St George and the Dragon...

George and I have covered 'Sweet Caroline' and dedicated it to Caroline Lucas MP in the hope we can woo her away from Peter Tatchell and point her in the direction of those whose rights are not respected.

We're thinking of starting an online busking operation on my blog in order to get a new mattress for his bed and raise money for dental implants. He can't wear dentures, he's on benefits, so if there are any dentists out there who want to raise the profile of their business, I will advertise your services on my blog with before and after photographs...

I think you'll agree that George's vocal performance is rather impressive. I guest on guitar and there will be more songs to follow soon. I'm thinking of starting a 'Brighton's Got Talent' channel on this webpage...

In answer to Clare, a commenter, yes we do do requests. We're currently working on 'Ring of Fire'. We've worked out the trumpet on the keyboard. We're building up a catalogue of covers plus some of our own material. We do wedding parties, baptism parties, prisons, hostels, nursing homes and Church garages.

Maybe we should just be called 'Catholic Voices' and show Austen Ivereigh and Jack Valero that you don't need to wear a suit and tie or have 'media training' to defend the Holy Faith or the Holy Father. For example, when George and Diane were asked about the Foreign Office memo scandal they said that it was, "F***ing disgusting. Absolutely f***ing disgusting. Disgraceful."

There's no arguing with that level of honesty. Oh, and we'll need matching outfits too, of course...

Now that is a band!


Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
The dogs gonads! Great performance by the both of you and I look forward to more of the same.
Give me the grizzled crooner with the lived in face ( none meant George!) over the smooth skinned barely pubescent boy singer any day.

The song is a classic. I was afraid you two might murder it, but no. Thankfully you didn't.
Can I vote for some Johnny Cash next?
(BTW I have no idea how you can smoke like that. I could never do that, the smoke always went in my eyes. My MIL used to hang out the clothes like that, the ash used to get really long and just drop off on the lawn.)
Fr Tim Finigan said…
Fantastic! Actually with all the high-level shenanigans going on in central London, this is a strangely moving reminder of what many people have to live through in modern Britain. Online busking to pay for dental implants!

It would be good for the Catholic blogosphere did its bit in basic "put yer money where yer mouth is" social justice. I'll start. How much is the mattress? Put up a paypal button, or a link to the required item in some online shop and I'll see to it.

If neither of those is possible, let me know and I'll send cash in the post. Dangerous, I know, but if you can play a 12-string with a fag hanging out of the corner of your mouth, let's not bother with doing a risk assessment!
Delia said…
Wonderful! And just think what George could do if he had some teeth!

Do follow Fr Tim's suggestion.
Thank you for your kind words and for your offer of donating money for a new mattress,it will do our backs & our joints a power of good.

God Bless.

George & Diane
Fr Tim Finigan said…
Laurence - email me to sort out the details:
Coffee Catholic said…
Wow... you can sing, play the guitar, and keep a fag balanced on your lip - all at the same time. I'm impressed!

I'm new to your blog. Found it via Father Tim.

Hello and God bless!
Kate said…
I'd like to help George and Diane,
count me in for a donation towards the mattress/dental work.
No doubt you'll be letting us all know soon if its to be via paypal or another route.
Coffee Catholic said…
I just went through your blog and I see what's going on now.

I can't do PayPal. But I could send stuff through an on-line catalog. What is a good shop near George and Diane that will deliver stuff they need? (Clothes? Bedding? Shoes? Dishes?...?? Could they use some bibles and rosary beads? A Mary statue? Catholic books?)

I'm serious. Let me know if I can help them and then I'll email you so you can give me the necessary info. I'm not rich but I'm not poor either. Even if I can't send everything at once I can get stuff each month.
Laura said…
Great stuff Laurence - when and where are you going to be busking? I don't live a million miles away.
Brighton, UK, dates to be confirmed.
Anonymous said…
I think I am right in saying that if you are on benefits (especially income support, disability living allowance or tax credits) then you are entitled to FREE dental treatment. If they do not have an NHS dentist and you have trouble finding one then you should contact your local Primary Care Trust (PCT) that has responsibility for finding and allocating one for you. Sometimes there can be a waiting areas but most metropolitan areas now have good access to NHS dentistry. Dental implants sometimes have to be done in a hospital dental department which may also be a free service (or at least NHS rates, ie a capped charge deprendent on benefit entitlement). I'm not sure it's necessary for a disabled person to pay for private dentistry to be honest. Citizens Advice Bureau would be able to provide more information and do a benefits check if needed.
Anonymous said…
above should read 'someimes there is a waiting list' not 'waiting area'
Mac McLernon said…
Anonymous - even the NHS dental charges are exorbitant, and way beyond the means of someone on benefits.
Anonymous said…
Actually anyone on income based social security benefits is exempt from NHS charges, ie treatment is free - which is why i have queried why solicitation of donations is necessary.
NHS Help Direct said…
If you normally pay for NHS dental treatment, there are three standard charges. The amount you pay will depend on the level of treatment that you need.

NHS dental charges
The three NHS charge bands are as follows:

•Band 1: £16.50. This charge includes an examination, diagnosis and preventive advice. If necessary, it also includes X-rays, scale and polish and planning for further treatment.
•Band 2: £45.60. This charge includes all the necessary treatment covered by the £16.50 charge, plus additional treatment, such as fillings, root canal treatment or extractions.
•Band 3: £198. This charge includes all the necessary treatment that is covered by the £16.50 and £45.60 charges, plus more complex procedures, such as crowns, dentures and bridges.
Dental treatment costs explained
If, within two months of completing a course of treatment, you require further treatment within the same charge band or a lower charge band, e.g. an additional filling, you don't have to pay anything extra.
vesper said…
Comprehensive Spending Review (28 Oct 2010)
Caroline Lucas: Does the Chief Secretary accept that he is introducing a benefit system based on punishment? Does he agree that anyone out of work for more than a year will now lose 10% of their housing benefit? That is punishment. What advice would he give to my constituent in Brighton who has gone for 465 jobs over the past 10 months without success?