, but doesn't a…

Evangelium Conference 2010: Weekend for Young Catholic Adults

Click here for details of the exciting Evangelium Conference 2010 for young Catholic adults (18-35).

Taking place at the Oratory School, Reading on 6th-8th August 2010, the conference promises to be an inspiring and informative event, with renowned and respected Catholic speakers in the Church and in the media.

Priestly blogger, Fr Tim Finigan will be there, Broadcaster and writer, Joanna Bogle, Jack Valero of Opus Dei and Catholic Voices fame, Fr Marcus Holden and Fr Andrew Pinsent, Co-founders of St Anthony's Communications and co-authors of Evangelium will be there as well as a range of other excellent speakers.

Actually, I don't know if they're excellent speakers or not, I'm just assuming that they are.

Click here for more information on that course.

Meanwhile, Fr Andrew Pinsent, who I think I may have met recently while I was in Oxford briefly, has been working on Apologia with Fr Marcus Holden. These two priests have a history of putting their heads together and …

A Direct Appeal to Chris Evans

Dear Mr Evans

Congratulations on your £12 million car.

It looks very nice.

If you have any money left over, please can my friend George have some dental implants?

Yours sincerely

Laurence England

Health Warnings

So does abortion.

Can we have some more Government Health warnings for abortion and meanwhile Catholics need regular reminding of the dangers of The Bitter Pill?

The British Medical Association appear to think that smoking is the most dangerous and insidious affliction of mankind.

Strange that while the BMA suggest banning smoking in streets, abortion remains an issue that does not cause them any concern.

 Doesn't it also cause 'ageing of the skin'?

The Truth About Brighton's Homeless Hostel 'Business'

George, Diane and I took a walk around their living quarters and met a young woman with her daughter at 3-5 Percival Terrace, Brighton's answer to homelessness.

BBC Turns New Cabinet into 'FA Cup Semi-Final' Graphic

"What a line up we have here, Jim. In Defense, well, it looks like quite a strong defense, Cameron having picked a Fox of a defender to be minister for wars new and old."

"Any weaknesses in the team, John?"
"Yes, I think bringing back Ken Clarke could be a mistake. Sure, he's got experience, a safe pair of hands if you like, but he's past it now. Also, while its true to say he enjoys playing in Europe, very much it seems, questions remain over whether he still has what it takes to be a big hitter in the domestic scene...?"

"And what are your thoughts on the new signings, John?"
"Controversial, Jim. Highly controversial. They're going to have to do a lot this season to convince a large number of sceptical fans."

How on Earth...

...does the leader of a political party with only about 50 seats get to become Deputy Prime Minister to the leader of a political party who won over 350 seats?

The word 'shambles' doesn't do the situation justice. Clearly, Nick Clegg was about as popular with the electorate as lions were with Early Christians in Nero's Rome, yet he is Deputy PM and his henchmen have been invited to join the Cabinet.

It isn't just the Conservative Party who won't like what Cameron has just done. I expect a lot of people have been watching events unfold at home while thinking...Hang on! What's that election loser doing in Government?

Just looking at the figures on the paper, shouldn't the two parties who won the biggest proportion of the popular vote share power? I mean, if this was the Olympics, the man in bronze might as well just kick the man who won silver in the gonads and stand on his pedestal while listening to the national anthem. Bizarre. This will be a very weak…

"Okay, nice stairway...

...but where's the disabled access?"


Could Paul McCartney help?

In this country...

You can get an abortion on the NHS...and kill a child.

You can have a sex change on the NHS...and mutilate your body.

But you can't get dental implants on the you can eat properly because you can't wear dentures.

George Inspires Pope Benedict XVI to Embark On Busking Tour

"I'd like to dedicate 'Suspicious Minds' to the SSPX...Oh and this one goes out to all you Traditional Anglicans out there too!"

How to Send Donations

You can make a contribution to George's dental treatment and mattress fund by sending a cheque to the Presbytery of St Mary Magdalen Church, 55 Upper North Street, Brighton BN1 3FH and mark it for the attention of George and Laurence. I'm the secretary and I can then put the money into an account.

Make the cheque payable to 'Laurence England' and I can put it in an account in order to establish a fund. I don't know how to set up a Pay Pal, but I have a friend who does, so, in the meantime, if you want to contribute send a cheque.

At this stage there is a lot of trust involved in this. If you feel concerned about it, I may be able to come to an arrangement with St Mary Magdalen's Church or alternatively set up a new account with a bank for this explicit purpose. Any excess from this fund will go to the Church Building Fund, if people are agreeable to this.

If anyone has any suggestions as how best to operate this fund, I'd be grateful for your advice. Bob?


Thank You Fr Tim!

I have been overwhelmed, absolutely bowled over, by Fr Tim Finegan's generous offer to donate towards providing George and Diane with a new mattress.

Both do suffer back pains and aches as their plastic covered, old, sagging mattress is atrocious.

The 'one bed flat' (room) arranged through a Green Party Councillor also fell through, when George and Diane turned up to meet the landlord, only to be told by him that George couldn't stay there, that they must sign the tenancy agreement immediately if Diane wanted to sit down to rest her legs and her asthmatic lungs, having walked all over town, before tearing up the tenancy agreement and telling both to get out.

The Council say that a 2-bed flat may become available for them in the next month but they refused to confirm this in writing. The Green Party Councillor is, we are led to believe, trying his best, but the Council is a notoriously clunking machine at the best of times. Hopefully, he will come good, otherwise we'…

Claiming Cardinal Newman...

Damian Thompson has picked up on a really rather nasty article in The Sunday Times. I got some way through the Times article and then couldn't be arsed with the rest. Now that I'm re-reading it, it really is horrible.

John Cornwell asserts in his unambiguous and unimaginatively headlined article, 'Why Cardinal Newman is No Saint', that...

'Benedict and the traditionalist wing of Catholicism nevertheless claim Newman as a faithful supporter of the papal “magisterium” — pontifical dogmas on a raft of issues. When addressing Britain’s bishops three months ago, the Pope cited Newman as an enemy to Catholic dissidence in any shape or form.'He continues... 'As the Pope prepares for his visit to the UK, he is clearly bent on sanitising Newman’s progressive Catholicism in preparation for the beatification. But Newman was certainly a dissident when it came to overbearing papal authority, creeping infallibility, the downgrading of the laity, the primacy of papal dogma o…

St George and the Dragon...

George and I have covered 'Sweet Caroline' and dedicated it to Caroline Lucas MP in the hope we can woo her away from Peter Tatchell and point her in the direction of those whose rights are not respected.

We're thinking of starting an online busking operation on my blog in order to get a new mattress for his bed and raise money for dental implants. He can't wear dentures, he's on benefits, so if there are any dentists out there who want to raise the profile of their business, I will advertise your services on my blog with before and after photographs...

I think you'll agree that George's vocal performance is rather impressive. I guest on guitar and there will be more songs to follow soon. I'm thinking of starting a 'Brighton's Got Talent' channel on this webpage...

In answer to Clare, a commenter, yes we do do requests. We're currently working on 'Ring of Fire'. We've worked out the trumpet on the keyboard. We're buildin…

Will Voters Get a 'Second Chance' within a Year?

Well, I've managed to pick myself up after my 'moment of madness'. The worst thing we can do after we've gone against Holy Mother Church in our voting patterns is to go out and hang ourselves like Judas and Parliament. We have to get back on that horse and fight the good fight, just like what we said we would before polling day.

I'm consoled by the reports that voters may be asked to do it all over again within a year, political experts expecting the coalition to come to fall apart at the seams, so I may have a chance to look down the list, become exasperated again and vote .

Highlights of the election were, of course, seeing Gordon Brown lose, Nick Clegg not win and seeing Dr Evan Harris's death-ridden arse getting kicked out of the House of Commons. Fantastic. We 'reap' what we sow. It's a shame Ed Balls managed to hold on, but, hey, we can't have everything.

St Mary Magdalen's Soup Run apparently featured in a Channel 4 documentary on the…