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There'll Always Be An England!

So, we see out the year of Our Lord, 2012, and see in the year Our Lord, 2013, and the great battle of Britain - the battle for Britain - is looming and about to commence! The World did not end this year, but those who threaten the destruction of marriage will do their level best to destroy this civilization anyway.

This battle, in which we all must play our part, is for marriage, its meaning, definition and it is a battle to safeguard (key phrase banded around so often today) the institution of Marriage, not just for this generation, but for all those generations who will come after us. This is a battle not just for the family, but for the human family.

Those who cherish true freedom must now stand up and be counted among those who fight for genuine freedom and for human dignity. We who fight for freedom must stand up and proclaim those timeless truths which have served us, as well as those who came before us, so well.

Mothers and fathers, despite hardships and heartaches, sacrifice…

None Dare Call It Eugenics

I have recently been introduced to the stories of three different people all with different issues, but all three linked by a common assault on their innate dignity by the State.

One is a girl whose children are in care.  She became addicted to heroin. Her husband, from whom she fled later, beat her up regularly. Not only were her children taken into care, but her recent child, six months ago, was taken away from her at birth to be put up for adoption. With this child she will have letter contact, though there is no guarantee the child will see her letters or reply until the age of 16 or 18. She said that social services never gave her a chance and that the court were totally dismissive of her. She desperately wanted to quit and keep her child, but the odds were stacked against her and social services offered her no support. She claimed her own legal advisers behaved like they were her enemies. She claimed they took her child as a newborn because they knew they could make more money …

Laying on a Buffett for the Brave New World

According to Warren Buffett, billionaire investor, unleashing the human potential of 50% of the human population - that is - women, will 'save' the US economy.

Is it just me, or are the World's billionaire investors so caught up in a World divorced from the real life of ordinary people's family lives that they really do think of people in purely economic terms?

Whatever economic benefits women have experienced from having been liberated from '200 years' of marginalisation from the workforce, there has, surely, been a social cost.

Women, having gone from a situation in which they were 'shackled' to the home, now have no choice but to work. Empowerment has become slavery, so much so that it is financially almost impossible for a woman who makes the choice to stay at home and be a full-time mother to her children. Does Mr Buffett think of the social cost in an economy that now rests in tatters unless women come to the rescue? Seemingly not! How interestin…

MSN Website: Should human beings be economic units in a machine?

Should more shops be open on Christmas Day? 11 % Yes
5,685 votes 89 % No
44,356 votes Total Responses: 50,041
Not scientifically valid. Results are updated every minute.
How long before this comes true? The poll was at

We Don't Need UKIP

We need Solidarity.

Why? Because we're fighting an atheistic communist Government. Not merely our own but a European one and then a global one.

Form cells, meeting groups - across the country.

Get all the Catholics you know, especially the Polish ones, those who still have memory of fighting communism as well as people of good will and start meetings with the express agenda of bringing down the Government and restoring democracy, by peaceful means and by activism and prayer.

There is a massive polish community in this country. We need them to understand that what is going on here is the extension of an evil empire we thought was vanquished, not the liberation of 'gays' and 'lesbians'.

Educate everyone you meet about the reality of what is going on here as much as you can.

Form under the banner of the Cross and of Our Lady.

A blanket of communism is falling across the whole world. The destruction of the definition of marriage is the latest, and will not be the last…

The Rock at Christmas


Happy and Holy Christmas to All Readers!


Powerful Stuff from Obama

The one and only reason I have sympathy with US gun owners is because the President is prepared to oversee the killing of so many innocents in the womb. If he cannot perceive the menace of abortion and the slaughter over which he and his nation presides, then I fail to see how his Government will genuinely cherish the lives of US citizens outside of the womb.

Sounds Good, But Is It True?


A Bit Early


New Dawkins Release for 2013

Celebrity atheist, humanist, secularist, polemicist, zoologist and controversialist, Richard Dawkins, is to make his second foray into the world of children's literature in 2013 with the release of his new book, The Selfish Gened Giant.

The storybook for children, which Dawkins maintains is a modern tale which surpasses the work of the "deathbed admirer of the leering villain in the frock", Oscar Wilde, is a modern, more scientific take on the well-loved children's tale of the redemption of an aged, miserly git.

As many will be aware, where in Wilde's classic, a giant erects a wall to keep children out of his garden, reaping the consequences of a continuous winter, in Dawkins' new version, the selfish gened giant does all he can to hoard his wealth, derived from the fact that every time he speaks about God, his bank balance goes up and another cheque comes through the door.

The selfish gened giant, however, believes that life is a 'survival of the fittes…

The Battle Online


On the Heretics

Look, there's holly in the corner of my title bar. Now my blog is truly Christmassy.

Dawkins 'Worse Than Child Abuse'

With just days remaining for the people of the United Kingdom to buy more stuff for friends and family, only for the goods to be sold on Ebay in January, celebrity atheist, humanist and Royal Society place man for the destruction of Judeo-Christian values in the West, Richard Dawkins, has again caused controversy by suggesting that being raised a Catholic is 'worse than child abuse'.

A quick survey undertaken of children being dragged kicking and screaming around Bluewater Shopping Centre by parents, however, has revealed some deep misgivings some youngsters have over Dawkins and his atheistic philosophy.

Jemima Brown, aged 9, of Ashford, upon seeing the above picture of Richard Dawkins, burst into tears and commented, "Mummy, mummy, look, its that eugenicist Dawkins! The one who advocated infanticide with Peter Stringer on YouTube!"

Another Kent child, Robin Woods, aged 10, commented, "Will this be the Richard Dawkins who divorced his second wife, with whom he…

Rothko Disturbed Sr Wendy's Fidelity to the Magisterium

It can now be exclusively revealed that it was this Rothko piece that finally seduced Sr Wendy Beckett from being a perfectly sound and orthodox believing nun into becoming a public champion for a 'changing Church' in which all previous statements on artificial contraception made by successive Popes would be renounced, upon a date yet to be announced by the contemplative sister.

However, don't blame Sr Wendy Beckett. 
Blame Mark Rothko.
The beloved nun, who lives apart from her community in a caravan, is said - following her assertion that the Church 'will change' on artificial contraception - to be on the run from a fierce Catholic online community and is thought to have anchored down in Cambersands, where she is taking refuge from a publicity storm that the humble sister could never have predicted, having publicly contradicted the Church's teaching on condoms live on the BBC.

A BBC journalist and lifelong friend said, "I don't know what's happen…

Why are More People Not Excommunicated?

Today, Deacon Nick Donnelly asks the question why the Bishops in Ireland are not considering, as far as we know, using the Church's power of excommunication on those politicians and publicly known individuals who propose and support the legalisation of abortion in Ireland. It's an interesting question.

My own theory - and this is perhaps a little controversial - is that there is an outside chance that Bishops in Ireland and around the World, including in Britain, no longer excommunicate those who lead sheep astray from the Fold and who endanger souls because they believe that everything in the Church changed in the 1960s. Is there a perception that if Catholic 'traditions' went out of the 'window' during the Council, then did excommunication go out of the window with those traditions? I'm not sure that excommunication is very much in the 'spirit' of Vatican II. The 'spirit of the Council' seems to be about reconciliation without moral bound…

Defend Pope Benedict XVI, Defend Marriage, Defend the Church

Today the Holy Father made some excellent comments concerning the dangers of 'same-sex marriage' and the dangers it poses to the family, man, woman, child and the civilization itself.

An opportunity to defend the Pope, marriage, the family and Holy Mother Church has arisen on a Telegraph column by Ian Douglas who is "puzzled" by what the Holy Father has today taught. Seize the opportunity and, if you can, weigh into the discussion beneath the article.

If you can't troll for the Holy Father, for whom can you troll? Defend life, defend true liberty, defend the Church, defend marriage, the child, the family and defend and protect the Pope. Join me in the bar underneath the article by Ian Douglas. Mine's a shandy, thanks. So far, I think I've had about 10 comments deleted, but this number could increase.

Cookies for the Unemployed

What's all this I hear about free cookies for the unemployed?

Oh, I see...those kind of cookies!

I knew the headlines were too good to be true. For a moment, there, I thought the coalition were planning a Christmas treat for the poor.

First they came to spy on the computers of the unemployed and I said nothing...I guess that's another slap in the face for those who thought a Conservative Government would roll back the surveillance state.

Click here to read about how this is yet another betrayal of what Cameron said he would actually do, but, beware, the Financial Times use cookies too. Basically, whatever David Cameron said he would not do, before the election, imagine that he will do it. Whatever he said he would do, imagine he will not do it, and whatever he did not say he would do and remained silent on, imagine that he will do those things. It's a good rule of thumb, so far.

Hardcore Catholic Prophecy

Well, apparently the World has emerged from the Mayan Apocalypse unscathed, which for those who held fast to the calendar of a tribe who routinely slaughtered their own children and probably ate them as well, there will be no shortage of disappointment. For those troubled by the fact that it is the afternoon of the 'end of the world', don't worry. There, there...It's not the end of the world...and anyway, there's always the Chastisement to look forward to. Our Lord apparently gave to St Pio of Pietrelcina the following message, which, while it amounts to private revelation which does not have to be believed by the Faithful, serves to keep we who believe 'on our toes' so to speak.

'Take care of the animals during these days. I am the Creator and Preserver of all animals as well as man. I shall give you a Few signs beforehand, at which time you should place more food before them. I will preserve the property of the elect, including the animals, for they …

Gattaca: One for the Christmas Shopping List

Looking for a gift for a loved one this Christmas? Why not consider buying them Gattaca, the future-flick in which ordinary humans battle to retain freedom and dignity in a World in which humans have been divided up and classified having been bred for genetic worth.

In this future world, 'Valids' are those who have been genetically engineered and 'InValids' are those who have not. In this eugenically driven nightmare vision, you are what your genes say you are and nothing more. It is, basically, a Richard Dawkins, Galton Institute, Royal Society kind of society. It is, however, the vision of a society that powerful forces at work in government, finance and the media see as one that constitutes a 'betterment' of humanity.

Fellow of the Royal Society (an illustrious group I've blogged about before) and joint winner of the Nobel Prize, John Gurdon(someone I'd never heard of until yesterday) was being interviewed by BBC Radio Four's 'The Life Scien…