Monday, 31 December 2012

There'll Always Be An England!

So, we see out the year of Our Lord, 2012, and see in the year Our Lord, 2013, and the great battle of Britain - the battle for Britain - is looming and about to commence! The World did not end this year, but those who threaten the destruction of marriage will do their level best to destroy this civilization anyway.

This battle, in which we all must play our part, is for marriage, its meaning, definition and it is a battle to safeguard (key phrase banded around so often today) the institution of Marriage, not just for this generation, but for all those generations who will come after us. This is a battle not just for the family, but for the human family.

Those who cherish true freedom must now stand up and be counted among those who fight for genuine freedom and for human dignity. We who fight for freedom must stand up and proclaim those timeless truths which have served us, as well as those who came before us, so well.

Mothers and fathers, despite hardships and heartaches, sacrifices and pain, perhaps even break-up, poured out their sacrificial love for us, however wonderful or imperfect, or a mixture of the two, our parents were or are. We are only here because they gave us the opportunity to live and gave us paternal and maternal love! Their love brought forth us and it is only because of their love that we live today!

Take up the fight now. Be soldiers for Christ and your country! Let us take upon ourselves the weapons of Faith, Hope and Charity and the breastplate of Salvation! Despite what some Bishops have said, this is a battle worth fighting, for Christ, for His Blessed Mother, for Holy Mother Church, for the Queen (pray for her) for all generations to come and, indeed, for the memory of all those brave soldiers who fought for freedom in this country in the first and second world wars.

To see the memory of those husbands and fathers desecrated by a Conservative-Liberal Government, only for that wicked Government to take all the freedom, honour and dignity they fought for to keep this country free from tyranny, would be a grave and heinous crime. Those men and there will have been women and children too who died in bombings, sacrificed themselves and their earthly lives so that this country may live free - so that others could have families and live in peace not under a dictatorship of relativism and disharmony - but in peace!

Mr Cameron: Did these husbands and fathers die for 'gay marriage'?
They did not die in vain! They did not lay down their lives to see the institution of marriage smashed to pieces! They did not die to see the innocence of children smashed to smithereens by State education in schools! They deserve better than this!

They did not sacrifice themselves to see an Etonian 'Conservative' who used to wreak restaurants in Oxford with his Bullingdon Club mates use his same artful handiwork to wreak the family and impose upon the whole population an ideology that accepts as legitimate only those beliefs that that ideology can tolerate!

Those who survived the world wars did not come home to wives only to see the very meaning of their marriages destroyed by an evil Government serving a misanthropic elite beyond the corridors of power within just a couple of generations of the allied victory!

Yes! We shall fight them on Twitter! We shall fight them on Facebook! We don't even care if GCHQ are reading it all! We are not afraid of you who seek the destruction of this nation and all that it has ever stood for! Unto the shedding of our own blood, we shall not be silenced! We shall fight them on the blogs, on The Telegraph and shall fight them even places where Comment Isn't Free.

If our Bishops pluck up the courage to call for it, we shall take this onto the streets with the countless non-Catholics that still believe marriage is between one man and one woman and who are fed up to the back teeth with this whole 'equality' agenda - an agenda so sick, twisted and totalitarian that it demands that all who do not swallow the Marxist claptrap to be sacrificed for what they maintain is the 'greater good' of a small minority of the population!

"So, what is marriage?": 'Sir, I know the answer!'
There are 9-year-old children in non-Catholic schools who have a more advanced notion of marriage and what it really means than our Prime Minister! That's how deep into the toilet this country has sunk and I'm not even thinking of the economy! Neither are we cogs in a financial machine! We are human beings! Never shall our Government fully succeed in redefining the very institution that binds families and the nation together!

Our brothers and sisters who fought for this country did not lay down their lives to see the country overran by a hoard of Guardian readers and second-rate, nauseating State-worshipping communists who rely on the crushing of dissent from the official State religion to maintain their stranglehold over the nation! I really don't care whether Churchill was a 33rd degree Freemason! He still wouldn't have stood for this Cameron garbage! I don't care if he spent most of the war in a bunker drinking whiskey and getting smashed! He wouldn't have stood for this!

The Court of Heaven
We have no swords, nor have we need for them, because the pen, or rather than the keyboard, is mightier than them all! Mark my words, come what may, to those who want to destroy the family, destroy marriage and trash this beautiful country for a sinister new dictatorship - this is a battle you will lose! Why? Because we in this for Eternity!  That's right! The long haul!

You have, on your side, the Devil and all his fallen angels. On ours, the Lord Jesus Christ, the Queen of Heaven and Earth, Mary, Most Holy, the white-robed Martyrs, Virgins and Confessors, numbered among whom are English intercessors in Heaven.

We have the Heavenly Hosts, for those who defend marriage - we - we are all are on the side of the Angels now! You cannot win! You will be crushed by the Sceptre of Truth! You will be vanquished and He Who is Truth, Who is Mercy, Who is Justice and He Who is Love will be victorious! For who is like unto God! The Lord our God! To Him be Glory and Power forever!

Take your plans to destroy marriage - the fundamental cell of every flourishing civilization and stuff it where the sun don't shine! There'll always be an England!

“There are two places only where socialism will work; in heaven where it is not needed, and in hell where they already have it." - Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill: 'Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Cameron!'
Happy New Year!


Lolalola said...

Happy New Year Mr England and long may your blog reign! God bless you and your work for 2013 .

Genty said...

Happy New Year to one and all. I look forwards to more challenging posts and congrats on your sterling work at the Torygraph blogs.
Time to raise our banners bearing the old Sussex motto: "We wunt be druv".

Matthaeus said...

Well said, that man!

BJC said...

Really surprised to see Damian's comment that 'the Catholic Church's teachings about homosexuality may (and I think will) evolve'. I always assumed he knew what he was talking about in terms of doctrine but obviously not. Glad to see you and blondpidge took him on. Where there's one error there's more so he needs to get back to basics and learn his stuff.

Glad to see you've got Peter Hitchens and Tim Stanley on board on Twitter. They are useful allies to have in what is likley to be a very long war.

umblepie said...

Superb post Laurence. You keep us on our toes! Wishing you every best wish for 2013.

Lynda said...

Amen!! Inspirational. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hear,Hear!! Bravo,Bravo!! Now everyone to the Battle. Please everyone we must sign up now! Soldiers for God and soldiers for Enland!! Forever!

Nicolas Bellord said...

It seems that Damian was talking about the pastoral care of homosexuals as evolving. It certainly needs to. Perhaps Archbishop Nichol's visit to Encourage may be a first step in doing something about the Soho Masses Pastoral Council?

pelerin said...

Following Nicolas Belford's comment there is good news today on The Hermaneutic blog. Things are moving!

Nicolas Bellord said...

Deo Gratias. Read

gemoftheocean said...

This modern age of hell has been created by "political correctness."

That's why speech codes MUST be resisted. I may well not like what someone says - but the minute you put a speech code in place, that means that "someone" will get to define what is "hateful" and/or "unacceptable" - and it puts all dialog at risk from even talking about the issue.

It is an abomination that politicians think they can get away with changing the common meaning of an institution which has been around since man was on earth.

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