Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Ban Guns, Guns Kill People

Oh no, sorry, its different when the Government has loads of guns and kills people.


Anon said...

Ban the guns and still the societal sickness remains. People without God will turn out evil. Take guns away from the people and you leave the governing clique still with the most powerful weapons to turn on their people. Then evil rests with the people with guns.


The Bones said...

Sounds like the Government alright!

Lynda said...

Ban citizens from bearing firearms - all the better to establish a tyrannical State-controlled society, and do away with those who would stand up against the illicit removal of inherent human freedoms by the State.

Alphege said...

Yes, Mr. England, it is. This sort of argument is as obtuse as it is childish.

The number of gun homicides in the UK has - by the mysterious workings of fate, no doubt - gone down dramatically since 1996.

One might argue, of course, that people will get their hands on other weapons, and this is so. But it is far less easy to kill with a knife, say, than with a gun.

As an aside, it is also worth noting that the meaning of the American Second Amendment has been clearly distorted in favour of the gun lobby in the United States in the last forty years. One can see that it has clearly been distorted by reading the original text:

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Ttony said...

Just to explain a wee bit about laws and safety to an absolute dick head who is only 'pro gun' because prison planet is having a bash at Obama and you inhale all your information from crap conspiracy sites (except the stuff alleging the RCC is run by the masons which you don't even bother analysing, in spite of the pretty solid evidence):

If an army has guns to protect its borders/wage wars, this is not an immediate threat to you when you walk down the street. A lunatic having a gun is a threat on the street. That's why that lunatic - who was also a fan of conspiracy theories and believed the state was trying to enslave mankind - blow those kiddies' brains out. He shouldn't have had a gun, and nor should you.

The Bones said...

Try and keep in charitable, Ttony.

Ttony said...

Sorry, but it's hard to be charitable when someone says such a blatantly silly thing. Look, no one is reading this now as it's far down the page, so this is in effect a private message. I'm just saying, with the greatest of respect, that when Catholics say something flipping stupid, they make the faith look flipping stupid. Might I suggest that, if there is a conspiracy int he modern world, it is to make faith look unreasonable. That task is made much easier however when persons of faith resort to repeating frankly thickheaded tripe they have read on a 'conspiracy' site. Reason I use apostrophes is those sites are not really even conspiracy sites, they are commercial sites. Look, I KNOW without even having to hear your confession that you think banning guns is sinister because Alex Jones says it is sinister.

Two observations on this man. 1) unless you are blind/beyond help with respect to IQ you will have noticed his site is peppered with adverts. Adverts that are strikingly similar (in fact it's the same companies) to those on Glenn Beck's website, or any other 'real news' website. Are you not a tiny bit suspicious that it may all just be bullshit. I mean, did you ever ask how a single man manages to find all this 'news' that mainstream papers can't find? Now I know, I know - you have a theory there. The mainstream media deliberated fail to report the news he puts on his site. But still, are you not curious how he manages to find these scoops? He's a flipping good journalist isn't he. I mean, he can do investigative reporting in China, in America, in Russia - he seems to be finding all sorts of stuff (including the 'news the government doesn't want you to see')
2) Speaking of which, don't you see an inherent contradiction in your conspiracy ideology? I mean, if the government IS this sinister and goes round crushing the plebs when they rise up on minor moral issues, does it not surprise you that they have signally failed to crush Alex Jones? Strange that one man who has a mysterious direct line to their secret files is not only getting away with it, but encouraging companies to paste banner ads all over his site to survivalist merchandise that people like the Connecticut killer buy in order to defend themselves from the government hydra.
Well, to repeat, life's a gamble, but I'd take my chances with the police and military who have, for my entire 50 years presented scant threat to my well being over widespread availability of guns which has, for each of my fifty years, seen psychotic lone gunmen kill thousands each year. Just a theory...and some evidence blended into a reasonable statement (the key ingredients you usually miss)

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