Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Pour L'amour de L'Amour

Can you say 'reform of the reform' in French.? Try it!

A French parish priest is causing a hive of enthusiastic activity on the interweb. You can visit his You Tube site here.

To read more about him visit:

May the Lord be praised for this inspiring Priest, may the Lord protect him and may his love for his people and for Our Lady ever deepen and increase. May God send the Church and the world holy priests and even holier Bishops.

I think most will agree that his video above is a one man advertisement for the sacred Priesthood. A one man call to action, indeed!


DomJP said...

So inspiring. Thanks!!!

pelerin said...

Wow - I can see why that parish is flourishing. I have seen an interview with him on kto and was most impressed. He needs to be cloned!

I believe I read somewhere that only 5% of French Catholics now regard themselves as 'practising.' Friends there have told me that they feel they are now in the minority attending Mass. On a French Catholic blog one commenter wrote:'Je suis catho fervent non-pratiquant.' (I am a devout non practising Catholic.)

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