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Catholic Turns Against Caesar over Abortion

The Telegraph reports that a pro-life campaigner has launched a test case against the BBC by refusing to pay her licence fee because of what she sees as the corporation's support for abortion.

Veronica Connolly, a practising Catholic, claims she is entitled to withhold her payment because the BBC has in the past "censored" a graphic election broadcast from the Pro-Life Alliance, the anti-abortion group. Mrs Connolly, 53, a grandmother from Birmingham, is being prosecuted for the non-payment of her £139.50 television licence for 2008-9. The anti-abortion campaigner has instructed Paul Diamond, the leading religious rights barrister, to act for her. He will use a ruling from the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) to support her action that the compulsory payment of the licence fee has breached, or violated, her "conscience". In an interview with The Sunday Telegraph, Mrs Connolly said yesterday: "I want to highlight that the BBC h…

Latin Mass, Post Mass Drinks Last Night

After the Traditional Latin Mass at St Mary Magdalen's the congregation went to the pub and had a drink. Here we all are. Just goes to show that the Traditional Latin Mass attracts a youthful crowd, eh? Didn't we just have a great time. I know it was Friday but it is good that we are all getting to know each other.

Disclaimer: This post is a total fabrication.

CCC's New English Translation of the Mass Out Soon

Catholics for a Changing Church have announced that a new English translation of the Roman Missal will be released soon.

In what amounts to a radical shift in the liturgy the group maintain that their translation is 'more faithful and accurate to the latin'. The new missal will be strikingly different to what the Church has been used to since the Second Vatican Council.

Controversial aspects of the new translation include the replacement of the phrase 'God our Father' with 'Daddy', 'Lord' with 'O Lordy, Lordy' and 'we ask this through Christ our Lord' with 'for Chrissakes'.

The Kyrie, or 'Lord, have mercy, Christ have mercy' part of the Mass has been replaced by the new translation, "Oops, we did it again, soz Lord."

References to the 'Mother of God' are to be replaced with 'Ma' and the 'St' before names of saints and martyrs of the canon has been removed to be replaced with absolutely nothin…

An Heretic Wrapped in an Enigma Wrapped in Teflon

Watch footage of the nauseating heretic with 'no regrets'. I hope, for his sake, that he doesn't display this kind of arrogance at the General Resurrection...Mind you, I'll grant that in the Face of Almighty God, it will be difficult.

Matthew Parris has written a good article on Tony Blair's defense of his record in the run up to the Iraq War. I particularly like this bit...

Tony Blair is a Manichean, or dualist. He believes that the Universe is best understood as an eternal struggle between the forces of good and evil, in contention for dominance. Christians are supposed to believe that the battle is already won, and Mr Blair’s dualism is (paradoxically) closer to Islamic fundamentalism than to the Gospels. For Mr Blair at least “Axis of Evil” was not just a Bushite soundbite: it was a profound philosophical insight into the meaning of world history. Once you understand this, there is no arguing with him.
Matthew Parris is correct in this analysis. Blair did and stil…

Too Funny...

Please, check out the website

In response to the Catholics for a Changing Church website,, a vastly more interesting and amusing campaign has been started called Geriatrics for a Changing Church. The home page really hits the spot.

Geriatrics for a Changeling Church, earlier known as Middle-aged Catholics Trying to Re-live the Sixties, began as a bunch of professional whingers who didn't like being told what to do by the Pope after being encouraged by various liberation-theology cranks to think that Vatican II meant you'd be able to do what you like and there'd be no such thing as sin any more. They were soon joined by assorted trouble-maker ex-priests and lesbian nuns in civvies.

Nobody sensible listened to them, so they started to meet among themselves, talk bollocks, and ignore the fact that no-one was interested. All along it has been a thorn in the side of any parish priest unfortunate enough to have a nest of these vipers (or even one or…


Here is a whited sepulchre, full of dead men's bones. To check on the progress of Tony Blair in the Iraq Inquiry, click here.

I've been watching some of this inquiry and it appears that certain questions have been omitted. The former Prime Minister was only able to go to war in Iraq because Parliament backed him. Why did Parliament back him? Because of the dossier concerning weapons of mass destruction that could be deployed within 45 minutes. No weapons of mass destruction were found, ergo, it is apparent that Parliament was mislead, democracy was subverted and the nation was deceived.

Ultimately, this is not the Court at which Mr Blair will be held truly accountable. That Court will be the Court of Heaven. That Court will answer the cries of the innocent who died at Blair's behest; the soldiers, the civillians, the children, the women, the men who were sacrificed in an illegal war which served US and UK interests in the region, in a country with no weapons of mass destruct…

Paul, Daryl and Andy

Had a good night last night. Mister 'P' came over and Daryl, (browsing a calendar of Pope Benedict XVI!) and his friend Andy came over a bit later on. I love cooking for people, as I'm a bit rubbish at doing it for myself. I have rediscovered a fondness for chicken kievs. Andy is really interested in the Catholic Faith and we had a big discussion about the plethora of churches you could join. Obviously, I told him which Church was the One True Church and he might come along to the Latin Mass on Friday. I think that the low Latin Mass is a gentle and kind introduction to the Catholic Faith, as it is not too 'in your face'. Non-Catholics would understandably feel intimidated by a high Mass on Sunday, as everybody else is singing and you wouldn't know the parts of the Mass and you could find yourself feeling like a fish out of water so to speak. At a Latin Mass, there is more space simply to be and to pray.

Andy is a trained carpenter but is out of work. 'Mist…

Wicker Man

A charming edition to my studio flat...

I did a job for an elderly gentleman in the parish today, throwing out old papers he needed no longer. He generously pays me for doing odd jobs for him and checking up on him everyday. On the way to driving over to his place to pick up some papers to recycle at the refuse tip, I found this delightful wicker bookcase by St Michael and All Angels Anglican Church. Needed a bit of a clean but other than that it fits perfectly in my studio flat. St Pio of Pietrelcina now guards it. I have a few books and videos and they nearly all fit nicely. I picked up this sofa from a guy who does freecycling in Brighton. I was just passing him with my friend Paul when I was moving in and he asked if I needed a sofa. I was over the even reclines! Next to it are some pine drawers I found near my place.

At the tip I was horrified to see a man taking a fish tank, almost exactly the same size as mine over to the landfill section. Does nobody think about what t…


Inspired by the example of Pope John Paul II, who it is said mortified his body with a leather belt, I have bought some wool from the local fabric shop. I'm going to give myself the hardest thrashing I ever had in reparation for my sins and to mortify my passions. If you don't hear from me again, its because I've got tangled up in it and am unable to make it to a phone or my computer.

Why should we count it as something evil that Pope John Paul II did this to himself, as a penance for his shortcomings in imitating Christ. This is the same age that increasingly condones suicide and assisted suicide, saying, ‘It’s my life, my body, my choice'. What is really disturbing? A light bit of flaggelation every now and then as penance for ones sins, or an act of total self-destruction?Furthermore, he was inflicting some corporal punishment upon himself – not others – it wasn’t 'self-harm’ – it was self-discipline. He was truly a ‘man for others’, people who met him realised …

Keep Praying!

Rico Dibrivell, 35, covered in dust and dressed only in underpants, was carried out from the ruins of a building in the centre of the capital Port-au-Prince.After apparently being trapped under rubble for 14 days, Mr Dibrivell would be one of the world's longest survivors of an earthquake, though experts on the scene said it was possible that he had been caught in more recent days when a damaged building collapsed. He did not appear to have serious injuries.

Don McCullin's 1989 Newsnight Film on London's Homeless

Newsnight celebrates its 30th anniversary today. In honour of their journalistic endeavours, they have posted some good and memorable reports from their archives on their website. Click here for Don McCullin's 1989 film about London's homeless. It is as relevant today as it was then. Human dignity is not something to be decided by the State or any man. Human dignity has been raised by Christ who redeemed us, by taking upon Himself our humanity. He has raised our dignity to heights of which we cannot fathom and no man, no Government, no culture and no law can take that dignity away from us.

Martin Amiss

Martin Amis, when he was better looking and younger. Corduroy jacket? Check! Serious, 'I'm an intellectual, don't you know?' writer's face? Check! Cigarette in hand? Check! Bowl of fruit? Check! Insulting, existential-angst-ridden, sixth form common room musings on the dignity of the elderly? Check!

Defending his scandalous words in yearning for a day when the elderly will have euthanasia booths on street corners, Martin Amis said, “To be human is to have a certain amount of dignity, and I don’t see that dignity in the demented. It’s unworthy of a human being to have to go through that. The choice to die is a noble privilege we should all have.”

Without wishing to go all Graham Greene on his arse, this really does get to the 'heart of the matter'. The whole problem with moral relativism is that if you define yourself by its morbid obsession with the evil twin cults of self and death then you don't see the true dignity of any human being, yourself included…

Assisted Suicide Laws Thrown Into Disarray

The Government's Director of Public Vacillation, Keith Starmer.

The Telegraph reports on a disturbing case, the precedent of which hardly bodes well for the future of the protection of the vulnerable in the UK. The law is said to be in disarray because, according to the Daily Mail, 'the case was in stark contrast to that of Frances Inglis, the mother given nine years last week for injecting her brain-damaged son with a lethal dose of heroin, because Lynn had said she wanted to die.'
The law surrounding the prosecution of relatives who help their loved ones to die was thrown into disarray last night after a mother was cleared of trying to kill her daughter. Kay Gilderdale walked from court after being acquitted of the attempted murder of Lynn, 31, despite previously admitting to helping her commit suicide.

Lynn decided she wanted to end her life after her body had been left “broken” by 17 years of the chronic fatigue illness ME. At the age of 14, a sporty, athletic Lynn began…

Calling All St Mary Magdalen's Parishioners!

Do you want to raise money for the St Mary Magdalen Building Fund?

Run the Brighton Marathon! That's you, I mean...not me!Fr Ray?I'll do it, if I must, but you had better be generous with your donations!Now that is what I call penance!

Chris Morris's New Jihad Comedy

Michael Deacon of Telegraph Blogs has posted this video clip of a new Chris Morris movie about rubbish terrorists.

Above is a clip of Four Lions, the debut feature-length movie from Chris Morris, the controversy-monger behind the viciously funny Brass Eye, The Day Today, On the Hour and his short-lived but excellent Radio 1 music show (as well as the clumsy misfire Nathan Barley).

The comedy, which received its debut at the Sundance festival at the weekend and whose release date hasn’t yet been confirmed, is said to be a kind of Islamists’ Dad’s Army: it follows a group of howlingly inept Islamic would-be terrorists who yearn for jihad without really understanding what it means or how properly to achieve it. A bit like all Islamic terrorists, then.
We thought satire had been trumped by fact with the pants bomber but this new movie could be rather funny. If it reaches the heights of 'The Day Today' or the outrageous and funny 'Brass Eye' then it could be worth seeing. This…

The Bigger Issue

We have a few problems with The Big Issue magazine. It is sold with the slogan 'a help up, not a hand out', but just how true is this? For anyone unfamiliar with this magazine, The Big Issue is a magazine started by John A. Bird which is distributed by the homeless and hostel dwellers. The homeless take a cut of about 50-60p per issue, the rest of the money going into The Big Issue Trust for the running of the magazine and any projects the company want to operate. It has a good reputation but there are a few obvious problems with it.

Firstly, we don't know anyone who buys the magazine because they are loyal to the magazine, or because they thoroughly enjoy reading it. It doesn't make you laugh, its tediously written and we don't know anybody who likes it. Our experience of buying the Big Issue is that motive for buying it is charity, not interest in the magazine which is usually dull, uninteresting and irritating to read. We know that many people give a bit of money…

The Ultimate Cheese

Buy delicious new Low Low Cheese. The Ultimate Cheese.

Sorry...times are hard. They called me having seen my blog. They offered me a months supply of cheese and a cheque for £100 and in the end I crackered.

Keep Praying!

Guardian reports...

A man was dramatically rescued tonightafter spending 11 days under the rubble of a hotel in Port-au-Prince, hours after the Haitian government declared search and rescue operations over.
I heard today that the UN have said that the search and rescue operation is 'over'. Thank God some agencies are still looking for the living. Nothing is impossible for God, as we have seen over the last few days.

Watch this! So funny!

Massive send up of Pet Shop Boys.

A Very Catholic Song!

Electronic formed from the break-up of The Smiths. Crystal cut, diamond guitarist Johnny Marr on guitar, Bernard Summer of New Order on vocals and Pet Shop Boys man doing backing vocals on this track. 'Getting Away with It'. Enjoy! I've realised that I don't need to move a friend's drum kit into my flat as I've got my keyboard back. Home recording is go, with a little help from my friends...New Order and Electronic used synth drum beats, don't you know!

Rising Baseball Star Leaves Profession for Priesthood

Soon to be seminarian and 'L'Osservatore Romano' 2015 Calendar Priest for November, Grant Desme. Sorry, ladies, he's off limits!

May God be praised! What a generous and courageous man!

Oakland Athletics prospect Grant Desme has turned his back on professional baseball - to join the Priesthood. The 23-year-old outfielder was the Most Valuable Player in last year's Arizona Fall League, where major league clubs send their top prospects each autumn. But Desme, a lifelong Catholic, plans to enter a seminary this summer.

"I was doing well at baseball. But I really had to get down to the bottom of things - I love the game, but I aspire to higher things," he explained. "I wasn't at peace where I was at. I have no regrets. I felt that while baseball is a good thing, I thought it was selfish of me to be doing that when I really felt that God was calling me more

Desme, who had looked set to receive an invitation to spring training with Oakland's major leagu…

Keep Praying!

BBC reports that an 84-year-old woman has been rescued after spending 10 days under rubble following the Haiti quake.

Doctors say the woman has multiple wounds and her condition is grave, but are doing all they can to save her...[Full story here.]

Fr Bing on St John Bosco & Sex Education

Interesting video by a Priest called Fr Bing on the Church's role in instructing children in the Faith and the new battle looming over sex education. He offers St John Bosco as a model of wisdom in the daunting task ahead.

A man of ideas, a man about town, but not a man of action...

Front page of a magazine I developed and placed under the patronage of St Anthony of Padua.First draft and as you can see, I'm still obsessed with the West Pier.

I can be a prize idiot at times. You know, I have a lot of ideas. I tell them to other people and in the end people say something like, "You're barking." I come up with ideas for how to raise money for the Church, like collecting jars and selling my Grandma's recipe for apple chutney outside the Church. Then I say stuff like, I think we should get a load of cucumbers and pickle them and sell them to the Poles who go to Mass. They could get all their Polish food from us. Then I think about nicking a few soup recipes and selling soup.

People compliment my spaghetti bolognese sauce and I think to myself, 'We could sell that'. People love my carbonara sauce. I think, 'We could sell that!' I've done a gardening course, a book-keeping course (nearly!), a journalism course and a politics degre…

The Holy Father is Coming...the Liberals Quake!

Catholic Voices are coming...and they're not the voices the UK are used to! Hopefully the majority will be voxes catholicam. My Latin is terrible, isn't it?

Mark Dowd of The Guardian is worried about the Holy Father's visit. He's not worried about his safety, oh no. He's not worried about him being pilloried in public, oh no. Having swooned at Pope John Paul II when he graced the UK, he doesn't much fancy Pope Benedict XVI by the sounds of things. The former friar turned big public spokesman on Catholic issues, at, err, The Guardian, the paper so renowned for running in front of buses to push the Pope out of the way of oncoming media calamities, is worried that truly Catholic voices will be heard by Our Lady's Dowry. Well, it may be that a chap from Opus Dei is doing the PR for the Holy Father's visit because some within the Church are aware of just how popular the Holy Father is amongst our Bishops. Now, where's that cardigan I'm so fond of...


Masters of War

I've been having an argument on the blog of Fr Dwight Longnecker which is most unseemly. I have not helped in making it seemly, but some things need to be said! He is a Priest, so I should be more respectful of his blog than a layman's, but I took objection to his post on the gun sights scripture story on US soldier's guns, for more than one reason! What I really do not like is nationalism to the point of blindness towards our own Government's corruption and agendas. I watched, very recently a TV programme about hospital workers in Afghanistan who are daily treating our British soldiers, who arrive, at the age of 18, 19, 20 with their legs blown off from roadside bombs. We honour their sacrifice, but should we honour the Government that spends our brothers' blood so cheaply!?

Both Iraq and Afghanistan can, now, be nothing but endless wars, drenched in futility, the original motives of which will always be dubious, in light of revelations new and old. We, we, as Cat…

Guess Who...

Sorry, James and Ella, to nick your child for a still image!Awww...actually...Awe.

"We even baptise children, thereby condemning them to an assumption that they will inherit the religion of their parents for life."
Guess who said this...Why, none other than Richard Dawkins! Of course, it is true. After all, there is no greater abuse of a child than baptising them, right? It's worse than waterboarding! What is going on in Mr Dawkins's head? He just can't let it lie!

Mr Dawkins! Now, really! If there is no substantive, substantial effect of Baptism upon the soul of a newly born baby, what with God not existing and God's existence being such a load of hocus pocus, then, frankly, why would you be so worried about the tippling of some water, not made holy by the power of God, made manifest through the Priest's blessing, onto the infant's head?

What is it with this guy!? What is it with him that he doesn't want to see newly born babies being baptised!?

Why n…

Religious Extremists

Fruitloop alert! A dangerous, Catholic extremist. Behold this Carthusian's wickedness and malevolence. This image strikes fear into the heart of civil society and so it should. Look at him, dressed in white and wearing sandals. What a nutter! Thank God he is in a closed order, praying to the spaghetti monster in the sky, where he can do no harm! Mentalists!

Look! Here's a Redemptorist...gardening! Watch out! He's got some kind of vegetable in his hand! Phew, that was close...

Just a few of many adherents to a religion of peace and brotherly love. A welcome addition to the diverse cultural life of the United Kingdom. What a colourful and vibrant faith they have! Go on chaps!

Have a good time at the shooting club, boys! Cheeky rogues! Awww...Catch me a pheasant, why not?! Ahh...I dunno, eh? Eh? Bless 'em!

H/T to Henry, address withheld! Run, Henry, Run! No, not that way!

Blessed are the Poor

New St Mary Magdaleners and Soup Runners!

These are my friends George and Diane. George is a busker who I met on London Road not much over a year ago. At the time George and Diane were living in a flat off London Road but were evicted and now stay in a single room near the Marina, in Brighton. They have barely anything. George is Diane's carer.

They came over for a cup of tea yesterday and helped me do the sandwiches for the Soup Run. It usually takes me an hour and a quarter for 4 loaves of cheese, pickle and salad sandwiches. George is a former chef, but is Diane's permanent carer now. It took just 15 minutes to do it with three people. It was like a little team, a chain. They enjoyed doing it, knowing that the sandwiches were going to feed the hungry, so they said they would like to come round every Wednesday and do it.

I've got quite a few friends who are not living on benefits, who are not poor, who are not unemployed, who I've asked if they'd like to help me to …

Hey Jude

How cute is this?!

Teardrop - Massive Attack

Best music video of all time? Watch it, its beautiful. What person could watch this music video and fail to be moved by its beauty and the humanity of the unborn?

Can the Taliban be 'Bought Off'?

Good luck, Dave! Rather you than me, mate!

Will Heaven has brought this Guardian piece to Telegraph Blog readers attention. I was talking with a parishioner called John today as I had to nip into the office and get some stuff for the accounts. We discussed Afghanistan briefly. He said, "Nobody has gone to Afghanistan and defeated them. They can't beat them. They fight differently to the US. They like fighting! Even Alexander the Great, the greatest general of all time couldn't beat them. They are guerilla warfare experts. In the end he had to cut a deal with them on land and marry some warlord's daughter to save face in ending the war."

So it is that history is repeating itself and the British, who have apparently tried it on with Afghanistan and lost something like seven times, are supporting Karzai's bid to tempt the Taliban into compliance with land, jobs and I-Pods. Will it work?

I mean, you can just imagine Karzai's first meeting with the Taliban. They …

Miracles of Hope in Haiti Carnage

A 25 year-old, named locally as Hotteline Lozama, was pulled from a shopping centre in the capital, and was said to be "conscious and in good form".

A second woman, Anna Zizi, was found alive and singing in the rubble of Port-au-Prince's Roman Catholic cathedral. Rescue workers wept and hugged each other as Ms Zizi, caked in debris and dust, was placed on a makeshift stretcher, put on a drip, covered with a heat-conserving wrap and driven by truck to a hospital, witnesses said.

"It was an amazing thing to witness, no one could believe she was still alive," said Sarah Wilson, of British charity Christian Aid. It seems rescuers were communicating with her and managing to get water to her through a tube. She was singing when she emerged. Everyone clapped and cheered," she added.

Ms Zizi, said to be 69 or 70, was rescued by Mexican firefighters at about 3:30 pm local time, two-hours short of a full week after a 7.0-magnitude quake hit Haiti. Her rescue gave hope…

Finally! Exclusive Pictures of My Fish!

Action shot! Happy, happy fishies! My fish, swimming, with Pope Benedict XVI in the background, looking on. The blue one on the Holy Father's head is the tank fluesy. She sleeps with all the other orange fishes and gets up the duff constantly. Still, even though she's the tank bike I respect her pro-life stance.

Pope Benedict XVI in even better light, shrouded mysteriously by the vegetation symbolising the new life of Christ, also symbolised by, err...the waters of err...Baptism. To the right you can see George Best celebrating with his Man Utd team-mates and a bit of a crumbling monastery fish tank feature I got for Christmas from my uncle! I love my fish. When one dies I am comforted by the fact that they breed like rabbits and more are always on the way. The tank now is a smaller version. I had a massive one until recently which was too big for the room. This size fish tank is just right!

I had a meeting at the Brighton Unemployed and Families Centre Project (BUCFP) yesterday…

Coptic Martyrdoms in Egypt

I found this on YouTube. Didn't know this had happened! How did I miss this?! Guess the media didn't report on it that well. Wouldn't surprise me!

A Massacre in Nag Hammadi - Muslim Gunmen Killed 9 Christians on Coptic Christmas Night in Egypt.

Massacre of Coptic Christians in Nag Hammadi, Egypt: Nine of the dead in the prime of youth and more than a dozen wounded, including five in the case of danger after automatic weapons opened fire on worshipers leaving the church on the night of Christmas day. Assassination attempt Bishop Cyril bishop of Nag Hammadi and miraculously survived. For more visit The attack took place early Thursday in the town of Nag Hamadi in Qena province, about 40 miles from the famous ancient ruins of Luxor.

Puts the appearance of Our Lady in Egypt beforehand in a new light.

BBC Magazine: "Why does God allow natural disasters?"

Whoah there, Auntie Beeb! Hold your horses! In order to ask why does God allow natural disasters you have to have already come to the theological conclusion that He exists. Steady on, guys! Then, after they've opened the debate, having settled the existence of God issue, while near constantly promoting anti-Christian polemics via TV, radio and the internet, they hire a 'philospher' to answer the Big Question, rather than, say, a Catholic priest or credible Catholic theologian! Yet, its not a bad stab at the arguments involved for and against the existence of suffering, but I am sure accomplished theologians would disagree with me. For instance, he manages to write an entire article on God and suffering without mentioning the Suffering and Passion, Crucifixion and Death of Our Blessed Lord. I think this could be one occasion whereby if you can go over and put your view across the BBC might not actually censor it. Also, when Our Blessed Lord died at 3 o' clock on that Fr…

Diary of a Humanist Minister

A Humanist Minister presides over a wedding.

Humanism...Odd thing. Odd developments going on in the World of non-belief itself, actually. As Dilly Day Dream shows in her humerous comments on the last post, the humanists appear to be imitating various aspects of Christianity, without God, thus declaring their meaninglessness at the same time, while still performing ceremonies which are meant to have some kind of meaning. Check out this guy, 'Chartered FCIPD Humanist Minister'. I remember reading 'The Diary of a Country Priest' by George Bernanos a few years back. So, I've come up with 'The Diary of a Humanist Minister'. Here is an exclusive excerpt from my stunning new work of humanist fiction. How long before they start making it a matter of grave public offense if they don't go to a service on Sundays, or Tuesdays, or whenever?

September 27th

Dear Diary,

Well, its been a busy day. Got up early because I had a baby-naming celebration to do. I love the ba…

Dawkins Pushing 'Aggressive Atheism'

The Telegraph reports that...

'Professor Richard Dawkins has been accused of “parading his own failure of imagination” by failing to consider the possible existence of God in an attack by the author Howard Jacobson. Jacobson described the scientist and prominent atheist, author of the best-selling book The God Delusion, as “an angry man” who is pushing a form of “aggressive atheism”.'
No?! Really?! There were we thinking he was the reasonable, intelligent, likeable, gentle, persuasive kind! Crikey! I wish someone would employ me to state the bleeding obvious! I'm an affable sort of chap myself, just when someone proposes killing my potential unborn children, or those of my brothers and sisters and approves of taxing people who welcome new life into destitution, that I start to lose my rag a little!

James Spooner of Hove, Optimum Population Trust Media Plant

"And another thing..." Sir David Attenborough, patron of the Optimum De-Population Trustlooking like a deranged, frightening preacher.

Consumer news and issues with Winifred Robinson, BBC Radio 4, today. Join the I-Player excerpt at time 15:33. Winifred has welcomed caller, James Spooner of Hove to discuss his 'big idea'. His big idea? It isn't that new, but I think its called Nazism.

Winifred Robinson: "James welcome to 'You and Yours'. Your big idea."

James Spooner of Hove: "Oh, thank you Winifred. It will be easier to meet our carbon reduction targets and easier to live on the world's resources if there are fewer of us so we do need to have a policy of reducing human population and fertility (Did someone say sterilisation?) both here and abroad."

Winifred Robinson: "How would you do it here?"

James Spooner of Hove: "Well not yet by compulsion (What do you mean, not yet!?). We've had some appalling um, human unhappi…