Sunday 2 December 2012

Tablet Undertakes Census of Online Catholics and Their Response to the New Translation of the Roman Missal

If you heart the new translation of the Mass and loathe The Tablet in roughly equal proportions, then why not consider following the advice of Fr Tim Finigan and complete The Tablet's online survey on your response to the 'new mass'?

It's quick, simple and your involvement in the survey will really irritate The Tablet's board of directors.

I can now say I am one of the '100%'.


Anonymous said...

You dun it 100 times, Loz?
I dun it x6
Trubble with them Tabletista is them is so, so old.
They doz like the olde ways.

Mike said...

There is a very strange question in the survey. Question 3 says:
Have you got used to saying and are you happy saying…..
Then you are given a number of phrases which you would think are found in the new translation. But these are not:
• With thy spirit (the correct version is With your spirit)
• shed for you and for all for the forgiveness of sins.
Now we all know the fuss that was kicked up when the new translation changed the ‘all’ into ‘many’. So why do they ask if you have ‘got used to saying and are you happy saying’ “…..all…”?
Is this to catch people out? If you like the new translation you are likely to tick ‘Yes’ to all the phrases, thinking that they are all in the new translation. Is there a subtle piece of technology that can detect all responses that tick ‘Yes’ to all these questions and then reject them? Or have they put the ‘all’ in in order to get a large number of people, mistakenly, ticking ‘Yes’ to the ‘all’ so that the Tablet can say that people don’t like the change to ‘many’? Or is the Tablet just stupid and does not even know the new translation?

Patricius said...

I noticed the question that asked about saying "all" and so I did not tick it. At the end I scored 100% (!) but there seemed to be no way of seeing how the voting was going- unlike most other online polls.

Nicolas Bellord said...

They seem to have corrected it now. Put it down to carelessness - the Tablet staff are a pretty lightweight mob.

The first question is still somewhat loaded.

Nicolas Bellord said...

Patricius: Many years ago I discovered that if you wrote to The Tablet they might publish your letter but often after editing it so as to take out the meat without permission. Perhaps the poll may require editing too!

Anonymous said...

I completed the online survey, but was confused by some of the examples in Q3. I charitably assumed The Tablet had made an error in the wording they had used and so ticked many of the 'yes' boxes believing that they had intended to include the wording of the new translation rather than the incorrect wording. However, it may be that they inserted a couple of 'trick' questions.

At the moment, the link to the survey does not appear to be present on the Tablet blog.

Mike said...

Now that they’ve changed the wording I take it that the survey has been started all over again from scratch and they have discounted any previous responses. In that spirit I have completed the survey a second time. But what a bunch of useless ****. They can’t even get their own survey correctly worded the first time. And these are the people who objected so strongly to changing the words. Maybe there should be a survey about whether we prefer the original text of the survey or the new one.

pelerin said...

Most disappointed - I clicked to do the survey and it told me it was not available. (Have been off line for 10 days due to workmen at home and the necessity of covering up the computer so could not do it earlier) There is a lot to catch up on the Catholic blogosphere!

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