Monday, 17 December 2012

Patrick McLoughlin MP

We have a British Biden

The Telegraph, today reporting on the rebellion, within Conservative ranks in particular, over 'same-sex marriage', quotes one Patrick McLoughlin MP, the Transport Secretary. 

Patrick McLoughlin told The Sunday Politics on BBC One: 

“I think you have to make decisions in Government, you have to do progressive social legislation and the voters can take their choice when the general election comes. I took a view that what was being proposed was right, the right move as far as allowing people the freedom to marry.”

Mr McLoughlin forgot to add...

"...I do this in full knowledge that my decision runs in total opposition to the position of the Catholic Church which is currently fighting to stop this legislation and I hereby consider myself under laetae sententiae excommunication until I come to my senses and realise that I have rejected God's plan for my eternal salvation, since as Christ said, 'What does it profit a man if he gains the whole World, but loses his soul?."

Why do 'Catholic' politicians always forget to add that when they are betraying the Church's mission? 


Patricius said...

"Catholic in public life" seems to mean "Scoundrel" here in Britain.

I am seriously considering voting for UKIP at the next election. They are completely unlikely to win but they appear to be the only sensible party on this issue and it is quite possible that a vote for them will put the wind up those MPs supporting the redefinition of marriage.

BJC said...

The Tablet should sign him up.

Andrew said...

Mundabor wrote recently on his blog about these so-called Christian politicians:

'.....the British clergy should flay them every day from the press agencies, massacre their heathenism every Sunday from the pulpits, excommunicate every ( and I mean every) Catholic MP or local politician who even dares to send one tweet in support of sodomy; and go on and on against those politicians until their political career is utterly annihilated.

Don’t tell me it wouldn’t work: firstly, battles for Christ are fought irrespective of the odds , and secondly it would work, most certainly it would. But this is the material for another post.

I have an especial antipathy for Jon Cruddas here; he seems egregiously sly in promoting himself as a Catholic while at the same time swanning around declaiming a woman's 'right to choose'.....

Connor said...

Well Andrew, the fact that politicians will say anything if they think it will get them elected does rather invite the question as to why they don't denounce 'sodomy'. Presumably because no one would vote for them, which fact alone tells you how popular your prejudices are. But, alas, you only ever read information that confirms your wacky ideas, so you'll tragically never realise this

The Bones said...

Just because a message is unpopular does not mean it should be discarded.

People say the message of forgiveness in Christianity is popular.

No, it isn't. If the message of forgiveness in Christianity was popular people would seek the forgiveness of their grave and mortal and venial sins through a Catholic Priest and show the same mercy to their neighbours.

Even Christ's message of forgiveness is rejected.

Andrew said...


By your logic the same could be said of the politician's decision to identify themselves with whatever religion they believe will go down well with their electorate. But the point, which you appear to have missed, is that an institution such as the Catholic Church should curtail this gerrymandering of the faith, and deal with those politicians appropriately.

Strangely enough, at the last election no one voted for any of the three main parties in sufficient numbers for those parties to individually form a government outside of a coalition. Perhaps the electorate's appetite for moral direction coming from our elected representatives is waning, and those more traditional institutions should be stepping into their place?

Ttony said...

Patricius (and Lawrence, who has also spoken favourably of UKIP):

That's the party you're dealing with. Don't make the same mistake Italian and German Catholics made in the 1930s

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